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Heroic Braniacs of Freedom! (thread recruitment)


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Alright, if your character is superheroish and known as part of their thing for having a big shiny brain, one way or another you get a lovely invitation all done up in calligraphy inviting you to a banquet hall one sunny day for a brunch to discuss "the foundation of the Freedom City Society for the Advancement of Scientific Understanding." It seems to be from one Sarah May Brown.

This thread is basically a meet and greet and clash of the giant brains of the city and possibly a founding of some kind of related snobby nerd society to consult on all your geeky superhero things. Like revenge on Captain Thunder for a wedgie given in the halls of the Lighthouse. Or possibly it will instead lead to group creating improvements that will better and transform life for everyone in Freedom City. Either or.

If you play an advanced intellect type hero, a scientist type hero, that kind of deal, this thread is for you! This is basically to facilitate an idea Maze had for her character Prodigy trying to gather people for. I'll be npcing people like Daedelus and possibly some Atom family members as far as others show up. And possibly the brunch may get attacked by Godzilla, who can say.

Either way, plans to improve the city! Intellectual rivalries sparking! Who's science fu is strongest! And other such things.

Heroes I can see taking part in this (feel free to say that you might if I miss your name and you can make a case) :

Doctor Archeville


Prodigy (given that this was her idea)

Twilight Gryphon (who has a scientific background and quality ratings in related skills)

Emissary I might have there or probably just mention him in the background details as someone that helped Prodigy put her meeting together, as he likes facilitating that sort of thing.

Sooo.. post here to confirm wanting to take part in this and once we get enough people, I'll make a thread.

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