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  1. Wait, how does that math work? My understanding is that one character, presumably Horus, would roll a power check to counter, and everyone trying to help would roll an Aid check against DC10, providing a +2 bonus to the "lead" character if they succeed (and another +1 for every 10 points they score over that DC10). It doesn't look like Tiff rolled a power check to Aid at all? I get that the 13 is Horus's effective power rank, but where are the two "8"s coming from?
  2. The man in white kept glaring unblinkingly at Frankie. He didn't react to the guards or the fleeing youth at all. "Call off your dogs" he growled. "If bullets hurt me, then your other guys would still be able to walk. If they shoot at me, they'll just hit you, and everyone else in the next room. Then I'll have to take those guns and feed them to you. You're closed for the night. Now tell me what's waiting for us at the warehouse by the docks, who hired you to kill those kids, everything."
  3. Should I roll initiative, or just do the thing?
  4. Mister Strix Please spend his unspent 2PP to add the "Restoration" and "Total" extras to his Healing power.
  5. Dirge Error: Please correct the Toughness save and Knockback Resistance on his sheet. They should read "Toughness: +14/+8 (+8 Con, +6 Force Field)" and "7/4". Slight re-tool: He has 2PP free. Please drop his Charisma from "14 (+2)" to "10 (+0)". That frees up 4PP, for 6PP total unspent. Please drop his 5 ranks in Notice. Shift one rank to Perform (Oratory), changing it to "4 (+4)", and drop the other 4 ranks completely. That frees up 1PP, for 7PP total unspent. Please drop his Environmental Adaptation feat. That frees up 1PP, for 8PP total unspent. Please spend the 8PP to add two ranks to his Device, and change it to the following: Device 3 (15PP Container [Passive, Permanent], Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [12PP] (Descriptors: Environmental Force Field Projector, Technology) Environment Control 1 (Light [Level 1], Area: 5ft radius, Extras: Action [Move], Duration [Continuous], Linked [Features, Immunity], Flaws: Range [Touch]) [2PP] (Descriptors: Environmental Force Field, Technology) Features 4 (Environmental Adaptation 4 [High-Gravity, Low-Gravity, Underwater, Zero-Gravity], Extras: Linked [Environment Control, Immunity]) [4PP] Immunity 9 (Life Support, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Linked [Environment Control, Features], Flaws: Action [Move]) [9PP]
  6. Hex He has 3PP unspent. Please spend 3PP to add 12 Skill ranks: +3 Concentration = 10 (+13) +5 Diplomacy = 11 (+15) +4 Knowledge (Arcane Lore) = 17 (+20)
  7. Strix lines up eye contact with Frankie, drops his Concealment effect, swaps to Mind Control, and tries to seize control of Frankie. Mind Control power check: 26. That's a DC26 Will save for Frankie, if he can even make that. Surprise round only gives him one standard or move action, which he uses to attempt the mind control. Takes a move action to give orders, so he can't do that before the NPCs get a chance to react.
  8.  "We're going to deal with him first." The glaring black eyes of the man in white appeared in front of Frankie's own as Strix stopped concentrating on forcing everyone to ignore his presence and focused the full might of his will upon the drug dealer. Strix loomed over Frankie, leaning in so close that the man could have felt Strix's breath upon his face, if Strix still breathed. Frankie could see his own breath, since the room was so cold, though he hadn't consciously noticed it until now.
  9. Mister Strix will use one of the rank 8 powers in his array (or the array itself) to Aid Lady Horus's power check. Since he's Shaken, he's at -2 on all checks, so it's effectively rank 6. Aid check (DC10): 14. That gives Lady Horus +2 on her check. @RocketLord, on account of the descriptor for this action, please feel free to give Strix a complication for massive blood loss, such as forcing him to save against an attack effect like Damage, or inflicting Fatigue conditions.
  10. "GRRRAAARRRR!" Another tiger's roar echoed across the room as the man in white snarled and raised his claws to shield his eyes from the ankh's light. "The unholy power..." He growled through clenched fangs. "...which chains what's left of my soul to this body..." He plunged his talons into his own forearm. "HHHNNNGGGG!" No blood bubbled up to the surface of his skin. "...the glue holding together this mockery of Life..." He dragged his claws through his own flesh, shredding his jumpsuit and flaying himself down to the bone. Still, no blood leaked from his arm. "...it can't be part of the natural world." He raised his flayed arm outstretched toward the pile of books. At last, the blood appeared, not a trickle or even a splash upon the floor below him, but a torrent blasting directly through the air at the books and their ink. His shriveled, blackened heart forced the blood out through his veins with inhuman strength. Liter after liter of black syrup, with highlights of scarlet if the light hit it from just the right angle, sprayed like a fire hose from his tattered arm. "I'm no sorcerer...but I am sorcery." He collapsed, his hands and knees preventing him from falling completely prone, a puppet with half but only half of his strings suddenly cut. "Raw material...fuel for your fire."
  11. Bloody hell. OK, if anyone wants me to Aid or Combined Attack with them, let me know. Better than being completely ineffectual like I have been so far.
  12. GM: 1 post Siren Song of The Void (1) Give the 1 GM post to Dirge. Dirge: 0 IC posts + 1 GM post = 1 post = 1PP Hex: 1 IC post = 1PP By Summer's End (1) Mister Strix: 2 IC posts = 1PP Golgotha Tenement Blues (1) Ink (1)
  13. GM Temperance and Grimalkin both quickly learned that Bedlam City had more than its fair share of occult activity for a metropolis of its size or age. Even a small amount of research, communion with local spirits, and examination of local spiritual residues hinted at unholy rites and crimes against nature going all the way back to the city's founding. Further examination of the graffiti left by the local street gangs revealed that the few truly magical elements were tools for locking spirits out or keeping them away, not inviting them to come in and stay a while. Set's network of online fans pooled their resources, some less legitimate or even legal than others, and established that the young man who had introduced himself to Grimalkin as "Lucien Hawthorne" went by many names. Set's admirers identified him with such monikers as "Vincent d’Amour”, “Claude Raventhorne”, “Vladimir Darque”, and “Kane Blackfyre”. But the only name with any substantial documentation attached to it, documentation in multiple cities and states throughout the Midwest which included pending paternity suits and petty larceny charges for various confidence games, was "Dale King". Once Set had the right hashtags trending, one of their followers, a local clubgoer, uploaded a picture she had snapped just a few minutes prior of King getting a drink thrown in his face by a woman who didn't look old enough to have legally purchased it. She only identified the location publicly as "#ClubNowhere", but in private direct messages she was willing to, after some star-struck gushing, provide the address of an abandoned factory on Industrial Drive, at the edge of Wolverton. Further research established that "Club Nowhere" was a pseudonym for various unlicensed nightclubs which moved around the city.
  14. As he scooped his runestones back into their pouch, and wiped the chalk dust from the cavern floor with another spell, Hex spoke to the fish-folk again. "There is a fold, or a hole, in space here." His hand made a sweeping gesture over the floor. "I had, in my arrogance, considered myself something of an expert in dimensional magic, but I have never seen its like before. I suspect this was the means by which the attackers gained entry, whether by creating it themselves, or merely hijacking an existing enchantment or naturally occurring phenomenon. If it is not your creation or tool, then I can, if you wish, attempt to close it, or at least to study it further." He rose to his feet. "But while they may have used magic for their entrance, they appear to have used other means for the actual assault. Mundane technology, perhaps?" He pointed to the cracked gem embedded in the floor. "May I ask what the function of this device was?"
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