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  1. Just as the hooded woman had predicted, Strix's inhumanly powerful legs launched him into the air toward her and closed the distance between them between the blinks of an eye. He grabbed her throat and roughly shoved her up against a wall. He couldn't see her neck under her robes, but he lost himself for a moment in imagining what her blood might taste like. That moment was all she needed to slip free from his grasp once again. They both clearly have training in hand-to-hand combat, more than you. No mere civilians. But still, mere mortals. Yet with all your strength and all your speed, you can barely lay a hand on them. Can't focus. Can't stop thinking about the fire and the crosses and the light and the pain and the fear and the thirst and the blood. Pathetic.
  2. Hero Point re-roll: 30. ...
  3. Sorry, forgot to mention, also using his Magic Awareness to scan the area for magical auras, persistent or lingering. It's Acute, so if there's any magical radiation, he'll be able to discern fine details (type of magic, relative strength, etc.). It's Penetrates Concealment, so he can see magical auras through physical obstacles. It's Tracking, so he can see "trails" and "marks" left behind by magic after it leaves the area.
  4. Hex uses two APs from his Magic array in quick succession, first his Transform to make a dry spot on the floor, and then his Postcognition and Precognition. If you need skill checks: Notice: 21. Search: 11.
  5. Before leaving his manse, Len Kepler "said" a command word in his mind, activating the runes etched and sewn into his clothing, transforming a mundane flannel and denim ensemble into the lavender and indigo robes of Hex. When he reached the vandalized play area, his shoulders sagged. He wiped a couple of stray tears from his eyes. "For sale," he whispered. "Baby shoes. Never worn." The question snapped him out of his melancholy reverie. "Whatever there is to see. I apologize for not having a better answer, but I will not know what specifically I am looking for unless I find it." Hex gave another mental command to the tiny magic runes worked into the leather of his goggles, revealing any persistent or lingering magical auras in his field of view. Once he'd taken stock of those, he knelt down onto the moist stone. He drew a sigil in the air with his fingers, leaving trails of sparks behind his fingers, and spoke a quick phrase in Ancient Atlantean. All of the moisture suddenly evaporated from a spot on the gound approximately one meter in diameter. Then he reached into the messenger bag slung over his shoulder to retrieve a pouch and a small wooden case. He laid the pouch off to his side, and removed a stick of chalk from the wooden case. With that chalk, he drew two concentric circles upon the ground, forming a ring. Then he drew lines dividing that ring into six pieces, and a rune inside each of them. He carefully placed the chalk back in its box, set it aside, and plucked the pouch up off the ground. He closed his eyes, reached into the pouch, clutched a handful of something which made a clacking noise, and flung it in front of him. It turned out to be a pile of round ceramic tiles. Each one was roughly the size of a half-dollar coin and one quarter inch thick. One side of each tile was painted white, the other, black. A different sigil was etched into both sides of each tile, and then painted black on the white side, and white on the black side. When his rune "stones" came near the circle on the ground, their fall slowed down, as if they were suddenly falling through water instead of air. Each rune stone slowly glided and spun for a few seconds before gradually coming to a stop, hovering in mid-air over one of the runes in the ring, or inside the ring, some adjacent to a rune, some in the center of the circle. After all of the rune stones he'd flung into the circle had come to a resting place, Hex opened his eyes. He stared at the placement, contemplating the implications of each one individually, as well as the sum of the whole.
  6. Free Action: Reconfigure Vampire array to the mind-reading bite. Move Action: If necessary, maneuver to line up a Charge on Cultist 1. Standard Action: Attempt to initiate another grapple on Cultist 1 with a Charge attack. Charge gives +2 Attack / -2 Defense. All-Out Attack for another +2 Attack / -2 Defense. Strix's Attack roll: 23. If the attack roll is successful: Strix's Grapple check: 29. If his attack hits, and he wins the contested grapple check, then in addition to the normal result (victim is Pinned, or Bound if he wins by 5+), she will need to make a Will save against the linked Nauseate + Mind Reading effect, and Strix's blood-sourced Postcognition effect will also be triggered. Since both the Nauseate and Mind Reading effects target Will, she will only need to make one save, which will be compared against both. The Nauseate effect has a static difficulty, DC18. The Mind Reading effect is a contested Will save vs power check. Strix's Mind Reading check: 19. If Strix wins, then I get to ask one question to represent knowledge he has gained from reading her mind. The effect is both +Insidious and +Subtle, so it will not be immediately obvious to either the victim or any observers what is happening. You may or may not require any checks for the Postcognition. If you do: Notice check: 9. Search check: 12. Strix is at Defense +4 (DC14) until his next action. If the grapple is successful, then he's flat-footed (Defense +2 / DC12) against everyone except the person he's grappling.
  7. 24. She slips out, and gets an immediate move action's worth of movement if she wants it.
  8. GM: [None] Dirge: [None] Hex: By Summer's End Mister Strix: Golgotha Tenement Blues
  9. You're missing the black background on one of Horus's dialogue lines in the latest IC post. Right now it's just yellow text on white background.
  10. Sorry, I should elaborate: In this OOC thread, please, everyone describe what investigative techniques you're planning to use, and what information you've already accumulated that you're trying to build off of. And feel free to post whatever rolls you need to make. So if you're using Gather Information or some kind of Knowledge check, or using a power (Notice or Search checks for Super-Senses, for example), or if there are specific areas you want to go to, etc.
  11. Please describe how you're going to go about doing that in here.
  12. ...I'm not clear in what you guys decided to do.
  13. I'm looking for one Bedlam City based PC, for a single-encounter thread with Mister Strix and some NPCs. I'm not looking for any out-of-towners on this one. Please come up with some reason why your PC would happen to be in the Ash Street neighborhood at night. Strix is going to be investigating a series of murders targeting homeless people. You can be, too, or you can have some other agenda or issue. It doesn't matter if your PC has already met Strix or not. It's going to be a sort of prologue for another, slightly longer thread, which Strix will also be in. The same PC can in that one too, but they don't have to be. PM me if you want in, or if you have questions. Don't post here. I want at least one IC post every 3 days. If you go 3 days without posting, I'll skip you and move on.
  14. @Gizmo, @trollthumper, you have until tomorrow to post in the IC thread. Then I'm skipping you and moving forward to a new scene.
  15. Mister Strix found a perch in sight of Frankie's flophouse before Judex and Thorne left her office, so he had a bit of a wait ahead of him. Unfortunately for him, that gave him time to reflect. I haven't come that close to losing control since the day I tried to face The Sun. I thought I was making so much progress since we came up with this "outlet". But one junkie was all it took to get under my skin, to send me sliding right back down. I almost killed, again. The bare-knuckle evangelist and the doctor (of what, exactly?)...maybe, after this is over, I should let them remember, clearly. They probably don't know how to kill me, any more than I do, but it seems like they could stop me. And they might have to.
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