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Of late, there have been increasing numbers of murders in Freedom City. Victims have been discovered with vicious slashing wounds, with some being reduced to offal that is barely recognizable as human. Suspects are few and far between, especially after the second victim came to light three months ago. The victims thus far have had seemingly little relationship to one another, other than the fact that all are residents of Freedom City - no tourists have died thus far.


The police department is baffled, and has brought the attention of heroes to this rising tide of criminal activity. What now will the heroes find with their own unique capabilities?



So, with that little recruitment spiel out of the way, hello! Welcome! This is going to be my first attempt to run a story arc that includes multiple threads. I have a vague sense of where I want it to go, and a stronger sense of what exactly is going on, specifically. I'm thinking of opening at least a couple threads simultaneously, as different heroes attempt to track it down from different angles. Anyways, if anyone's interested, feel free to contact me on Discord or post down here.

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29 minutes ago, EternalPhoenix said:

Weeeeeell I was gonna say Terrifica would be all over this like white on rice.

She's welcome too! I do have a couple ideas she can follow up on whether alone or with other adult heroes.

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