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  1. Breschau dusted off the ash and debris from his shoulder, groaning as he did. He was aching everywhere and slightly disoriented. “Thank you, Sparksmith,†Breschau told the young man. Breschau had just regained control over his body when the whole building burst into flames. Fortunately the Sparksmith was there to get him safely to the street. Breschau was prepared to do battle again when he saw the being appear on the roof of the burning building. But before he could regain his strength, the being disappeared. He was alive, but Breschau was disappointed that they were not able to stop the creature from escaping. “What was that thing?†Breschau wondered with disgust. He did not like being anyone’s puppet, especially something so evil like the being. Anger and hatred filled his soul every time he thought of the being. “One day…one day,†Breschau told himself. But now wasn’t the time to think about vengeance. A young boy needed to be brought to a healer. Luckily no other civilians were hurt.
  2. The Courier (11) Farrell Flash Freightage (1) Saturday Night Spooks (10) Breschau (6) It Came From the Sewer (3) Lead Us Not Into Temptation (3)
  3. Breschau's reflex save (1d20+15=21) that's not good Breschau's toughness save (1d20+10=17) Yikes! Staggered and stunned! I'll spend a HP to get rid of the stun
  4. I could try that, if it's allowed anyway, edited my last post to include the attack
  5. oh, sorry, I thought the being would be rolling for Breschau. My bad Possessed Breschau's attack roll (1d20+10=29) Sorry, Gabriel Toughness DC 25 Breschau's reflex save against Gaian's snare (1d20+15=31) Yikes
  6. Even though I know he wont succeed: Breschau's will save to break free of the being's possession. (1d20+10+2=26)
  7. Breschau found it odd that the being did not resist when it was pinned down. Was it not afraid of the heroes' wrath? Soon enough, he found the reason why. The creature disappeared from his sight and his grasp, and with it Breschau's control over his own body. His arms pushed himself off the ground and his legs carried him towards his companions. His mouth opened and from it spoke his voice mixed with the being's. It was threatening Gabriel. This feeling was terribly familiar. It was as if this was not the first time his body was taken over. Memories of hate and violence flashed through his mind. Was this another illusion from the creature? He knew the creature's intent was to use him to harm his friends. He did not wish to do so, but there was nothing he could do about it. Her magic was stronger than him. He couldn't break free. The only way out of this was for him to be taken out. "Come on... Come on! Do it! Do it! Come on. Come on! Kill me! I'm here! Kill me! I'm here! Kill me! Come on! Kill me! I'm here! Come on! Do it now! Kill me!" Breschau screamed in his thoughts, delirious from the struggle in his mind. As if hearing him, Breschau's companions acted. Breschau saw Gabriel and Gaian attempts to subdue him. Breschau could not tell what Gabriel did, as nothing seemed to happen. Suddenly the ground under Breschau rose, as if trying to grab him. This must be Gaian using his powers. Sadly, Breschau's body quickly moved out of the way. The Being had full control. Breschau could only guess what the creature was thinking. He could see that he was looking straight at Gabriel. He used all of his will to prevent what he thought the being would do next. It was hopeless. His fist had struck Gabriel.
  8. I'm interested in having either of my characters help Eddie out. If he's got the need for a pl10 fighter or a pl7 teleporter, I'd like to join
  9. Breschau Will save against DC22 from the being (1d20+10=29) whew
  10. Breschau felt the ground shake when he hit the being with his mighty blow. He stepped back expecting to see the abomination crumpled up on the ground...but no! If the being was hurt it did not show. Nothing could still be standing after such attack, let alone survive. This puzzled Breschau. While he stood there preparing his next move, a blast that seem to have come from Muse struck the being. Still it did not falter. Then the beast smiled! "It it just toying with us?" Then the beast spoke! For a tiny moment, Breschau felt immense pain. Pain he could not understand. "Raaaaaargh!" he screamed and broke free of the illusion. Were it not for the rage in his heart he would have not been able to snap out of it. In that same moment, an invisible but powerful force came from Gabriel. It seemed to have fazed the creature. Breschau could not tell. Next storm of rock and debris showered on the abomination. "My companions seem to be hurting this creature," Breschau thought, "Perhaps it is not in my destiny to crush this abomination." With that,he swiftly moved behind the being and grabbed both it's arms, holding them behind it's back. "Give this monster all your wrath!" Breschau yelled. Suddenly he felt a rush of pleasure. It is as if holding on to the creature was the best decision he has ever made. He was about to give up his tight grip for a tender one.. but then he realized it was another illusion! "You wont have me, deceiver!"
  11. Breschau Move Action: Move behind the being Standard action: Melee Attack Roll to Grapple the being. (1d20+10=26) Grappling Check opposing the being's (1d20+25=42) Grappling to pin
  12. Breschau's will save First Will save (spending 1Hero Point for a reroll) (1d20+10=23) Second reroll (spending the previously mentioned HP) (1d20.minroll(11)+10=24) Yay!
  13. Brescau: Free action (thanks sand!): Leap over the wall Move action: move to the being Standard action: Power Attack on the being. (1d20+10-5=25) P-p-p-power! DC 35!
  14. Breschau could hear everything that was happening inside the store via the device Kurt handed to Gaian Knight. He heard the discussion between the gangs leader and Gabriel. He heard how Gabriel was able to convince the children to go home. He heard how Gabriel calmed the youth named Jermaine down. Everything was going smoothly...until the leader revealed itself. Breschau heard the crash as the teen was thrown by the leader. Breschau was not amused. In fact, he was enraged! "Witch! Demon!" Breschau roared. Swiftly, he leapt facing Gaian's wall stepping on the hole he used to see through. With his right foot planted on the hole, he jumped towards the adjacent alley wall, kicking it with his left allowing him to vault over the earthen facade. Breschau then landed on the other side of the wall, bending down, rolling and getting up in one fluid motion as he hit the ground. He entered the shop as fast as he could, making every step count. Inside, he saw Gabriel's eyes fixed on a creature Breschau could not comprehend. On it's hand, it held Muse by the neck. The scene caused Breschau to hesitate for a fraction of a second. "This creature had the audacity to harm a helpless child! I cannot allow it to harm anyone more!" he said in his mind. Breschau clenched his fists and raised both his arms "Abomination! I shall drive you down into the abyss!" he yelled as he slammed his massive arms down to the creature.
  15. Another monster bashing? Save a spot for Breschau!
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