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Okay, now that she knows Chimera's okay she's after the big guy. She's gonna fly after him. Then going for a grapple attempt, she's All-out-Attacking for the max she can +4/-4. To hit roll 1d20+7 = 12, I doubt she hit ?

EDIT! She will also be interposing any attacks that le Brute puts towards people. If it's an area attack she'll prioritise the 'civilians', protecting El if both are threatened.

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Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark.

Missed by more then 5, so you get a bruise and are stunned.

At least you were able to eat the Knockback this time.


Chimera attacks 23

A hit, but the Brute tanks the blow with Impervious



You guys are tied so you can post in any order.


Shooting Star bruised/stunned 2HP

Brute unhurt

Chimera unhurt 3HP

Nightscale unhurt 3HP

Outrider unhurt 3HP

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Alrighty, Brute is going to attempt to grab Shooting Star and toss her at Outrider.

Grab attack: 7

Nevermind, he whiffs.


Chimera is up, and while he seems to be distracted she will attempt an opposed grapple to break her friend free.

Grab attempt: 11

HP to try again: 9+10=19

Chimera Grapple: 30

Brute Grapple: 38

An impressive attempt, but ultimately futile. The girl remains in his grip.


Next up Nightscale and Outrider

@Nerdzul @Lone_Star

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Since punching that guy doesn't seem to work much in our favor (and I doubt that Nightscale's dragon form would fit within the alley), Luke is gonna shift to his emotion control power and try and make this guy friendly toward the group (Save DC is 18). 

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I'm not sure, will Luke emotion control fade away if he switches array to make an illusion of Jamie? Emotion control is sustained (lasting) so I imagine it will? I'm still not that certain about these kinds of interactions with arrays. Otherwise he can make a copy of Jamie and let her escape I imagine.


He can also try to stunt an alternate power to keep both up, but that will  make for a pretty lousy illusion (rank 2 or 3 at most).

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