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Massive Explosion in Riverside! [OOC]

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The OOC thread for dealing with the fallout of Arrowhawk's detonation of Malice's underground ammo depot.

I'd like to see the following in your first IC post: what your char was doing shortly before the explosion & where, how they hear of it, how they get to it, and what they do upon first seeing the large smoking flaming glowing crater in the middle of a suburb.

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Just need to bring myself up to speed real quick and clarify a few things.

The explosion was rank 24, which would make it a base DC 39 Toughness save correct? I rolled a 29 on my Toughness save (after spending a VP), so I would ordinarily be stunned & staggered because I failed by 10. But because explosions lose 1 rank per 10 ft, and Malice was not at ground zero, I actually failed by less than 10. This means that I would be Stunned and Bruised (possibly Injured), but not staggered, correct?

Second issue, are we factoring in knockback? Malice would still be in the vicinity, but Arrowhawk would not, so I assume that the answer is no. But then again, Arrowhawk blowing himself out of his own thread would be quite funny, not for Ecal though. :D

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OK, should those of us shifting through the rubble start making Notice/extended Search checks at this juncture? Avenger is looking for survivors or anything else dangerous. Probably not at the center of the explosion.

If so:

Notice: (I really should use Skill Mastery): 15

Search (1): 23

Search (2): 10

Search (3): 5

Search (4): 17

Search (5) 21

Also, is Malice is visible at this juncture? Is he notorious enough in March to be recognized on sight?

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:shock: That's well over a rank 30 attack.

Alright, guess I need to edit my post then.

More of a "Story Trumps Rules" -- given all the firepower Malice would have in his personal bunker, if it all goes off under him, even if he's in his armor, he should be lucky to make it out alive.

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More of a "Story Trumps Rules" -- given all the firepower Malice would have in his personal bunker, if it all goes off under him, even if he's in his armor, he should be lucky to make it out alive.

Oh sure. Great going. You just made my inner rules lawyer cry. I hope you're happy. ;)

Okay. So quick look over the rules for healing. So you get a recovery check for Unconscious every minute, and Disabled... :shock: 1/day. Ewwie. "And Sir Robin bravely ran away."

To get it out of the way Recovery check for Unconscious DC 10 (1d20+6=23)

Refresh my memory, can spending VP/HP speed the healing process of Disabled? If my memory is right, then it can't, but I could very well be wrong.

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By the rules, yes, you can spend a Hero Point to Recover, and make an immediate recovery check as a full round action.

By the "Refs Not Wanting Malice To Get Away That Easily," I'm going to say you cannot, and so must wait to regain consciousness in ten rounds, barring some outside intervention. (Same goes for Arrowhawk.)

On the plus side, Arrowhawk and Malice both get a Hero/Villain Point for this setback.

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Oh I figured I need to be conscious before considering spending VP for the disabled, meaning I had to recover from Unconscious naturally.

So 10 rounds of just laying there most definately passes.

But by the same token, as soon as the Refs give me the go ahead for Malice putting his face back together and recover from Disabled, I will do so, with the possible exception of being under seige from heroes at the time.

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Is this thing on the news yet, or has it just happened?

Just happened, only ones on the scene are the players who've posted.

In other words, should I wait 'til I see a post mentioning a news chopper or the like before assuming that it's become common knowledge?

Only if your chars have absolutely no other way of learning of the blast. There's lots to do in Riverside, several reasons either of your chars might already be in the area.

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