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  1. I apologize to anyone I'm currently in threads with, but school is kicking my ass this term, and I just do not have the mental bandwidth for posting right now. By the time I'm done with my work for these classes, I don't have anything left in the tank for creative writing. I'll check back in when/if things let up.
  2. If you want a 2PP power to be mechanically removable because it's tied into an object, then just give it a -1PP/rank flaw or a 1PP drawback (Power Loss in the latter case) to drop it down to 1PP (either will work, numerically).
  3. I leaned toward 1PP Feature. I don't think you want the Limited flaw on the HQ's Teleport power. I don't remember exactly, because it's been over a decade since I came up with the whole idea (the YF teleportals were based on the redesigns I did for the Freedom League's teleportal network), but I vaguely recall that the general idea was that anyone who had a beacon on their person could remotely access the HQ's Teleport effect to open a portal to the HQ from wherever they were. But if you were starting from the HQ, you could open a portal to any location within range. I think it also had the Complication that it was a Sensory (Radio) effect, so an Obscure Radio Senses effect would prevent it from working. So that would look more like this: Teleport 8 (Range: 800ft / 2,000 miles [Continental]; Extras: Affects Others, Duration 2 [Continuous], Portal; Flaws: Limited [Others]; Feats: Easy, Progression [Portal Size] 1 [10ft x 10ft]) [50PP] A 1EP rank of the HQ "Power" feature gives you PLx2 points to work with, so a PL10 character like Justice would get 20PP per rank. So that power would cost her 3EP (and leave her with 10PP left over to buy one or more other HQ powers). In hindsight, this might be broken. UP lists a -1PP/rank flaw for Teleport effects, "Anchor", which specifically limits you to teleporting to a specific place. That's exactly what the beacons did. So maybe instead, a beacon should be a full-on Device, like this: Device 7 (33/35PP Container [Passive: No Action, Permanent Duration]; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [28PP] Teleport 8 (Range: 2,000 miles [Continental]; Extras: Duration 2 [Continuous], Portal; Flaws: Anchor [HQ], Long-Range; Feats: Progression [Portal Size] 1 [10ft x 10ft]) [33PP] Per Kenson's rulings on the subject, that would require a full action to move through the portal, and you'd be flat-footed for a round when you got there (not a huge concern given that you're going to your own HQ). That's pretty expensive, but maybe being able to open up a gate to your HQ from anywhere on the continent should be. You could make it cheaper by making it a vanilla Teleport effect instead of a portal, or by not buying up the portal duration and forcing whoever opened it to actively maintain it (maybe they need to keep pressing a button or something).
  4. Also, buy Luck. Always buy Luck. Buy as many Luck ranks as you can. Our house rules cap it at 1/3rd PL, rounded down. The fact that we had to cap it should, by itself, tell you how good it is.
  5. Formatting notes: Several of these suggested changes to the formatting would make the sheet easier to read and understand at a glance. I would note their lifting strength next to their Strength score under "Abilities", like this: Strength: 22/12 (+6/+1), 57/12 Lifting (Heavy Load: 33.28 tons [66,560 lbs.] / 130 lbs.) Here's how I'd write the Attack bonus in the "Combat" section: Attack: +6, +10/+6 Melee (+6 Base, +4 Enhanced Attack Focus), +10 Weapon Systems (+6 Base, +4 Accurate) And here's how I'd write the Grapple bonus (which you calculated wrong): Grapple: +26/+7 vs one foe, +23/+7 vs multiple foes (+10/+6 Melee Attack, +6/+1 Strength, +7 Super-Strength, +3 Additional Limbs) I would note the Imperviousness in the Toughness save under "Saving Throws", like this: Toughness: +10/+3 (+3 Con, +7 Protection; Impervious 5) On the skills, you also want to note the total skill bonus. So, for example, with your 10 ranks in Computers, and your +3 Int, you'd write "Computers 10 (+13)". I would list the Enhanced Feats with the regular feats as well, like this: FEATS XPP Normal Feat Normal Feat Normal Feat Enhanced: Enhanced Feat Enhanced Feat Build notes: I would consider trading out some of those Super-Strength ranks in the base power of the Weapon Systems array for more Enhanced Strength, enough to put you at 30 (+10), so you can hit your PL10 combat caps while punching people or clobbering them with improvised weapons or throwing stuff at them or throwing them at stuff. Impervious at 5 ranks is borderline useless. It will only screen attacks of +4 damage or lower. That covers handguns, even high-caliber ones, but not shotguns, SMGs, or assault rifles. Take it up to at least 7 if you want to be bulletproof. But I'd generally recommend taking Impervious up to your PL (our house rules cap it there) or not at all. What is one rank, 10ft, of Radio Communication getting you? That seems useless. Improved Grab is too good. It's one of very few traits in this game that is. I wouldn't recommend taking it because it's so good it's boring. It seems weird to have Acrobatic Bluff but no ranks in Acrobatics and only a +6 raw Dex score. Is there any reason you're buying 4 ranks of Fortitude save and 7 ranks of Protection instead of just buying Enhanced Con? The latter costs the same 2PP, and also adds to your recovery bonus. With skills, if you're not rolling a contested check against someone else (Notice, Stealth, etc.), then you're rolling against a static DC, and those almost always come in increments of 5. If you tweak your total skill bonuses so that they are also in increments of 5, you'll be able to take 10 and take 20 and reliably hit the DCs you want instead of having to roll. Skill Mastery is also helpful for the former. Side note, if you do invest in Acrobatics ranks, enough to hit DC20, and also take Skill Mastery and choose Acrobatics as one of the four skills, then you don't need Instant Up, because Acrobatics can do that with a DC20 check. If you have at least +10 and Skill Mastery, you can take 10 and auto-pass. The exotic saves are a little low. Most of the sample builds in the 2E books have an average among Fort, Ref, and Will of around PL-2. You would have the same +3 flat-footed Defense at base Defense +5 and Dodge Focus 5 that you have at +6 and Dodge Focus 4. You're spending 1PP for nothing there. This Knockback: -3/-1 is wrong. Knockback resistance is one of the few things in this game that gets rounded down. It's half your regular Toughness, plus all of your Impervious Toughness, plus size bonuses and the Immovable power (neither applies here). You have +10 total Toughness, and 5 of it is Impervious. So 5 normal and 5 Impervious. The 5 normal gets halved and rounded down, to 2. Add that to the 5 Impervious, and your KB resistance is 7. Nonpowered, you have +3 Toughness, which gets halved and rounded down to 1. So it should be Knockback Resistance: 7/1 Most GMs here don't bother with the range increment rules (for attacks or for Notice checks), so it's probably not worth buying Extended on any Super-Senses. A high Notice bonus and maybe a high Search and/or Sense Motive to go with it are generally the best ways to model "enhanced senses".
  6. @Dr Archeville Also, FYI, there is currently nothing in the house rules section for "Powers" about the 6PP/rank version of Transform being banned. If it used to be there, then it was gone. It wouldn't be the only thing to mysteriously disappear from the top or bottom of a page there.
  7. @Dr Archeville @Exaccus Also, UP specifically says that Reversible is not a valid power feat for Transform effects. To "reverse" it, you just stop maintaining it / choose to end it, or you use the power again, depending on the effect. I'm also not sure what either Innate or Precise would get you with a Transform effect. If you need something to spend those points on, then consider the Progression feat for the affected mass, bumping it up by one effective power rank per feat rank. That's been allowed on other characters. In terms of formatting, consider listing a weight that large in tons rather than pounds. While we're at it, this part of the Create Object effect doesn't entirely make sense: All that matters with Movable Create Object is the range of the entire Create Object power (which is the usual rank x 100ft max; no increments, since there are no attack rolls*), the lifting Strength of the effect (rank x 5, just like Move Object, and just like the strength of the objects if they're stationary and holding something else up), and the weight of the created object being moved. That "Radius" part makes zero sense. Move Object uses the throwing rules. The range of the throw from the point of origin depends on your effective lifting strength versus the weight of the object being thrown. That point of origin is wherever your created object starts, which is wherever you create it, which is at any point within your max power range. I imagine you would lose control of the movable created object if you threw it beyond your max power range. You could save yourself a point here and do a more "honest" construction by just upgrading the Transform effect from 3PP/rank to 4PP/rank, so it can cover both locking and unlocking things in one effect. Maybe something like this: Alternate Power: [8PP] Transform 1 (Locked locks into unlocked locks, and vice versa; Extras: Duration [Continuous, Lasting], Range [Perception]; Feats: Progression [Mass] 1 [2 lbs.], Subtle) [8PP] Or this: Alternate Power: [8PP] Transform 1 (Locked locks into unlocked locks, and vice versa; Extras: Duration [Continuous, Lasting]; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Feats: Progression [Mass] 3 [10 lbs.], Subtle) [8PP] You could use the point that freed up to buy a rank of the Progression (Portal Size) feat for the base power, so the portals would be 10ft x 10ft instead of 5ft x 5ft. Sounds more comfortable to me.
  8. Doktor'd! Mister Strix 1PP to spend. Please spend 1PP to buy him a new feat: Ultimate Save (Will) Please note "Ultimate Save" in superscript on his Will save.
  9. Doktor'd! Santa Muerte 2PP to spend. Please reduce her Reflex save by -2, yielding 2PP. 4PP to spend. Please spend 2PP to increase her Dexterity from 10 (+0) to 14 (+2). This will increase her Reflex save by +2, putting it back where it was. It will also increase her Initiative in the Combat section. She does not have ranks in any Dex-based skills, so it won't affect her Skills.
  10. Doktor'd! Persephone She has 205PP now, so she is PL14. Please amend the "Power Level" on his sheet as follows: Power Level: 14 (Built as PL10) 2PP to spend. Please increase the Intensity of her Cold Vulnerability drawback by one level, from Minor to Moderate, yielding 1PP. Vulnerability (Cold effects; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Moderate [+50% Effect Rank]) [-3PP] 3PP to spend. Please buy her 12 skill ranks for 3PP: +5 Gather Information +5 Knowledge (Life Sciences) +1 Notice +1 Swim
  11. Doktor'd! Octoman He has over 205PP now, so he is PL14. Please amend the "Power Level" on his sheet as follows: Power Level: 14 (Built as PL8) 2PP to spend. Please spend 2PP to purchase the following feats: Fast Task 2 (Feint, Taunt) Please add "Fast Task (Feint, Taunt)" in superscript to his Bluff skill bonus.
  12. Doktor'd! Dirge He has 160PP now, so he is PL11. Please amend the "Power Level" on his sheet as follows: Power Level: 11 (Built as PL10) 1PP to spend. Please spend 1PP to add the following AP to his Electromagnetic Control array: Altenate Power: [24 + 16 = 40PP] (Additional Descriptors: Electromagnetic Strike, Improvised Metal Weapons) Damage 9 (Extras: Linked [Trip]; Feats: Extended Reach [+5ft], Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Knockback 10 [Effective Damage 25], Mighty, Variable Descriptor [Energy and Electrical, or Magnetic Force-Propelled Metal Weapons and Bludgeoning, Piercing, and/or Slashing damage]) [24PP] Trip 15 (Extras: Knockback, Linked [Damage]; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Feats: Improved Throw) [16PP] Here are the lines to add to his attack block: Strike (Lightning) Touch DC30 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Energy)* Str/Dex*** vs +15 Prone Strike (Metal) Touch DC30 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical)* Str/Dex*** vs +15 Prone The spacing should line up. And please add this to the notes at the bottom of the block: ***Lower of the two.
  13. Medusa Brainstorming #2 Once you settle on the petrification effect, then you have to decide what else she can do, which myths and games you want to pull from. The snakes growing out of her head are often depicted as venomous. That's simple enough. Most exotic attack effects will work for venom. Damage (Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude]) [2PP/rank] Drain (Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution) [1PP/rank] Drain (All Abilities At Once; Flaws: Limited [Physical Abilities: Str, Dex, Con]) [2PP/rank] Nauseate [2PP/rank] Paralyze [2PP/rank] Stun [2PP/rank] Since the victim is probably getting bitten many times in rapid succession, the Autofire extra would fit. Secondary Effect is always a good extra for poison powers. If she grapples people (see below), and you can afford to buy her Enhanced Strength and Super-Strength separately from her attack array, then you could add the Requires Grapple flaw to the venom effect. If you use Drain, keep in mind that people will recover one point every round. The Slow Fade feat and/or the Total Fade extra can slow that down. Sometimes she has corrosive acid for blood. You could do this as a rank 1 flavor thing, like the split-the-difference petrification build in Part 1, or you could spend a ton of points to make it something that could really hurt someone. Note: Even the rank 1 version has utility. Inanimate objects don't recover from Drained Toughness or Damage until they're repaired, so you could eventually bleed on even a steel (Toughness 10) object enough to break it. Note: This is the "Corrosion" power from the books, but broken down by individual effect so you can see how it's constructed. Acid Blood [7PP] Drain Toughness 1 (Extras: Action 3 [Reaction], Affects Objects, Linked [Damage]; Flaws: Uncontrolled) [4PP] Damage 1 (Extras: Action 3 [Reaction], Linked [Drain]; Flaws: Uncontrolled) [3PP] Acid Blood [70PP] Drain Toughness 10 (Extras: Action 3 [Reaction], Affects Objects, Linked [Damage]; Flaws: Uncontrolled) [40PP] Damage 10 (Extras: Action 3 [Reaction], Linked [Drain]; Flaws: Uncontrolled) [30PP] The assumption here is that you have to suffer a Bruised or Injured condition to trigger the Reaction. It's Uncontrolled and Reaction because it just happens when you get hurt. You don't do anything to directly activate the effect. Technically you could use the Aura extra for the same price, but I hate UP's version of Aura. I think Reaction works better (and so did the 3E devs!). Objects won't recover until they're repaired. People will recover one point of Toughness every round. The Slow Fade feat and/or the Total Fade extra can slow that down. Acid effects often have the Incurable power feat, since regenerators in most games can't heal fast from acid damage. Add the 1PP "Lethal" drawback to the Damage effect for something truly nasty. Sometimes her blood is poisonous instead of acidic. In that case, take whatever attack effect you chose for the snake venom, and build it the same way as the Acid Blood: Nauseate 1/10 (Extras: Action 3 [Reaction]; Flaws: Uncontrolled) [4/40PP] You need to decide how much of a snake-person she is. Does she have tough scales? Good descriptor for Protection. Is she also resistant to poison: Good descriptors for Enhanced Constitution. She might have Immunity (Poison) as well. Is she a snake-centaur, with a big tail instead of legs? Or does she have humanoid legs that can "fuse" into a snake tail? (Maybe this involves "shedding".) Either way, good descriptor for a rank or two of Speed, Super-Movement (Slithering), Swimming with Enhanced Skills (Swim), either Super-Movement (Wall-Crawling) or Enhanced Skills (Climb), and a Snare effect in her attack array. Snare 10 (Extras: Engulf; Feats: Chokehold) [21PP] If you can crush your victim like a boa constrictor, then consider adding the Constricting extra. Since, by default, Constricting only inflicts Damage equal to half your power rank, I would buy 2 ranks of it, which I assume would upgrade that to your full power rank. Note, however, that extras are not optional, so if you give the Snare effect +Constricting, then the damage always happens to anyone you Snare, and you have to let them go to stop inflicting the damage. Alternately, you could just take Enhanced Strength, Super-Strength, and Improved Grapple or Additional Limbs, and grapple people. One rank of Super-Senses can give you the Radius extra on your default Normal Vision, if she can see through the snake eyes. A lot of reptiles can sense heat, so Super-Senses 1 (Infra-Vision) is a good pick. Increase the utility by adding the Radius and/or Tracking extras. They also tend to have really good sense of smell, so the Acute, Extended, and Tracking Super-Senses extras on the default Normal Olfactory Sense work, as well as Olfactory-type Danger Sense and/or Uncanny Dodge. Some depictions give them wings, so Flight 3 (50MPH, 500ft per Move Action; Drawbacks: Power Loss [Wings]) [5PP] could apply. Some depictions give her claws, which is just Damage (Feats: Mighty), maybe with the Improved Critical feat and/or the Lethal drawback thrown in. She's often depicted using a bow and arrows. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this, because you'd have to put that in a Device, so you'd have to pay for those effects separately from her other attack effects. I'm a big fan of arraying all the attacks together. However, you could forgo the Device discount entirely, fold the bow-and-arrow effects into her attack array, and then have the ability to disarm her (and deprive her of those Alternate Powers) be a Complication instead. If you do use a bow, consider arrows that have been previously poisoned with her blood. Most reptilian characters have some Regeneration ranks, so that's a natural fit. If you're making an actual mythological figure, then Immunity (Aging; Starvation/Thirst) could apply. The gorgons, like many supernatural creatures, are immortal in some source material. You could also make her a full-fledged mystic with an array of magic spells she can cast in addition to her "natural" abilities. If she's truly reptilian, than a Vulnerability to Cold effects and/or a Weakness to cold environments would work, as Drawbacks or as Complications.
  14. Medusa Brainstorming #1 Gorgons and how to build them came up in the Discord the other day, and it got me thinking. First up, the big thing, the petrification. You need to choose whether this is something she consciously does, or something that just happens when someone looks at her face. If she does it consciously, then she has to take an action to do it, but she doesn't always have to do it, it's cheaper, and you can fold it into an array. If it just happens, then it's an expensive stand-alone power, and you probably won't have room on your sheet for any other powers. Then you need to choose effects and descriptors. Do you use Transform, or Paralyze? Is it actually petrification, or just, say, a paralytic effect that makes the victim look super-pale? The cost is about the same either way. You also need to decide if it's going to be a Fortitude effect or a Will effect. That depends on your descriptors, your vision. Is it something you fight off with your body/health, or your mind/willpower? I would include the Subtle power feat, because while it's obvious to the person who looked at her and got petrified what happened, other observers may not know why the person suddenly turned to stone. Here's a few different ways to build it: Note: You can bring the cost down on the active versions by applying the Distracting flaw, and/or by flawing the action down to Full. Paralyze 10 (Extras: Action 3 [Reaction], Area [Visual Perception]; Flaws: Uncontrolled; Feats: Subtle) [51PP] Paralyze 10 (Extras: Range 2 [Perception]; Flaws: Sense-Dependent [Visual]; Feats: Subtle) [31PP] Either one of those will wear off in a few rounds, a couple minutes at the most, unless you increase the duration. Transform 10 (Flesh To Stone; Extras: Action 3 [Reaction], Area [Visual Perception], Duration [Continuous, Lasting]; Flaws: Range [Touch], Uncontrolled; Feats: Subtle) [61PP] Transform 10 (Flesh To Stone; Extras: Duration [Continuous, Lasting], Range [Perception]; Flaws: Sense-Dependent [Visual]; Feats: Subtle) [41PP] Because they're Continuous (Lasting) duration effects, neither of these will wear off until you choose to turn them off. And since the Reaction Area ones are Uncontrolled, you can't choose to turn them off. They'll turn off only if the GM decides they do, for whatever reason, or if someone counters/Nullifies them. You could also split the difference, by having a very low-rank always-on effect that happens whenever someone looks at her, and then a more powerful conscious "focusing" of it that she can do as an attack. Have one of these as a stand-alone, which even low-PL minions will usually save against, and is more of a flavor thing than anything else: Paralyze 1 (Extras: Action 3 [Reaction], Area [Visual Perception]; Flaws: Uncontrolled; Feats: Subtle) [6PP] Transform 1 (Flesh To Stone; Extras: Action 3 [Reaction], Area [Visual Perception], Duration [Continuous, Lasting]; Flaws: Range [Touch], Uncontrolled; Feats: Subtle) [7PP] And then this as an AP in an attack array: Paralyze 10 (Extras: Range 2 [Perception]; Flaws: Sense-Dependent [Visual]; Feats: Subtle) [31PP] Transform 10 (Flesh To Stone; Extras: Duration [Continuous, Lasting], Range [Perception]; Flaws: Sense-Dependent [Visual]; Feats: Subtle) [41PP]
  15. Octoman's Notice check: 34.
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