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  1. As I'm up here and everyone is clear let's try to distract the Grampus by stabbin' it! Attack Roll: 1d20+14 23, DC 21 Toughness if that hits.
  2. The Traveller Sitara’s fingers flew over the controls as she tried every trick she could to get a good, or even any, lock on the station. As much as she hated to admit it the Terran had the situation down perfectly. “Either we’re getting a sensor echo and the stations somewhere else, or already destroyed. Or it’s out of phase with local space-time, neither option is particularly good.” As she spoke she was considering all the possible options to the solution, this was an engineering problem, not something she could shoot or punch. Sometimes that was much more satisfying.
  3. I'd like to spend a HP to stunt Total Concealment (Visual) from her Force Field please, and Scarab will try to disable the security. She has Skill Mastery on Disable Device for a total of 30!
  4. Tiff

    Hong Kong Go

    The Scarab III Kamala has no skill in sneaking around, but she did have a solution. Generating a stable gravitic field it wouldn’t take much more effort to alter it to wrap light around her, making her invisible to the naked eye. Hopefully now able to pass unseen she made her way to the roof, slower than normal so not to tax her systems, to the roof where she had noticed earlier they’d had a security system set up. Using her suit she set about disabling the entire system, hopefully allowing Tsunami to get inside unnoticed.
  5. Weirdly I have a theory you'd say that! Here we go Attack Roll: 1d20+14 23
  6. Tiff

    Ink (OOC)

    Hopefully, I can do this as a simple Snare effect, but if not I'll throw in the HP to make this thing happen!
  7. Tiff


    Doctor Thorne “Best not touch the books, in case...” her warning came a little to late as they were caught in fire and light. Well, time for a new plan she guessed the ink seemed to be acting as a singular entity so it should be able to handled as one. That meant she should be able to hold it in place... “I have an idea that will work. When I tell you drive it back towards the hole, until then don’t let it touch you at all.” Rushing down the stairs she made a few quick calculations before getting out a piece of chalk, which she carried for just such occasions she began to draw and holding circle around the area below the holes in the floor.
  8. Zhenshchina-voin There were times when Klara wished she payed more attention when the priests talked about the ancients pact with the spirits of the mountains, though she doubted the spirits here spoke the language of her people. But still, she guessed it was up to them to try and sort this out. “Best not, if she’s there conduit then they’ll be drawn towards her, and we don’t want to put anyone else at risk of attack. I suggest we get her back inside the church, it’s probably the best protection for her right now.” It wasn’t much but it was all they had available, so that’s what they’d have to use.
  9. White Lion will attempt to trip whoever is carry off her "friend" Attack Roll: 1d20+14 19, Dex Roll: 1d20+8 26.
  10. White Lioness When Àjàṣorò saw her fellow classmate being snatched away she didn’t hesitate to rush into action, despite wanting to be treated as normal whilst on the states, it was nothing compared to keeping people safe. “I’m afraid I can’t let you get away with this!” Closing with the opponent she went down low and swept out a leg, with the desire to trip over her enemy, she’d worry about Corinne one they were safely down. Besides she was a dancer, she was made of sterner stuff than most.
  11. Doctor Thorne Leaning on the railing she looked down as Strix attacked the lone goon, she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of concern. From her time around the vampire, she knew he was somewhat in control, but she also knew that the thirst was always just below the surface. Rosa quite liked the vampire and would hate to have to put him down. “Do you think he needs our help?” she very pointedly didn’t say which one needed the help.
  12. Tiff

    Gunfire Night

    No worries, we have a surprise round so post you surprise action here, including any dice you need to roll. We'll also need an IC post but you can wait to see what happens first if you want.
  13. Tiff

    Gunfire Night

    GM Post The assembled members, all in the same colors of a tasteful burnt orange, were hanging around casually weapons slung at their sides. If they expected trouble it wasn’t going to happen until whoever was here to buy the weapon arrives, they weren’t expecting heroes to arrive on the scene. Unluckily for them, heroes were about to appear out of thin air! Of cause that was until the two flashes of light denoting the arrival of the heroes teleporting in, enough to temporally surprise them for a few moments but not for longer.
  14. Tiff

    Gunfire Night

    Okay heroes have the element of surprise, so give me an action and initiative please.
  15. The Traveller Sitara had travelled the universe for many years and seen and heard many strange things, and this didn’t even reach the top ten of that strangeness. She’d heard of similar tales through her centuries of travel. “Well, that complicated thing! The good news is that the crew are probably stuck in a dimensional pocket, the bad news is that it protected by creatures that exist between dimensions.” With further scanning, she nodded as she reached a conclusion. “As I thought the area of most instability is around the engines, that’s our best chance to recover the crew. But those creatures are going to give us some trouble that's for sure. You ready for this?”