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  1. Okay, the forum has not been working for me the past few days as far as being able to post on it, bear with me as I sort this.
  2. Okay.. the first thing we need from you guys is for each of you to roll a toughness save. From our discussions on just how potent this explosion would end up being, you're both in the land of impossible toughness saves, but as always, rolling a natural 20 minimizes consequences. If that doesn't go through, going to need an hp from the both of yas for the "I'm not dead" option. You needn't worry if you don't have one, complications are ensuing that would grant you one to spend. Anyway, first roll, then we'll go into more detail of what's going down. Among other things, we're going to be starting a new thread... Congrats! You've created a city wide event of sorts.
  3. No worries, life happens. The thread is here: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=1915 Just need a reply to your intro bit.
  4. "Ahm. Right. Yes." He set her back down gently on the roof once they reached it, maybe a bit more slowly than he otherwise could have. "So.. let's take it from the top?" His tone encouraging, having recovered some measure of self posession.
  5. Is it otherwise in a surburban row house type setup? Are going the questions.
  6. Okay, Twilight's player hasn't been here for 7 days, giving em one more, and then the thread marches along.
  7. Okay, Twilight's player hasn't been here for 7 days, giving em one more, and then the thread marches along.
  8. Not off hand, if you wanted to pick a time.
  9. Okay, one, we're still discussing this as refs, two, if you could not handwave things like how the whole jail and trial issues might go when they haven't happened yet, that would be preferable.
  10. "Ah..." Her words made him suddenly very self conscious of that he was holding her rather closely, though his only tell was a rise of warmth to silvery skin that, on the other hand, she was close enough to feel. He coughed just lightly and floated back up with her to the rooftop. "We can certainly try the jumping again, I mean, I'd otherwise be holding onto you for the entire patrol, which I don't think you would want really?" He didn't perhaps sound as sure as he might have at the end there.
  11. It could be ten refs and it would still be like that, in my experience. There's already quite a lot to do on every level to keep things going, and even just to make sure any given thread is working alright within an overall sense of setting trying to be maintained. And there is everything I mentioned above that shapes threads and how they play out as is. Anything beyond all of that is a bonus. I'll leave it at that both my experience and perspective is different than yours on this issue, as far as the things that you get for large shared setting play, and the things you trade away for it as far as how you might make something go in table top. In a lot of huge chat/forum type places, many have ultimately after several years of hand wringing and talks on this very thing ended up widescale restricting merits/flaws, drawbacks, whatever you want to call them, to the point of them basically exiting play, or they settle for disallowing the ones they find stupid, and otherwise accepting as they can what remains for what it is. The notion of the fallacy of the unexcluded middle, as it were, has never really worked out. We ocassionally have very different views on game theory Doc, it's come up before. I'd really like to otherwise get back to this thread going along.
  12. Just to ask, this is a character to be socked away until you hit 180 with Avenger?
  13. MBCE pm'd me an offer to run before ya, sorry. Appreciate it though!
  14. Anyway, the other thing.. okay, I'm not direly fond of the whole subtle super indirect auto hit thing for that.. you could basically be hitting a person with it and they'd have no idea it was you. Edge could pretty much kick back and lay down the whammy with no justifiable retribution from the person being whammied coming to him. I'd at least like.. you know how when Longshot's more extreme bouts of luck kick in, he has that big flare of energy around his eye? I'd like there to be an indication for the person getting shellacked that the cause of the shellacking is you.
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