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Per his standard procedure, Mister Strix shows up sneaky and spies on people.

Stealth check: 27. Using up the good rolls early.

Mist form to get into the building, then psychic perception filter. DC18 Will save for anyone who wants to notice him and beats his Stealth check with their Notice.

Normally a -Phantasm Concealment effect requires the character to do something to draw attention to themselves before potential observers get a save, but when he's around, it gets cold, plants die, and security cameras flicker and get staticky, so I think that counts.


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If I have time, Anna will use Quickness to take 20 (reflected by staring annoyedly off into space) - if not, I'll roll... 



Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2018-12-05 22:04:51 UTC




and get a 19 on the roll anyway! 


So that's either a 27 or a 28. 


Anna didn't make the Will save vs. the concealment, though! 


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Mister Strix is using the Concealment AP on his array, though he'll change to the Mist Form AP if he needs to in order to gain entrance to the building.


It's a DC18 Will save to see through Strix's Phantasm Concealment power.


Stealth check: 19.


His cruising speed on foot is 50MPH, so while sneaking around he can "only" do 25.


Assuming nothing else happens to interrupt him or divert his attention, Strix will conduct a search of the building. He'll try to remain aware of the other PCs, some of whom probably have better bonuses than he currently does, so feel free to use his check as an Aid for one of theirs.


Search check: 15. So if his check Aids someone else, he got enough to give them a +2 circumstance bonus.


He's got permanent Concealment to most machine senses, so he probably won't trigger any alarms or other security devices.


NOTE: It occurred to me the other night that Horus is precisely the kind of deity whose symbols would trigger some of Strix's complications. I spoke with AA, and it didn't sound like there were any overt, explicit symbols on her costume, so I'll try to make subtle mention of him avoiding looking directly at her and being slightly uncomfortable in her presence. But if she activates her power that manifests as a big glowing ankh, that should absolutely trigger his complications. I left some suggested mechanics on that part of my sheet, but I left the specifics ambiguous so each GM could handle it however they preferred. Feel free to, for example, force him to save against an Emotion Control (Fear) effect.


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Strix is going to try to "clear a path" for the other PCs by mind-controlling the guard.


His Mind Control effect is Visually Sense-Dependent, so if the guard somehow has a chance to avert his gaze in time (and has reason to do so), he gets a DC18 Reflex save to avoid the effect.


But Strix is going to try to deny him that opportunity by grappling him first.


If necessary:


Attack check: Assuming the guard is a Minion, Strix will All-Out Attack for +2/-2 and Take 10, hitting DC20 (Defense +10). (If the guard's flat-footed Defense bonus is +10 or higher, then we have bigger problems.)


Grapple check: 24.


Strix is focusing more on keeping the guard's eyes open and mouth shut than limiting his bodily movements.


Unlike most attack powers, Mind Control uses an opposed power check against the target's saving throw, instead of a static saving throw difficulty.

Mind Control power check: 22.


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@Grumblefloof, @Supercape: You will quickly find the room, the door being left wide open. It is not large, about 15x15 feet, with a wall filled with monitors. There is a single guard with his back turned to the door, staring up at the screens, focused on the one showing the room where Lady Horus is currently in. There's controls in front of the monitors, a table and four chairs in the opposite room. The screens are showing 3 guards advancing on Lady Horus' room. The darkness has gotten into the security room, but the guard doesn't seem to have noticed yet.


@Avenger Assembled Can I get a notice check for Lady Horus?

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