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  1. The Traveller Sitara sat at the controls of the Kavaca keeping the ship flying almost perfectly, all the time spent working on it meant sure the ship was humming along. After a bout of wanderlust she’d been spending her time working again on the ship, not trusting the Lor technicians to keep her running right. “Sure boss try not to have all the fun before I get there.” She began the manoeuvre the ship around for the jump, keeping an eye out for any nasty surprise they might find. “Akazavani once they down find me a good landing spot nearby. We don’t want to keep the baddies waiting!”
  2. Klara will impress them with her credentials, I don't know if it Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidate but luckily they're all the same so we have Awe: 1d20+15 31
  3. Zhenshchina-voin Klara wasn’t intimidated by the four giants standing firmly between them and the little church. She knew they could easily destroy the old building, so it important to keep their attention on her and her only. “I am no mortal for I am Klara, born of Shamany Vstrecha who are friends to the ancient spirits, I have been tasked to be a Guardian and to protect the Seers from any harm. Do you approach as a Friend or Foe?” She spoke with the utmost confidence, for her clan were born warriors and this had always been there assigned tasks. Just the location had changed.
  4. White Lioness Àjàṣorò was still getting used to her powers, so it took a second to remember that she didn’t need to rely on her eyes when all her other senses had been enhanced by bonding with the Lion Spirit. Concentration she listened to the sounds of those around her until she had a good idea of where her target was. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a swift kick to her foe, she’d been taught to achieve results overlooking fancy. It didn’t matter as she could feel that it was a solid blow, backed up with the sounds the target made.
  5. The Scarab III Kamala looked at the man trying to decide what she should do next, she wasn’t sure if she trusted him yet but the desire to learn more overcame any doubt. “Not much more than what I already told you, it’s an Ancient Egyptian artefact that’s been in our family for generations.” She then held up the other vambrace, the one they’d been talking about all this time. “This is the artefact in question, I’ll be interesting to see what you know about its history.” She waited with some interest for his response.
  6. Emerald Spider Peri couldn’t help but agrees as she looked around, still, at least no one would get hurt tonight and that was the important thing. But for the life of her, she wasn’t going to let this villain get away from them. “But we’re having a cookout we’ve already dug a pit and everything!” With a complicated series of hand motions, she sent a twisting rope of superstring that attached itself to Sister Blisters feet, which she then attached to the grounding holding the fleeing villain to the ground “You should stay a while!”
  7. Emerald Spider will do a tethering snare Attack Roll: 1d20+10 25, her Reflex Save: 1d20+4 19 so by a thread (heh) she's snared and tethered.
  8. GM Post With only a few seconds to react Sister Blister snapped her arm down to her waist and began to project fire from her hands, the stream of fire managed to keep her just up above the gaping hole that had been formed. “Well you definitely lowered the property values around here!” she laughed and looked around at the tumbling forming burning building. Slowly she began to project more fire as she began to climb up into the air, apparently deciding that discretion was the better part of valor.
  9. The Traveller Sitara was looking at the data with a different eye to the scientific eye of the other Terran, rather than of an Engineer trying to solve a problem. Besides, there was information they could gather could be important to galactic sciences. “We don’t want to get the Devotion to close in the case the jump engines interfere with the rift, making things much worse. Besides we might be able to use teleporting abilities to seal the rift if needed, though I couldn’t say for sure until I get a closer look at the thing.”
  10. GM Post Going up the ramp there saw a stark white corridor that seemed to go into the middle distance. Standing almost meekly just inside the door was a humanoid figure, a gyroid covered in a white covering that almost made her meld into the corridors. When the first stepped into the craft she raised her hair, causing her wired dreads to tumble down her back, giving a quite warm smile for an artificial life form. “Hello and welcome to The Seeker of Perpetual Harmy, I am SOPHie an integral part of this craft. We need help with a problem that threatens another close by Earth.” her accent sounded vaguely English for some reason.
  11. Miss Grue Daphne shrunk back down to her normal size, she was getting good vibes from the craft and didn’t really need to fight for now. Whilst she didn’t know much about such things, her time on Earth hadn’t allowed her to catch up on Interstellar affairs, they didn’t seem a threat to them. “Then we should probably go and see what they want right?” She stepped towards the craft, pausing to make sure the others were following up behind, she didn’t want the other to miss out on the excitement of this little encounter.
  12. GM Post Dana led them to the far end of the Claremont grounds, through the secret hole (that the Teacher must know about) and through another hedge into a nearby family estate and a large lake. Putting her finger to her lips she blew a large whistle, that echoed through the area. For a few seconds, there was silence before with a rumbling something began to come out of the water, becoming clearer as some form of stealth field shut down. It was some sort of spacecraft roughly shaped like a trilobite glowing in the light. Dana turned her back on the ship and crossed her arm, looking defiantly at the assembled teen heroes. “I’m not from this Earth and this craft bought me to yours, and I need your help to go back to my Earth for something import. Are you in?”
  13. Zhenshchina-voin “They are probably spirits strong enough that the term is academic at best. If they are gods then we’re lucky as there are rules that they have to follow. But let’s not take any chance, hurry up and make her safe I’ll probably need your help.” She took a step forward straightening up and taken on as noble a bearing as she could, hopefully, the spirits would want to talk before trouble started. Though she was just as ready for a scuffle as she was for diplomacy.
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    Hong Kong Go

    The Scarab III Out of sight of the Hornet or his goons, Kamala lent over to try and wave at Tsunami to indicate that the alarms were off. She wasn’t sure if she’d gotten her attention, next time she’d make sure to bring extra comms to make this kind of stuff easier. Still, she had to assume that they knew so turned her attention to the warehouse if they could disable the weapons now then they could save themselves a whole lot of trouble. So as gently as she could she began to lift the skylight to peek inside and see what security they had on hand.
  15. Tiff


    Doctor Rosa Thorne Rosa rolled her eyes, why did superheroes make these things so complicated? At least you knew where you were with a vampire like Strix, and she’d been through enough with him to trust him at this point.Still, she couldn’t let people suffer for this supernatural event that they could shut down between them. All this was going through her head as she was running back towards the stairs to make her back up to the top floor. Generally, you shouldn’t run towards a fire, especially a magical one, but this was her lot in life.