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Where Do We Go? (OOC)

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You have time to take 10 but not 20 on these checks: 


All your characters know what the Foundry is (or was - that slippery Talos), what AEGIS is, etc. The agents are all armed with standard AEGIS hand weapons, not really a threat to most supers unless they took them by surprise. 


A DC 20 Knowledge (Technology) check will get you (Agent Irons does indeed look to be an older model of robot; more of a robot in a human 'skin' than an android like Angelic. The damage to his head is quite severe) 

A DC 20 Civics/Streetwise check will get you (the golden robot is Keres, once the right hand of Talos when he headed the Foundry, now allegedly a free agent - also Bonham is the full-on Director of AEGIS, isn't a case like this a little unusual?) 

This can also be done with Gather Info/Well-Informed/Online Research.

A DC 20 Notice check will get you (the same weapon was used on both Keres and Agent Irons) 

A DC 30 Knowledge (Technology) check will get you (you can probably restore memory from the two robots while engaged in repairing them.) 

A DC 30 Notice check will get you (that Agent Irons looks just like the Golden Age Patriot but it's hard to tell, what with the head wound)


If you want to take the agents aside and ask for more information, that's a different set of rolls. 

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For Mara, for bookkeeping:

Knowledge (Technology) DC20: taking 10 gets her this just fine.

Civics/Streetwise/Gather Info, DC20: Mara can make the Gather Info side w/ Online Research & taking 10.

Notice, DC20: Mental quickness should let her take 20 and make this.


Embarrassingly, Mara will have to roll for the higher Knowledge (Technology) DC check, since she's geared more toward the engineering than the pop-culture tech knowledge of what other people engineer.

Dragonfly rolls: 36, whew, no shaming herself in front of her frenemy.


She is incapable of making that DC30 Notice check.

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For bookkeeping purposes:


DC 20s are easily done by taking 10, though Terrifica is going to not do that with with Notice.


Technology Pamphlet is out from Gadgets, so that 10 satifies the DC 30 Tech check as well.


But Notice? Terrifica has Mental Quickness 10, which makes taking 20 on Notice checks a free action. So she can get both Notice checks effortlessly.

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This looks like standard Foundry gear - The good news is, nothing you see here _looks_ any more dangerous than any other high-end super technology. You're not actually sure why this is under such high security. 




And anyone else, give me DC 20 Bluff or Sense Motive 




And another roll for this one, actually, for everyone potentially. 

IC post coming! 



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For the record, already got 1PP's worth of KN (tech) out of Gadgets. No reason to put it away as yet. Pulling out Super Senses 3 (Analytical Hearing, Ultrahearing) and (if you'll allow it) Enhanced Skill 2 (Notice 8 [Limited to Hearing]; +23 total Notice for Hearing checks).


Skill Mastery would give 33 with the skill boost, 25 without. And that's assuming taking 20 because of Mental Quickness 10 isn't permitted. Doesn't feel like that kind of situation, but you are the GM.

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'if you can shut it down, shut it down now. we can talk later about-' - Patriot? 

'no, i - you - you bastard! what did you do to him?' - Gonzalez

'well well well agent, what would your superiors say if they knew what you just-' - Keres 

'go to hell you son of a bitch' - Sadler 

'dammit what did you do?' - Bonham 

'he flipped him! he flipped the Patriot!' - Sadler 

'my god...if they could do that to him, then...' -Gonzalez 

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Miss A is going to attempt an Investigation check, which is a skill mastered 35, to try and determine what sort of gun (and ideally what gun exactly) each robot was shot with. I assume she knows or can easily find out what AEGIS agents carry for purposes of comparison. 

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All the shots were fired by AEGIS agents. She would have to actually analyze their weapons to determine which is which and she was not given them by the agents. 


She can determine that the shot into the Patriot looks 'wild', a through-and-through the sides of the head, as if someone shot him from the hip. It was fired by someone standing at the same level as him. The shots into Keres were fired with deliberate precision, tightly clustered in the head and torso like a target at a firing range, fired down into him as he was prone or against a wall and they were standing.


Only one person shot the Patriot, two people shot Keres. 

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