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  1. Persephone Persephone, having entered close behind Cheval, raised her hand to shield her eyes as she turned away from the carnage inside the house. That hand fell to cover her mouth, while her other hand reached up to grab Cheval's shoulder, steadying herself against him. "Oh my stars in Heaven, it's more of the same in here. I don't think I'll eat for a week. This house could scare the beard off of Jesus." The green woman's violet eyes darted around the room for a few moments. When she found the nearest plastic sheet with the least secure anchoring, she tore it free, dragged it back to the greater-than-one-but-less-than-two corpses on the ground, and laid it over them. It was the same effort as the one she'd made outside, a tiny gesture toward both preserving whatever shreds of dignity remained for the deceased, and sparing the living from the worst of the sight. Persephone scowled, raised her hands into the air, and clenched her fists. Her eyes and hair glowed with a soft purple light, and bark sprouted from her skin, covering every inch of it in small overlapping plates like a snake's scales. "I don't care who they were or what they did, nobody deserves to die like this. And I'm gonna make sure nobody else does, even if I hafta jerk a knot in somebody's tail to do it." Glaring up at the ceiling, she stormed off toward the nearest staircase.
  2. @HGM Did you want to pick this one back up?
  3. Persephone has no Notice ranks, but she does have a +5 raw Wisdom bonus. Notice check (DC20): 17. Not enough!
  4. Persephone The green woman took a deep breath and shook her head. Whatever that explosion was, it looks like the others have it handled. Now, where were we... Persephone turned back toward the Hummer, let the horror fill her eyes for a moment, and then turned away again. She raised a hand to cover her mouth, then let it slowly drift down to rest against her chest. "Oh Dear Lord have mercy." She closed the driver-side door and hurried around to the other side of the vehicle. On the passenger side, she took a moment to reach out and gently close the dead woman's eyes with the tips of her fingers before closing the passenger door. No one else needs to see this. At least not right now. Persephone had a far-away look in her eye when she walked back toward the other Defenders, and her skin was a noticeably more pale shade of green than usual. "There are two bodies in the Hummer," she said to no one in particular, barely above a whisper. "Y'all can go take a look if you really want to, but I wouldn't if I were you, and I sure wish I hadn't. I suspect I'll go to my grave still wishing I could forget what I just saw in there. When your Momma says that things are going to Hell in a hand-basket?" She glanced back at the Hummer. "That right there, that's the hand-basket." She wrapped her arms tightly around her own chest and looked down at the ground for a few moments, before taking a deep breath. "None of us ran into The Woodsman or the killer on our way here, and trust me, we would've known them if we saw them, the...mess they made. Way I see it, that means either they both took off in such a hurry that we'll never catch up anyway, or..." Her gaze slowly lifted toward the mansion. "...The Woodsman went inside the house looking for the killer. And since someone went and locked up behind him, that probably didn't work out too well for him. Speed-Demon, Torque, I know we said we should all stick together, but y'all are both pretty darn mobile, so if one of y'all wants to go lookin' for the mysterious firebug who just scared a year off my life, or for tracks from The Woodsman's bike, then I understand. But I'm fixin' to go inside and see what there is to see, and all y'all are welcome to come with." She cocked her head toward the locked front door. "Cheval, Dear, if you'd be so kind...?"
  5. Poking at this again since it's been over a week since my last IC post.
  6. Octoman "C'mon, man, y'all are missin' the POINT. Ain'tchu ever seen a boxing movie? I mean, ANY sports movie, really." Ben deepened his voice, clearly imitating an actor but not doing a good enough job for anyone to figure out which one. "'Ain't about how HARD ya can HIT,'" he growled. "'It's about how hard ya can GET hit, and keep GOIN'.'" His voice briefly returned to normal. "Or, like," His voice deepened again. "'DA MEASURE OF A MAN ain't in how he gets KNOCKED DOWN, it's in how he GETS BACK UP aftah.' It's, y'know, a PHILOSOPHY type thing! Fall down seven times, stand up eight, heroic spirit, ya feel me? 'Sides, Rocky Marciano over there'll tell ya, once you start strappin' on the gloves, one a tha things that'll hold ya back the most is bein' AFRAID of gettin' HIT. Ya know what helps ya get over THAT?" He pounded his fist into his hand twice for emphasis. "GETTIN'. HIT." Ben beamed with excitement at the idea of Benny versus Ashley in the ring. "YEAH, time ta THROW DOWN!" He whipped out his smartphone and held it up to film as he danced back and forth between the two students. "In DIS cornah, weighin' in at 'FREAKIN' HUGE', tomato, tomah-toh, nah, it's BOUNCIN' BENNNNNYYYYY D'AAAMAAATOHHH! And in DIS cornah, weighin' in at 'Benny's popped ZITS heavier than her, so if he loses it's gonna be REALLY embarrassing, but if he WINS he's kinda just beatin' up a girl half his size, KINDA sucks ta be him right now, what WAS he thinkin'?', it's Claremont Academy's answer to Annie Oakley and also kinda the blond guy from the Cobra Kai Dojo and someone shoulda told her he's the BAD GUY in that movie, ASHHHLEEEYYY IDON'TACTUALLYKNOWHERLASTNAAAME!" He punctuated each fighter's name with a series of rapid-fire airhorn blasts, from an app on his phone which existed solely to provide that sound.
  7. Octoman "YOWZA!" Octoman's suckers smelled the ozone just in time to recoil as the electric current started running through the walls. He simultaneously fell into a crouch and jumped into the air. With a loud, wet slurping noise, his body reflexively sucked his tentacles back inside the internal compartments where they rested when not in use, but the tentacles themselves didn't shrink back down to their normal length. A web of pseudopods still floated around him, but each one was now about two feet shorter than it had been. "Don't touch anything! Disco Stu up there electrified the walls! ¡MUY CUIDADO!" "Archer? Wait, as in, Force Ops Archer? Eighties Badass Archer? Man, I THOUGHT that costume looked familiar! Real talk, you KNOW that dude? The original article? Or are you just doin', like, a HOMAGE? That's kinda what I'm doin' too." "Are you sayin' my reputation does NOT precede me? You tellin' me you never heard of THE CRIME-FIGHTING KRAKEN, THE LOUDMOUTH LEVIATHAN, THE SENSATIONAL CEPHALOPOD, the one, the only, THE OUTRAAAAAGEOUS AHHHCTOHHHMAAANNN!" He pointed twin finger-guns at Archer. "Check out the vlog! Like, comment, and subscribe!" He sent a pair of tentacles writhing up through the shaft in the ceiling, stretching until they reached the top, where they splatted against the ceiling. As soon as the suckers had established a firm vacuum seal, the tentacles retracted, yanking Octoman up into the air.
  8. @olopi It doesn't look like you've had a chance to get a first post in. Do you want the rest of us to wait for you before posting again?
  9. GM: 0 GM posts = 0 IC posts Everyone Is From Somewhere (0) Members Only (0) Red Death Redemption (0) Siren Song of The Void (0) Dirge: 0 IC posts = 0PP Kill Team (0) Mister Strix: 0 IC posts = 0PP Bedlam Burning: Beauty & The Beasts (0) Enough To Pay For The Coffin (0) Everyone Is From Somewhere (0) Golgotha Tenement Blues (0) Members Only (0) Red Death Redemption (0) Siren Song of The Void (0) Octoman: 4 IC posts = 1PP Daka Rush (0) Freaky Fraternity (0) It's Me, Daystar (1) The Pinball Wizard Strikes! (1) Puppy Love (0) Punching Up (1) Reptile Brain (0) Tech Compliance (1) Persephone: 4 IC posts = 1PP, +1 Guide = 2PP Dragon's Harvest (0) Even The Mere Reports of Such (3) Thy Golden Stair (1)
  10. Persephone Vibora Bay, December 2019, A a chilly Thursday evening Camellia Blume lounged on her living room couch, pulling a quilt tighter around her shoulders despite already wearing a heavy sweater. Occasionally she jumped when she caught the flicker in the corner of her eye of the flames dancing in the fireplace. Since her transformation, fire was one of the few things that could still seriously hurt her, and she knew it on a primal level. She'd never been particularly afraid of fire until she'd bonded with the plant-symbiote. But the house she was renting was old; that's how she got such a good deal on the rent in the first place. It didn't have central heating, and, paradoxically, her transformation had also heightened her sensitivity to the cold, so during the winter months, the fireplace was essential. She only half paid attention to the Hallmark movie playing in front of her while she thumbed at her smartphone. For once, Camellia seemed to have a real weekend ahead of her. No supervillains were brawling in the streets or taking the mayor hostage. She didn't have any familial obligations or conferences to attend or new treatment options to research or backlogs of notes from patient sessions to review. No appointments with the accountant or the lawyer she'd had to retain to make sure all the "i"s and "t"s were dotted and crossed for her practice. "Without them, how would I know PRECISELY how much money I'm still losing on it?" She laughed, then mumbled to herself some more. "Maybe I should go up to five session days a week...or would that just make me lose more money faster?" She pulled up her calendar and wrote herself a reminder to email her accountant. She didn't actually write the email; that would tip the scales of work/life balance she was trying so hard to maintain for once. When the movie reached the high point of the lead couple's courtship, Camellia got caught up enough in the moment to open the ErosUnlimited app again. She hadn't known that he was on EU until The MatchMaker recommended his profile to her. In fact, she hadn't checked the app since she'd met him. During the following weeks, she'd gone back and checked his profile again, more times than she'd be comfortable admitting to anyone, least of all to him. But she hadn't messaged him yet. She was hoping he'd reach out first. Maybe he'd recognize Persephone despite her flimsy disguise, or maybe he'd just be drawn to Camellia on her own merits. She kept going back and forth in her own mind. He had me at "Bonjour", but he's movin' about as fast as a herd o' turtles. It's not like I've been subtle. Maybe I came on too strong and scared him off? Or maybe he's just worried about making me uncomfortable. After all, in a way, we are coworkers. Maybe he's just busy. Sure, but so am I. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part and I'm not his type and he's trying to be polite by ignoring it when I throw myself at him. No, there's something there. It can't just be all in my head...can it? Her finger hovered over the "MESSAGE" button hesitantly, then withdrew, then hovered again. "UGH!" Her head snapped back and she rolled her eyes. She typed up a message and sent it quickly, not giving herself enough time to talk herself out of it again. Marcus Dumont received the following message from Camellia's profile: Rapunzel's waiting up here in the tower, ready to let her hair down, if only a knight in shining armor would ride by... The woman in the profile pictures looked familiar to Marcus. He'd definitely seen her before, though he couldn't remember where.
  11. It seems like, more often than not, it takes the rednames a few days after the beginning of the month to get a new Active Threads thread set up. But I know that some players like me prefer to keep a personal real-time up-to-date running total from Day One. That's what I'm using this post for. Feel free to add a comment here if you want to do the same. GM: 0 GM posts = 0 IC posts [None] Dirge: 0 IC posts = 0PP [None] Mister Strix: 0 IC posts = 0PP [None] Octoman: 2 IC posts = 1PP It's Me, Daystar (1) Tech Compliance (1) Persephone: 2 IC posts = 1PP, +1PP Guide = 2PP Even The Mere Reports of Such (1) Thy Golden Stair (1)
  12. Persephone When she felt Cheval's hand on her, Persephone reached up without looking. His hand was just starting to leave her skin before her hand grabbed it and forced it back down. She looked up at him and smiled warmly as her hand squeezed his hand around her shoulder. But the smile fell from her face when she glanced back down at the tree stump and the horrors it had shown her flooded back into her thoughts. Now it was the green woman's turn to place her hands on Cheval's arm and back, doing her best to steady him despite the extra thirty pounds he had on her. "Whoa there, Cowboy! Are you alright?" "I remember you mentioning some ruckus with the spirit world on Croczilla Night. Was this anything like that?" "You don't need to tell ME twice, Sugar. This whole setup ALREADY has me more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room fulla rockin' chairs." The green woman waved and smiled weakly at the robot girl. "Hey there, Sweetie! Don't worry, nobody's been waitin' long. Except Speed-Demon, he probably ran a few hundred laps around the place before any of us showed up." She turned the same weak smile at the young man and winked, but as soon as she looked away, the smile crumbled. Persephone couldn't help but try to keep everyone's spirits up in the face of whatever bloody tragedy awaited them, but she knew before she started how futile it would be. "Somethin' mighty awful happened here. We're just trying to figure out what." Persephone let her glance drift slowly and nervously back to the abandoned vehicle. She took a deep breath and then crept toward it. "I don't think this belonged to anyone on the renovation crew. I don't know much about construction workers, but my Momma's done some remodeling here and there, and I don't remember ever seeing one of those boys roll up in something like this. This looks more like something the owner of the house would drive..." She gulped, reached out to pull the already open door wider, and leaned her head in to have a look. The green woman, already tense, screamed and nearly jumped out of her skin when the explosion went off on the lawn behind her. "AHHH! WHAT IN TARNATION...?"
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