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Geckoman R.I.P. - Calling Young Freedom


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"My name is Christopher Kenzie. I was born, grew up in, and am a citizen of Freedom City. One day, I was injected with a syringe which granted me with gecko superpowers.

This is not the story of how I was born.

I became Geckoman, fighting crime. I joined a superteam, went to a superhero school... it became my life. I got a load of confidence, I got a great girlfriend. I was happy. Life looked great. Awesome.

This is not the story of how I lived.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend was the girl I blatantly stole my powers, my gadgets... effectively, the whole trappings of Geckoman from. They weren't mine, they were hers. I feel some guilt for... wait, digression. Anyway, Liz wanted revenge, for me messing her around like that. In her 'super' identity? I'd stolen from and humiliated her. Her 'normal' one? Lied about being a superhero. Thus...

My name is Geckoman. This is the story of how I died."

This is a Young Freedom Bat-Family Crossover, although Quark is likely welcome too. Anyone else? You're getting lured for viewing figures.

Effectively, you'll receive a distress call from Geckoman about rescuing people from a burning building. That's just the set-up. Plot twists will follow. I make no hiding of the fact this is to set-up Geckoman getting beaten, but I feel bad about showboating so actually sat down and gave thought on how to give people Crowning Moments of Awesome, and that is indeed what I plan to do. Hell, alder, if you're up to posting again, I gave lots of thought to telepathy especially, that nasty horrible gamebreaking affront to all that is good and holy. Wait...

(All YF threads have chatting and character development shenanigans, they don't need stated :P )

So, ideally looking for four to five Young Freedom members. Pwease?


CK and LL: Chris meets Liz.

All's Fair in Love and War: Geckoman meets Spellbound...

Keeping Secrets: ... then they establish they don't hate each other.

Fear and Lizards in Las Freedom: Geckoman defeats Fear-Master, then thinks he's stopped Spellbound permanently. The idiot then accidentally reveals his identity and gives up his zappers...

I Don't Know Kung Fu: ... leaving Erin to teach him to fight

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