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  1. Sounds good. Want me to burn a Hero Point, since you basically just fiated in my favor?
  2. It's now been about two weeks since the last IC post. Can we get a status update for this thread?
  3. Mister Strix responded to Antonio's assault with a series of rapid-fire blocks from a dizzying variety of angles, diverting the incoming strikes into circles away from him. Any fan of Hong Kong cinema would recognize it as a classic Wing Chun defense. "You were a big fish in your little pond," he whispered. "But you're in open water now." His Wing Chun defense suddenly shifted to a Muay Thai offense as he launched a brutal fist/elbow/knee combination at Antonio's nose, solar plexus, and jaw.
  4. All-Out Attack for +2 Attack / -2 Defense and Power Attack for -2 Attack / +2 Damage. Standard Action: Unarmed attack against the flat-footed foe. Attack: 15. If that hits, it's a DC25 Toughness save, at -2 since he's Demoralized. If he's still conscious after that, then: Move Action: Demoralize again as a move action at -5. Intimidation: 12. Antonio gets +1 to resist this time.
  5. The man in white stood almost still for several moments. His only movement for those moments was to menacingly crack the knuckles on each of his fists. Then, without the slightest shift in stance to telegraph his movement, he burst into the air. A standing jump that would baffle an Olympian morphed seamlessly into a spinning jump kick straight out of Tae Kwon Do. It missed Lt. Antonio's head by a fraction of an inch, parting his hair like a gust of wind. It missed because it was supposed to. A kick like that would normally be used to keep a foe at a distance, but Mister Strix twisted around as smoothly as a shark through water to slide in close.
  6. Initiative: 24. Standard Action: Acrobatic Bluff to feint. Take 10 with Skill Mastery for 25. Move Action: Demoralize as a move action at -5. Intimidation: 17.
  7. Looks like I'll have to go through the motions before I can get any answers. Mister Strix took a deep, quiet breath to focus his senses, forcing the cacophony of heartbeats and footfalls and coughs and whispers of the surrounding crowd back into the background. Clever. If I lose, it damages the legend I'm trying to build. If I win, I publicly humiliate the local police. Oh well. Won't be the first time I've taken down a cop. "Don't hold back, Lieutenant" he growled. "Come at me with everything you have."
  8. First piece of advice: Look at the way other character sheets are formatted. Most things are written as lists, not as sentences. Second: I recommend writing the powered-up values first, then the de-powered values. The former will be applicable far more often than the latter. So I'd write Str 30/10 (+10/+0) rather than the reverse. Those two things should make it easier for other people to read and understand your sheet at a glance, which is the main purpose of the character sheet. I don't think most GMs are going to want to make rolls once every 4 rounds to figure out which spirit is in control. It's probably best to leave it to the GM's discretion when the switch occurs. In general, when it comes to setting Complications, it's better to suggest possible mechanics for them than to dictate them. And you definitely won't get a Hero Point every time someone new takes over. As with any other Complication, you would only get a Hero Point if the switch actually hinders you in some way. Mechanical notes: Why is "Protection 4" giving "+3 Toughness?" Why wouldn't it give +4 Toughness? The skills don't seem to add up. For example, I see "Bluff 10 (+15)," but his Charisma bonus isn't +5, it's either +10 or +2. So shouldn't this be "Bluff 10 (+20/+12)?" The house rules allow everyone to use Accurate/All-Out/Defensive/Power Attack for +/-2 for free, without having the feat. You only need to have the feat if you want to shift by +/- 3-5. So depending on your plans regarding combat tactics, you may not need those feats. For less than the 3PP you're spending on those accelerated Feint/Taunt/Trick feats, you could just buy 5 more skill ranks, which would give you the same net benefit, and also a better skill bonus for non-combat checks. You're not hitting your PL caps for skill ranks yet, so it's an option. Also, you didn't actually buy the Taunt feat. Attack Specialization (Unarmed) doesn't add to your grapple bonus. It's for unarmed attacks for damage only. The only attack bonuses that add to your grapple bonus are base attack bonus, Attack Focus (Melee), and Attack Specialization (Grapple). I'd recommend ditching the Attack Specialization and just getting Attack Focus (Melee). The knockback resistance appears to be wrong. If he has Toughness 14 and 6 of is Impervious, then it should be 10. 14 - 6 = 8, 8 / 2 = 4, 4 + 6 = 10. I'm assuming that the "Chi" power listed here is the one from Ultimate Power. If that's the case, then you have to choose which version of it you have. It's either Healing (Flaws: Personal), or Boost (Any One Physical Ability, Flaws: Personal), 1PP/rank either way. I assume it's Healing, since Boost would violate your power level caps, but you have to specify. On the sword's Damage power, you don't have to specify that the Improved Critical applies to the Damage power. That's self-evident, since it's a power feat on the Damage power. And Penetrating is an extra, not a feat.
  9. Also, sorry, I forgot to make this explicit: I assumed that, between Hide In Plain Sight, Skill Mastery with Stealth for an automatic 25, his smoke bombs, and Quick Change would combine to allow him to make it up to the ring unnoticed and make his grand entrance.
  10. Let me know if anything I set the scene with contradicts anything you had in mind. I literally just Google Image Searched the park, and went to weather.com to find out what it's like in Chicago today.
  11. Despite his best efforts, Brian didn't have much time to surveil the park. What little he did "see," he didn't like. One big wide-open space. Nothing taller than a tree for a mile in any direction. Less chance of property damage, but still surrounded by innocent people. So much moisture in the air, walking feels like swimming. Barely any heat from above at all. Sky must be overcast. But the weather reports say the sun doesn't go down for another hour. Never done this during the day before, and never with this much direct scrutiny. I doubt the usual costume will have the same impact. Brian wasn't carrying his white cane as he made his way through the park. Don't want to draw attention to myself...until I do. At 4:44PM, seemingly out of nowhere, a cloud of white smoke appeared at the edge of the fighting ring. Out of the smoke stepped a large man wearing a tailored silk business suit, all in white. The fabrics, the buttons, even the leather of his gloves and shoes, every piece of his outfit gleamed like ivory and alabaster. The cuff-links, buttons, and tie-tack were all shaped like tiny crescent moons. A black circle containing a white crescent moon was embroidered over the left breast of his jacket. A white mask, like a balaclava but without any eye-holes, covered his entire head. Large black teardrop-shapes around the eyes dominated the face of his mask. Small, yellow mirrored lenses covered what were presumably his eyes.
  12. Mister Strix (5) Supreme Ultimate Competition: The Original (5)
  13. Good, Mister Strix thought as his fingers caressed the face of the envelope. The name is spreading. He lifted the parcel up to his face and sniffed it before tearing it open. But this also means my movements are too consistent. I can't afford to be predictable. I can't afford to be careless. His mind raced as he ran his thumb across the card. Chicago. Of course. If they've heard of me, then they probably know that everyone who matters in this city wants me dead, yesterday. If they tried doing this in Bedlam, not only would the local syndicates want their cut, but they'd blow up the whole block if they thought I might be inside. But neither the Scarpias or the Gorganzuas have any friends in the Chicago families. Taking the bait would let me get close while hiding in plain sight. So much for not being careless. Within the hour, after a quick stop at home, Brian Brubaker was sitting in a Regency Crown taxi headed to the Bedlam "International" Airport, and a box of his "art supplies" was being over-nighted by FedEx to his hotel in Chicago. Last-minute bookings aren't cheap, and R.C. will overcharge me, especially when they find out I'm blind. No licenses, no meters, no rules. But I'm in a hurry. I need time to get the lay of the land before my "appointment." And the European galleries are still selling out, so for now, I can afford it. At least R.C. won't literally try to rob me, like a Yellow Cab driver might. And nobody else will get me to the airport faster. Garwood's people live in the Meadows, so unlike the fresh-off-the-boat rookies driving for everyone else, they actually know the way. I'll lose too much time in the air as it is. No direct flights to Chicago on Air Wisconsin. But I can fly to General Mitchell in Milwaukee, and switch to a real airline from there.
  14. Thanks for the individual IC intro, but mine might need some tweaking. The person putting up his invitation probably wouldn't have reason to know it (unless it is one of the Shambala monks calling in a favor), but Mister Strix is blind. He wouldn't notice his name written on anything at a distance. He's a Daredevil knockoff, so the only way he can read text or "see" color on an object is if he's physically touching it.