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Praetorians: Return to the Fold (OOC)


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Okay, the Orange SK is going to fire an energy blast at Paradigm, hitting with a 27, but the attack glances harmlessly off her Impervious.


The Green SK will then try to trap Paradigm in a energy construct, but Paradigm avoids the construct with a 26 on her Reflex save.


The Yellow SK will fire an energy blast at Moon-Moth, but misses with a 12.


The Grey SK will fire an energy blast at Hyperslice, also missing with a 17.

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Paradigm will fix her array to (13 PP for Enhanced Str; 8 PP for Flight (up to 5 ranks); 10 PP for Superstrength) and fly over to attack the green Spectrum Knight, getting a 18, which would normally miss, but hits with the aid action from Moon-Moth.  The green SK only gets a 15 vs DC 33, so he is out!


That brings up Hyperslice! @Ari

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Move Action: Bluff to try and Trick the Knights into shooting each other: 23. -4 for Move and that's a DC19.

Standard Action: Using Area Attack to attack the two closest Knights. General Area so DC20 Reflex to halve a DC25 Toughness save. Selective means nobody else but those two potentially get hurt.

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Okay, I will go with the Blue SK being the bluff target Ari, but he makes his Sense Motive check with a 24, so is not fooled into trying to shoot you and possibly hitting one of his friends if he missed.


The Orange SK gets a 29 on the Reflex check to avoid the area attack, and with Evasion, avoids it completely.


The Yellow SK is not so lucky, only getting a 8.  She gets a 21 on her toughness save, so is bruised.

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The blue spectrum knight is going to try to follow the plan outlined by the green SK and trap Paradigm, but she easily avoids again with a 29 on her Reflex check.


The red SK will blast at Hyperslice, missing with a 17.


So, we are on:


Round Two


25 Moon-Moth (unharmed, 3 HP)

25 Orange Spectrum Knight (unharmed)

20 Yellow Spectrum Knight (bruised)

20 Grey Spectrum Knight (unharmed)

18 Paradigm (unharmed, 3 HP)

15 Hyperslice (unharmed, 2 HP)

13 UFO (unharmed, 1 HP)

13 Traveller (unhramed, 1 HP)

9 Blue Spectrum Knight (unharmed)

2 Red Spectrum Knight (unharmed)


Back to Moon-Moth!


Rocket, though you are further down the initiative order, you (and Traveller) are still generally "out of combat" so, when you have time, you can go ahead and post with UFO catching up with the Kavaca and Traveller.

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Okay, the Red SK tries to make his Reflex check, but fails with a 15, so is bound and helpless.


The Orange SK will again attack Moon-Moth, and again misses badly with a 12.


The Yellow SK will use the aid action (against Hyperslice) to try to help the Grey SK with +2 damage, succeeding in the aid check with a 26.


The Grey SK attacks Hyperslice, but misses with a 13.

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Let's take a chance, Power Attack +-3, All-Out Attack +-3 on the Yellow Spectrum Knight with the Autofire singular Damage: 30. Natural 20, and that would have hit regardless, so DC39 Toughness save, +1 for every two over the Yellow Knight's Defence. Bluff to Feint at the Orange Knight to get them to drop their Dodge Focus, -4 for Move Action reduction:  26, so DC22 check.

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