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Silver Screen Dreams

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This is a social thread, with any magical based hero allowed to attend, but I’m trying something a little different. Roughly every seven days (or so) something will happen in the story and your character will have to deal with the change in time for the next change. That will be four changes with the thread closing on the 1st of November.


Being a mostly social thread roll won’t be necessary and GM involvement will be minimal, instead, it's a chance for people to cut loose and show how powerful the character can really be!

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Sinister magics have transported the heros inside a classic Universal Movie!


The mob needs defeating but as this is sort of a social thread don't worry about any kind of rolls, also feel free to flesh out the mob as you wish. The idea here is to let the character show off how cool and capable so thats the main focus.

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Okay, Muirne was in her partial transformation going on and so would have life sense at the start. I assume the people are alive?

For her action she is gonna switch her Schattenwelt Drawing Array to 

Alternate Power: [23 = 23PP] Additional Descriptor(s): (Grappling, Grasping)

Snare 8 (Grasping Shadows; Extras: Area [Shapeable], Regenerating; Feats: Chokehold, Reversible; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Drawbacks: Vulnerability [Light; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Moderate (+50% Effect Rank)] [-3PP]) [23PP]


And assist Ghost in keeping the crowd immobilized.

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