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  1. In Brief: Moonstone meets Poison Ivy, with a dash of Venom, but as a hero, with side helpings of Elle Woods and Blanche Devereaux. Character: Persephone Power Level: 12 (Built as PL9) Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 180/180 Unspent Points: 0 Alternate Identity: Camellia Blume, M.D. Identity: Secret Legal Status: USA citizen with no criminal record Birthplace: Vibora Bay, Florida Base of Operations: Vibora Bay, Florida Residence: A rented house in Atwater Occupation: Psychiatrist (self-employed, private practice) Affiliations: University of Florida (alumnus), Delta Delta Delta (alumnus), Florida Board of Medicine (licensed physician), American Medical Association (board-certified psychiatrist) Family: Younger fraternal twin brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, parents, several aunts, uncles, and grandparents DESCRIPTION Age: 30 (Date of Birth: 1989) Apparent Age: 30 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Anglo-Germanic Caucasian American Height: 5’10” Weight: 140 lbs. Hair: Human Form: Platinum-Blonde, Plant Form: Purple Eyes: Human Form: Blue, Plant Form: Purple A friend once described her as “Grace Kelly’s head on Kate Upton’s body”. She has brilliant blue eyes set into a heart-shaped face, framed with a mane of shiny and thick platinum blonde hair which falls down to the top of her thighs. She has the kind of hourglass figure that usually requires aggressive corsetry, and most of her substantial height is in her long legs. Her voice is heavy, breathy, and deeper than most people expect, with a slight Southern drawl. She carries herself with the calm, quiet confidence of someone who’s accustomed to being welcome everywhere she goes. She has a big smile, and it gets a lot of exercise. She has an extensive wardrobe; more than one person has joked that they’ve never seen her wear anything twice. She has personally altered most of her clothes, both to better fit and support her body, and to replace the buttons and clasps with magnets, which allows her to get in and out of them quickly (a trick live stage productions use to cope with frequent costume changes). Her personal style, heavily influenced by the local climate, consists mainly of above-the-knee sundresses in bright colors and floral prints, paired with some kind of ornate sandals, more often than not with 4-5 inch heels that make her tower over most of the people around her. During the couple of months a year where the weather in Vibora Bay dips below 70F, she’ll switch to sweater dresses with higher necklines, swap out the sandals for closed-toes or boots, and add some heavy tights for extra warmth. In more casual settings, she sometimes trades the dresses for crop tops paired with denim short-shorts or short skirts, and on the beach, where she goes every chance she gets, she rocks the bikini. She loves jewelry; pearls are her favorite, and she owns pieces in every color of the rainbow. Outside, she’s rarely seen without both oversized sunglasses, some kind of a large, floppy-brimmed straw or silk hat with a bow or flower on the ribbon, varieties of which she also owns in every color. In professional settings, she wears decorative glasses with clear lenses, mainly in the hope that she’ll be taken more seriously once the “smart people have poor eyesight” stereotype cancels out the “dumb blonde” trope, but also because it gives her another accessory to play with. When she uses her powers, her skin turns green, and her eyes and hair both turn purple. Her hair grows even longer, almost touching the ground, and it takes on a life of its own. The coloration shifts to different shades depending on her mood, and the hair moves of its own accord, suddenly when in response to her emotional state, but otherwise gently floating and swaying as though she were underwater. Her ability to shape plant matter with her thoughts also extends to her own body. She can make plant appendages like vines, thorns, leaves, and roots sprout from her skin, with whatever pigmentation or texture she desires. Her costume is made from such appendages, consisting of thousands of overlapping leaves growing out of her skin, and falling away when she switches back to a human appearance. There's usually a flower in her hair, but that's because it's growing out of her head. She can also release luciferns and their catalyzing enzymes into parts of her body, causing them to glow. She does this most often with her hair and eyes. HISTORY Carmellia Blume’s parents met while they were both students at the University of Florida’s Vibora Bay campus. Her mother was a cheerleader and her father played football. They both stuck around long enough to earn Master’s degrees, hers in interior design and his in engineering. After graduation, she started her own firm, while he went to work for Vibora Petroleum, where he quickly ascended to upper management. By gradually invested in dozens of rental properties and restaurant franchises, in Vibora Bay and throughout North Florida, her parents did their part to maintain their family's wealth for another generation. Her father has been a member of the elite Mahogany Club since before she was born. Carmellia beat her “little” twin brother into the world by a few minutes. She grew up in a Cluet Farms mansion, immersed in luxury and privilege. Her teens and early twenties were a hurricane of private schools, cheerleading practices, cotillions, debutante balls, modeling jobs, and beauty pageants, just like her mother before her. She was the queen of her high school, but she was a benevolent queen, who never tolerated bullying. She attended the University of Florida, a legacy admission, like her parents before her. She joined the Tri-Delta sorority, like her mother before her. She even spent a year studying abroad in Paris, like her mother had at her age. But ultimately, she decided that, while dancing and modeling were fun, they weren't fulfilling. She wanted to spend her life helping people in a more direct manner. So after four years of college, she applied to UFVB's prestigious medical school. It was the first time in her life when she made a real decision, instead of just following in her parents footsteps. The modeling money and pageant prizes she’d saved up took a big bite out of the tuition, so she didn’t have to dip too far into her trust fund. After four years of medical school, she chose psychiatry as her specialty, combining her academic prowess and her social skills to make the world a better place, one person at a time. After another four years, she completed her residency and obtained her medical license. She rented an apartment in Far Weston (separate from the rented Atwater house she lived in), and started her own practice out of it, living off of her trust fund until she accumulated enough patients to make her practice self-sustaining. Camellia kept a garden at home, and her office space was filled with flowers. This caused one of her first patients visible distress. But he wasn't floraphobic. Instead, he seemed to be suffering from auditory hallucinations, or some other delusion. He claimed that one of his wife’s plants was talking to him. No one else seemed to be able to hear the voice, but it was growing louder and more insistent, while not making any sense, and he was convinced it was coming from the purple orchid his wife had brought home a few weeks prior. After a few weeks of talk sessions and a prescription for anti-anxiety medication failed to yield any results, he brought the orchid in question to his session, and refused to bring it back home with him. She didn’t think it would help his recovery to force the issue, so she let him leave without it, intending to return it to him later. The orchid was sitting on the front seat of her car during her commute home. That commute was interrupted when she drove by what appeared to be a mugging or assault taking place in an alley just off the street. She pulled off into the alley, flashed her lights, honked her horn, and shouted that she was calling the police, hoping to scare away the attackers. But the attackers were New Shadows gang members, vampires, and they weren’t mugging their victim, they were feeding on him. They used their superhuman strength to flip her car over, trapping her in the alley. But as they started to drag her out of the wrecked car, she heard a woman's voice inside her mind, and it seemed like time froze. The voice offered Camellia power, the power she would need to survive this ordeal and many like it. But she could only give Camellia that power if they were “bonded”. Camellia decided that, whatever that meant, it was better than letting herself or that poor man be killed, so she agreed. Time started passing again, and the orchid started moving under its own power, shattering its pot and pressing itself against Camellia. The flower somehow phased through her flesh and bone, sinking into her chest. She felt its roots expand throughout her body. It occurred to her that this should have been painful or terrifying or disgusting, but instead it was invigorating. Leaves and bark sprouted from her flesh, covering every inch of her skin. The vampires were shocked when they reached for a human but pulled out a humanoid plant-monster. Their shock gave her all the time she needed. Acting on instinct, she summoned plants to her aid, and they responded. Roots from a nearby tree stretched and snaked through the dirt before bursting bursting up out of the ground, breaking through the concrete like it was glass. The roots hardened into spears and impaled the vampires, who all crumbled into ash. As soon as the danger had passed, the leafy armor dried up and crumbled off of Camellia’s skin. She used her cell phone to call an ambulance for the bleeding man and a tow truck for her totaled car, and she tended to his wounds as best she could while they waited. She told the police that she’d turned too fast into the alley and flipped over, which must have scared away “the muggers”. The wounded man didn’t contradict her. Camellia spent the weeks after the incident telepathically communing with her new symbiote, learning what little the symbiote knew of her own history, and growing accustomed to her new abilities and the changes the symbiote was making to her body. The symbiote had been part of a race of semi-sentient plants engineered and grown as biological weapons by the humans of another Earth in an alternate dimension. That dimension fell to Omega, and this symbiote happened to be on a part of that Earth which wound up floating in the Terminus instead of being annihilated. When a rift opened up near the symbiote during the most recent Terminus incursion into her dimension, she pulled up her roots and let herself fall through. The symbiote offered to separate from Camellia if she so desired, but Camellia refused when she learned that separation would require intensive surgery which could kill both of them. Instead, Camellia decided to cope with whatever changes might come, and put her new abilities to good use, making the world a better place like she’d always wanted to. PERSONALITY Camellia's behavior comes from a combination of a naturally big heart and being raised in a semi-aristocratic subculture in which tradition was revered and courtesy was paramount. She strives to always be polite, modest, generous, and forgiving. She hates to see people suffer, even when they deserve it. She’s sensitive to the moods of the people around her, and it’s important to her to make those people as comfortable as possible. Her guiding principle in daily life is “Make everybody feel welcome, and never make anybody feel second-rate.” She greets everyone with a warm smile and an opening for as much small talk as they'd like, and she almost never swears or insults people. When someone else commits a faux pas, she’s far more likely to ignore it or attempt to cover for it than she is to draw attention to it or mock them. She values integrity, both in herself and in others, so she won’t lie to protect people’s feelings, but she will distract, deflect, and omit. Every child gets told at some point “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”, but unlike most children, she took that sentiment to heart, leaving the hard truths for one-on-one sessions behind closed doors. She detests bullying of any kind, and she won't hesitate to step in and put herself between the bully and their victim. She loves social interaction and embraces every opportunity for it. Everyone has a story, and she wants to hear them all. She make a point of maintaining correspondence with all of her family, former school friends, sorority sisters, and coworkers. Once you're part of her world, you don't leave. She remembers every birthday, and she sends hand-written “Thank You” notes for everything. She likes attention, which is fortunate, because she’d get plenty of it whether she liked it or not. She doesn’t demand the spotlight, but she’s very comfortable under it. She’s a hopeless romantic who falls hard and fast both in and out of love. She doesn’t expect or demand old school chivalry, but she’s a total sucker for it. POWERS & TACTICS The symbiotic alien plant which fused with her has transformed her body on the molecular level into an ambulatory plant. Her flesh, blood, and bone has mostly been replaced with cellulose, sap, and wood, and what remains has little value beyond the cosmetic. Her plant tissues are more durable and resilient than her old flesh. Her body engages in photosynthesis, so she doesn’t need to breathe or eat food, though she still does, both for the pleasurable sensation and because she can derive nutrients from it; it’s the equivalent of spreading fertilizer over crops. She can also extend roots from her body down into soil to obtain water and nutrients, but eating and drinking feels more familiar. The diseases and poisons of animals no longer affect her, although certain chemical fertilizers have effects on her similar to those of caffeine or alcohol when she discreetly adds them to her coffee and cocktails (making those drinks toxic for anyone else in the process). Like an old tree, her aging process has stalled to the point of being imperceptible. With an infusion of sunlight, her body is able to mend most wounds instantly, and even grievous injuries will heal in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. However, as a plant, she is more vulnerable to dehydration and extremes of temperature, her tissues are more flammable, and defoliants and herbicides which would be harmless to a human will kill her in a matter of minutes. Through the symbiote, she can psychically detect, communicate with, animate, control, and alter plants. She can make them move and act on her behalf, and she can transform them extensively, shaping them like clay, greatly increasing or decreasing their size, strength, and resilience, and making them sprout flowers which then burst open with psychoactive pollen or latex. She doesn't strictly need to take any physical action to alter or control plants, but she uses physical gestures to help herself focus. In battle, she looks like she's dancing or conducting an orchestra. The transformations she uses most often reverse themselves as soon as she stops exerting the mental effort to maintain them; permanent changes require greater effort (power stunts for Continuous/Lasting or Independent versions of her powers). Nearby plants even respond to her unconscious desires and survival instinct, moving out of her way, or moving and stretching to protect her, blocking or swatting aside incoming attacks. Her ability to shape plant matter with her thoughts also extends to her own body. She can make plant appendages like vines, thorns, leaves, and roots sprout from her skin, with whatever pigmentation or texture she desires. In battle, she often grows an extra layer of thick bark over her skin, harder than rock. She can release luciferns and their catalyzing enzymes into parts of her body, causing them to glow. In a battle, engaging directly with supervillains is her last resort. Her first priorities are healing the wounded, and using her Create Object and Move Object powers to protect bystanders and even other heroes, either by shielding them or by moving them to a safe place. Even when she does fight directly, she attempts to restrain or incapacitate while doing as little harm as possible. Technically, she can create vines to whip or strangle, or thorns to cut and stab, either from her own body directly or by altering other plants, but she’s so loathe to do so that she leaves that to occasional power stunts, instead of buying any Damage-based alternate powers for her Plant Control array. COMPLICATIONS Accidents: Her powers are potentially destructive, especially when used indoors. Tree roots might burst up through floors or streets, while tree branches and stretched bushes come crashing through windows and walls. The GM can give her a Hero Point if the use of her powers causes a setback. Perhaps she triggers an effect like Environment Control which hinders her in the rest of the fight. Or maybe she endangers bystanders, and she must try to rescue them while the villain is still attacking. Alternately, the GM can give other PCs a Hero Point in exchange for making her attack powers affect her allies as well as the villains. For example, if she were to use her Fatigue power to spray a villain with a plant-derived sedative, and another hero then used a melee attack against that villain, the GM could declare retroactively that the Fatigue effect had acquired the Contagious extra, and some of the sedative was transferred from the villain to the melee-attacking hero, who now has to save against the Fatigue effect as well. Honor: She will always choose to help bystanders, even if it means letting the villain get away. She always uses the minimum force required to incapacitate a villain, and she will accept any surrender immediately. Even though she’s good at sniffing out lies, cunning villains can manipulate her by telling her what she wants to hear. The GM can give her a Hero Point if this causes some sort of setback, such as a penalty on a Sense Motive check or a free surprise attack against her. Hopeless Romantic: Friends and family have joked over the years that she "falls in love with every man she meets". The GM can give her a Hero Point in exchange for giving her a circumstance penalty on opposed interaction skill checks like Bluff or Diplomacy, or saving throws against effects like Emotion Control (Love), if her opponent is a man with a high Charisma score, interaction skill bonus, and/or the Attractive feat, or if the player and GM agree that he’s “her type”. The GM can also give her a Hero Point if she suffers a setback on account of being distracted by attraction, such as being surprise attacked. Finally, the GM can give her a Hero Point in exchange for forcing her to make a saving throw or skill check to avoid being Dazed or Fascinated, as if the attractive character had and used those feats, even if he did not. Note: This is basically a gender-reversed version of Jack of All Blades's "Sucker For A Pretty Face" complication, Foreshadow's "Flirt" complication, and Edge's "Women" complication. Medium (Plant Control): The GM can give her a Hero Point in exchange for arbitrarily deciding that there are no plants close enough for her to use her Plant Control array. At the GM’s discretion, this could 1) deprive her of the power entirely, 2) make it operate at a reduced power rank, since she would have to harvest material for the plant structures from her own body, or 3) make it acquire the Tiring or Side-Effect flaw, for the same reason. Normal Identity: If a villain were to restrain her or otherwise render her helpless, then they could surgically (or violently) remove the symbiote plant from inside her chest. If this were to happen, then all the changes it has made to her body would gradually revert, and she would lose all her powers and become a normal human again. Both she and the symbiote would suffer from withdrawal, and either of them could die, especially the symbiote. If the GM ever caused such a horrendous thing to occur, then giving her a Hero Point would be the least they could do. Phobia (Fire): Fire is one of the few things which can cause her serious harm, and she has an instinctual fear of it. The GM can give her a Hero Point in exchange for forcing her to make a Will save against an Emotion Control (Fear) effect. The GM is free to assign the effect whatever power rank they choose, but it should take into account the size and intensity of the fire (the effective Damage rank) and her proximity to it. Power Loss (Immunity): There are some circumstances in which her Immunity to Suffocation would not apply, such as being caught in a vacuum, or being immersed in water too dark and deep for any sunlight to trigger her photosynthesis. Similarly, if deprived of both food (either animal food or nutritious soil) and sunlight, then she will begin suffering from starvation, despite her Immunity to it. The GM can give her a Hero Point if she is caught in such circumstances and begins suffocating or starving. The GM can also give her a Hero Point when a villain scores a critical hit or a Sneak Attack against her, and suppress her Immunity to Critical Hits, allowing the villain to keep their damage bonus. Responsibilities: She has a large, active social network of family, school friends, sorority sisters, and former coworkers. She’ll drop everything to come to their aid. The GM can give her a Hero Point if a request for that aid comes at the worst possible time. She also has standing appointments with paying clients at her psychiatry practice four days a week, with the potential for emergency calls during off hours. The GM can give her a Hero Point if her day job somehow interferes with her hero work. Secret (Identity): The GM can give her a Hero Point if a potential reveal of her identity causes her some sort of setback, or if a villain learns her identity and then creates a setback for her by going after her friends, family, and/or patients. Soft-Hearted: She doesn’t like to see anyone suffer, even villains. As good as she is at telling truth from lies, she’s still a sucker for a sob story. The GM can give her a Hero Point in exchange for a penalty on checks like Sense Motive to discern the truth behind a wounded-gazelle gambit. Where others may see “A hard man doing a hard job, willing to make the tough choices and do what’s necessary”, she sees only callousness and cruelty which she cannot abide. She’s as likely to come to blows with “grim dark avenger” vigilantes as she is with actual supervillains. The GM can give either her or another PC a Hero Point in exchange for forcing her either to not take a certain action which would harm another person, or else to take a certain action which would prevent harm to another person or end harm they were already enduring. For example, if a villain appeared to already be restrained, incapacitated, or severely weakened, and another PC were still attacking them, or interrogating them in a violent or threatening manner, then the GM could invoke this complication, force her to put a stop to it, and give either her or the other PC a Hero Point. ABILITIES 32PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 28/18 (+9/+4) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 22 (+6) COMBAT 20PP Initiative: +2 Attack: +5 Base, +9 Plant Control Grapple: +5, +18 Plant Control Defense: +9/+5 Base, +5/+3 Flat-Footed Knockback Resistance: 9/2, 4/2 once Ablative Impervious is gone ATTACK RANGE SAVING THROW EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC15 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Create Object Ranged DC19 Reflex Trapped Dropped Object Ranged/Area DC19 Reflex No damage DC24 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Emotion Control Ranged DC19 Will (Staged) Calm: Removes all Emotion Control conditions Despair: Shaken/Helpless Fear: Shaken/Frightened/Panicked Hate: Attitude = Hostile Hope: Removes Despair and Fear Love: Attitude = Friendly/Helpful/Fanatical Fatigue Ranged DC19 Fortitude (Staged) Fatigued/Exhausted/Asleep Move Object Ranged Grapple vs +18 Pinned/Bound Snare Ranged DC19 Reflex (Staged) Entangled/Bound Transform Touch DC19 Fortitude Transformed SAVING THROWS 10PP Toughness: +9/+4 (+9/+4 Con, Impervious 9 [Ablative]) Fortitude: +9/+4 (+9/+4 Con, +0PP) Reflex: +9/+5 (+2 Dex, +4 Enhanced Reflex, +3PP) Will: +9 (+2 Wis, +7PP) SKILLS 108R = 27PP Acrobatics 7 (+9) Bluff 10 (+16, +20 Attractive)Distract, Taunt Concentration 7 (+9) Craft (Domestic [Culinary, Gardening, Textiles]) 10 (+12) Diplomacy 10 (+16, +20 Attractive)Connected, Fascinate Gather Information 9 (+15) Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 13 (+15) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 8 (+10) Knowledge (Pop Culture) 3 (+5) Languages 1 (English [Native], French) Medicine 6 (+8) Perform (Dance) 6 (+12) Sense Motive 14 (+16) Swim 4 (+4) FEATS 13PP Attractive Benefit (Wealth) Connected Contacts Distract (Bluff) Fascinate (Diplomacy) Interpose Leadership Luck 3 Quick Change Taunt POWERS 90PP Comprehend 2 (Plants 2 [Speak To, Understand]) [4PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Psychic) Enhanced Constitution 10 [10PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Plant Body) Enhanced Defense 4 [8PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Animate Plants, Plant Control) Enhanced Reflex 4 [4PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Animate Plants, Plant Control) Environment Control 1 (Light [Level 1], Extras: Action [Move], Flaws: Range [Touch]) [1PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Bioluminescence, Plant Body, Shapeshifting) Flight 1 (10MPH, 100ft per Move Action, Extras: Affects Others, Flaws: Platform) [2PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Animate Plants, Plant Control) Immunity 5 (Critical Hits, Own Powers, Suffocation) [5PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Photosynthesis, Plant Body) Immunity 4 (Aging, Disease, Poison, Starvation/Thirst, Flaws: Limited [Aging Immunity is 1/2 effect; Immune to Diseases and Poisons which affect animals, but not those which affect plants; Immune to Starvation but not to Thirst]) [2PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Photosynthesis, Plant Body) Impervious Toughness 9 (Extras: Force Field [Free Action, Sustained Duration], Flaws: Ablative) [5PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Bark Armor, Plant Body, Shapeshifting) Morph 1 (Broad Group [Humanoids], Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Limited [Plant-People]) [2PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Plant Body, Shapeshifting) Plant Control 14 (28PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 6) [34PP] (Descriptors: Alien) Base Power: [28PP] (Additional Descriptors: Animate Plants, Florakinesis) Move Object 9 (Range: 10 90ft Increments, 900ft Max, Lifting Strength: 45 [Heavy Load: 6 tons], Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Homing 2 [+2 Attempts], Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Indirect 3, Variable Descriptor [Animating plants to either move themselves or to grasp and move non-plant targets]) [28PP] Alternate Power: [28PP] (Additional Descriptors: Animate Plants, Plant Growth) Create Object 9 (Range: 10 90ft Increments, 900ft Max, Volume: 9 cubes, Toughness: 9, Lifting Strength: 45 [Heavy Load: 6 tons], Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Indirect 3, Progression [Volume] 3 [50ft cubes], Selective, Stationary [Resists being moved with Strength 45]) [28PP] Alternate Power: [28PP] (Additional Descriptors: Animate Plants, Flowers, Psychoactive Pollen, Toxin) Emotion Control 9 (Extras: Secondary Effect, Flaws: Range [Ranged, 10 90ft Increments, 900ft Max], Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Homing 2 [+2 Attempts], Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Indirect 3, Mind Blank) [28PP] Alternate Power: [28PP] (Additional Descriptors: Animate Plants, Flowers, Sedative Latex, Toxin) Fatigue 9 (Extras: Range [Ranged, 10 90ft Increments, 900ft Max], Secondary Effect, Sleep, Flaws: Action [Full], Distracting, Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Homing 2 [+2 Attempts], Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Indirect 3, Reversible) [28PP] Alternate Power: [28PP] Healing 9 (Extras: Action [Standard], Restorative, Total, Flaws: Distracting, Tiring, Feats: Variable Descriptor [Mending plants directly with florakinesis, or using medicinally enhanced plants to heal non-plant targets]) [28PP] Alternate Power: [28PP] (Additional Descriptors: Animate Plants, Grasping Branches/Vines) Snare 9 (Range: 10 90ft Increments, 900ft Max, Extras: Linked [Trip], Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Homing 2 [+2 Attempts], Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Indirect 3, Reversible) [28PP] Alternate Power: [28PP] (Additional Descriptors: Shape Plants) Transform 9 (Plants, Extras: Duration [Continuous, Lasting], Flaws: Action [Full], Distracting, Range [Touch], Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Progression [Mass] 8 [125 tons]) [28PP] Regeneration 12 (Recovery Rate: Bruised 3 [No Action], Injured 6 [No action], Disabled 2 [1 hour], Resurrection 1 [1 week], Flaws: Source [Sunlight], Feats: Regrowth) [7PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Plant Body) Super-Movement 1 (Permeate 1 [1/4 Speed], Flaws: Limited [Plants]) [1PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Animate Plants, Plant Control) Super-Senses 5 (Plant Awareness, Descriptor Frequency: Common, Sense Type: Mental [Default Extras: None], Extras: Acute, Radius, Ranged) [5PP] (Descriptors: Alien, Plant Control, Psychic) DRAWBACKS -12PP Vulnerability (Cold effects, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Minor [+1 DC]) [-2PP] Vulnerability (Dehydration effects, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Minor [+1 DC]) [-1PP] Vulnerability (Fire/Heat effects, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Moderate [+50% Effect Rank]) [-3PP] Weakness (Defoliants/Herbicides, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Moderate [-1 Con], Time: 1/round) [-6PP] Abilities (32) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (27) + Feats (13) + Powers (90) - Drawbacks (12) = 180/180 Power Points
  2. I updated the first post with a list of links and quick descriptions for the sheets I've seen so far.
  3. I'm working on a PL9 180PP plant controller who gets their powers from a bond with an alien symbiote.
  4. @Heritage Do I remember correctly that you're going to be basing your Autobot character in VB?
  5. https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/guide/places-of-freedom/earth-prime-places/vibora-bay-r186/ Vibora Bay is getting imported from the Champions universe into our Freedomverse. Lots of people have lots of ideas for their Vibora-based PCs. Why don't you all write down your plan here, as much of it as you have, so we can avoid doubling up? EDIT: Here's the sheets I've seen so far. Cheval: PL12 Powerhouse. Colossus, but instead of being a mutant, he's being ridden by a loa. Boxer turned local celebrity. Vibora native. Age: 29. Persephone: PL9 Plant Controller. Psychiatrist. Neo-Southern Belle. Vibora native. Age: 30. Sagrado Corazon: PL10 Psychic / Social Expert without the mind reading. Latino Jesse Custer. Circuit boy. Mexican refugee. Age: 21. Speed Demon: PL10 Fire Controller / Speedster. Also being ridden by a loa. Courier. New Orleans transplant. Age: 25. Torpedo Lass: PL10 Aquatic Powerhouse. Time-displaced WW2 veteran. Freedom City transplant. Age: 32 (looks 20). Torque: PL10 Robot. Mechanic. If Rei Ayanami were an Autobot instead of a clone. Vibora native. Age: 25. Woodsman: PL10 Badass-Normal with a crossbow. Swamp-Batman. Interdimensional refugee. Freedom City transplant. Age: 20.
  6. Speaking as a player whose main PC is a construct: You're wrong. The house rules clarify our interpretation of the existing rules, but it's not just something we made up. That's the most common interpretation of the rules-as-written. If nonlethal damage that hit a construct wasn't automatically converted to lethal instead, then all constructs would effectively have Immunity to all nonlethal damage. That's a 40PP trait they'd be getting for free. Constructs already have the advantage of not suffering nonlethal damage conditions. Constructs don't get Bruised, or Staggered, and they don't fall Unconscious. So if they purchase Regeneration (see more on that below), that's half as many conditions they have to worry about recovering from. Constructs don't have to "buy up" any "stats". To be a construct, you only need to do two things: 1) Cash in your default 10 points of Constitution. 2) Purchase Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects), so that having no Constitution doesn't kill you. The net cost is 20PP. The Equipment chapter of the core book also recommends dropping two other ability scores to zero, so that it's a net zero change in cost, but that isn't required. Constructs can use Extra Effort. They suffer fatigue from it, just like living creatures. Constructs do not have a Constitution score, so they're not living creatures, so, by default, they do not recover from damage or fatigue over time. They must be repaired with a Craft skill instead. They can repair themselves if they're capable of taking actions. Otherwise (if they're too damaged or too tired), they need outside assistance. If they want to be an automatically self-repairing sort of construct, then they can purchase Regeneration ranks to acquire a recovery bonus. Since having 0 Con would normally put you at a -5 Con penalty, the first rank of Regeneration a construct buys gives them a -4 recovery "bonus", and since they now have a recovery bonus, they can now make checks to recover from damage and fatigue with rest as if they were a living creature. They can invest more points if they want a higher recovery bonus (it's common to purchase 14 ranks, since that would give them a +9 bonus, which is enough to make the DC10 recovery check automatically, even on a "1"). Constructs can also be healed with a Healing power effect which has the "Affects Objects" extra (see Ultimate Power for details), whether they have any Regeneration or not. This doesn't really work for getting rid of fatigue, since the "Energizing" extra on Healing transfers the fatigue to the character using the Healing power. Constructs, like living creatures, can also just spend Hero Points to get rid of fatigue.
  7. Fire: Basically out at this point, thanks to Dead Head. Grim Diddle: Standard Action: Attack Strix with Paralyze. Strix is flat-footed, since he's grappling, and he's at -4 Defense on top of that from All-Out Attacking and Charging, so his Defense is +0. Grim Diddle's Attack roll (DC10): 11. Just barely. Strix's Will save (DC19): 25. He saves. End of round. Initiative & Conditions Summary Woodchuck Man: 27, Pinned, Sickened Ethan Pfeffner, Fratboy #1: 20, Bruised, Injured, Shaken Fratboy #2: 20, Bruised, Injured, Staggered, Disabled, Unconscious, Dying, Dead, Shaken, Prone Fratboy #3: 20, Bruised x2, Injured x2, Staggered, Disabled, Unconscious, Dying, Shaken, Prone Fratboy #4: 20, Bruised x3, Injured x3, Staggered, Disabled, Unconscious, Dying, Dead, Shaken, Frightened, Prone Fratboy #5: 20, Shaken, Frightened, Panicked Fratboy #6: 20, Shaken, Frightened, Panicked [Other]: 19, Unharmed Mister Strix: 12, 0HP, Injured Dead Head: 11, 2HP, Fatigued Fire: Out Grim Diddle: 4, Unharmed Homeless Man: -, Helpless, Bruised, Injured Next round: Woodchuck Man: Move Action: He tries to Escape the grapple. Woodchuck Man's grapple check: 19. Strix's grapple check: 27. Woodchuck Man is still Pinned. Standard Action: He attacks Strix. Attack roll (DC10): 22. He hits. Strix's Toughness save (DC23): 21. He takes another Injury. Ethan Pfeffner: Move Actions to keep up with Dead Head. Fratboy #2: Still dead. Fratboy #3: Still dying. Fratboy#4: Still dead. Fratboy #5-6: More full actions to move all-out away. [Other]: At the start of their turn, Mister Strix regenerates the Injury they'd previously inflicted. Standard Action: Mind Reading against Strix. Mind Reading check: 9. Strix save against that even on a "1". Mister Strix: At the start of his turn, his Defense jumps back up (though he's still flat-footed against everyone except the person he's grappling), and he becomes Fatigued. Standard Action: He makes another Grapple check to strengthen his hold. Strix's grapple check: 29. Woodchuck Man's grapple check: 26. He's still Pinned, but he isn't Bound. Woodchuck Man would normally get a new save at +1 to end the effects of the Lasting Nauseate and Mind Reading, but Strix used another Standard Action, so he's just saving at the original DC, one save against both since they're Linked. Woodchuck Man's Will save: 7. Strix's Mind Reading check: 13. Woodchuck Man is Helpless from the Nauseate, and Strix's probe gets another question. Strix's Mind Probe Question: "Why did you assault the woman?" Initiative & Conditions Summary Woodchuck Man: 27, Pinned, Sickened, Nauseated, Helpless Ethan Pfeffner, Fratboy #1: 20, Bruised, Injured, Shaken, Intimidated Fratboy #2: 20, Bruised, Injured, Staggered, Disabled, Unconscious, Dying, Dead, Shaken, Prone Fratboy #3: 20, Bruised x2, Injured x2, Staggered, Disabled, Unconscious, Dying, Shaken, Prone Fratboy #4: 20, Bruised x3, Injured x3, Staggered, Disabled, Unconscious, Dying, Dead, Shaken, Frightened, Prone Fratboy #5: 20, Shaken, Frightened, Panicked Fratboy #6: 20, Shaken, Frightened, Panicked [Other]: 19, Unharmed Mister Strix: 12, 0HP, Injured, Fatigued, Grappling Dead Head: 11, 2HP, Fatigued Fire: Out Grim Diddle: 4, Unharmed Homeless Man: -, Helpless, Bruised, Injured Dead Head is up.
  8. Mister Strix The man in white was more startled by the memories he found in the Woodchuck Man's blood than he was by the Woodchuck Man's feeble attempts to disembowel him. That...doesn't make sense...More...deeper... He shifted his grip on the Woodchuck Man and sucked more of the blood trickling from the creature's neck, down Strix's chin and into the creature's already matted fur. Why did you assault that woman?
  9. GM Around the corner from Dead Head, the blue glowing man's moans grew loud enough to qualify as "screams". His eyes glowed brighter, like road flares in his skull. Mister Strix felt like hands had plunged into his skull and were squeezing his brain. But the glowing man's efforts did little but give Strix a headache. The Woodchuck Man twisted and squirmed in Strix's grasp, but he couldn't break the vampire's superhuman grip. He frantically failed at Strix with his enormous claws, carving several deep gouges in Strix's stomach. As usual, not a drop of blood came out of any of the wounds. Strix barely reacted to them, and while the white cloth of his shirt remained shredded, the flesh beneath started knitting itself back together almost immediately. The Woodchuck Man's flailing slowed down and grew more erratic, and his feet stumbled, as he gradually lost himself in the euphoric effect of Strix's bite. Strix felt another pair of hands, just as clumsy, trying to pry open his own mind. But the locks on those doors proved just as sturdy as those on Dead Head's thoughts. Though part of the fire still raged in the alley behind him, thanks to Dead Head's vigorous efforts, all of the burning flesh was now merely burnt flesh.
  10. Everyone who enters the House, make one (1) DC20 Notice check, and three (3) Will saves. The Notice check is to pick up on the fact that someone's trying to read their minds (a Subtle Mental effect). The first Will save is a contested check against the House's Mind Reading power, so the DC is the result of the house's check. House's Mind Reading power checks: Against L0vel@ce: 13. Against Gremlin: 27. Against Hitter: 22. The three Mind Reading effects will roll out one by one over the first 18 seconds they're in the House. If the House wins, its first "question" is "What do you fear?" If you fail that save, go ahead and post the answer here. The other two Will saves are both against a static DC20, first for the Illusion power, and second for the Emotion Control (Fear) power. Those are both Selective Area effects, so they hit everyone at once, one right after the other, during the next 12 seconds. I'll describe the effects in my next IC GM post for anyone who fails. The House isn't going to inflict worse than a Shaken result from the Fear effect, no matter how badly anyone fails that save. All this happens in the first 30 seconds after they enter.
  11. GM The viewing panel slammed shut. Behind the door, snickers and giggles steadily escalated into a full cackle. Then the double mahogany doors creaked as the slowly slid open, revealing a poorly lit antechamber, mahogany paneled walls rising up from a marble floor covered with a large Persian rug. Several smaller mats lined the walls, and the antechamber was flanked with closets on both sides. Another set of double-doors waited at the other end of the antechamber. Those, too, opened inward by unseen hands, showing a two-story foyer, just as poorly lit, with the same marble floors and Persian rugs. An enormous crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, glittering with the dim light reflected from the electric fixtures sparingly mounted to the walls. Twin staircases at the far end which spiraled up to a second-floor walkway and wooden safety-rail lining the room, which faded into walkways in several directions. Vaguely humanoid shapes ascended the stairs and moved along the second-story walkway. The voice continued from behind one of the front doors, still lingering on certain syllables. "Uninvited...though you mayyy beee...ennnter freeeeely...annnd of your owwwnnn willlll. I cannn...take your coats...annnd any other...possssessssions...of which you wisssh...to be relieved. Welcome...to the Twilight...Lodge."
  12. Since the Disease Transform effect is Incurable, per the modified version of that power feat in Ultimate Power on the "Disease" power, none of Strix's tending to his patients with his Medicine skill will give them any kind of saving throw bonuses. But he's still going to try.
  13. GM Mutt led Wadjet across the river to the southern shore of Bedlam, up the steep hills past the docks and warehouses of the Greely Point harbor and down to the southeast slopes, where the oak and elm trees loomed over Griswold Street, shading the 19th-century mansions where the oldest of Bedlam's old money slept. The house Mutt tried to lead her to was the largest one she could see, when she could see it. But it took her a few tries. The trees and grass near it were all grey, dried out and dead. That seemed like it should bother her, but it made a strange kind of sense. She kept losing track of Mutt, kept wandering toward one of the neighboring houses instead, before he'd run back in front of her and start herding her again. She kept forgetting where she was going. It was hard to look directly at the house for very long. Once the ghost-dog practically dragged her to the front door, the light bulbs inside the twin glass paneled ironwrought lamps mounted on either side of the doors came on, and the double mahogany doors opened, seemingly by themselves. A raspy voice hissed, "Pleeeeease, come inssside. Weee've been expecting you."
  14. Mister Strix As soon as his party teleported into the dungeon level deep below the Twilight Lodge, the man in white started barking orders at the zombie guards. This sense of urgency and lack of courtesy from him was as unprecedented as the burst of activity in what used to be the least-used part of the whole building. "You, take Mister Lee to one of the silver cells and help him secure that piece of trash he's hauling. Burt, there's a fridge full of blood in the kitchen if you want a carrot to go with your stick. You, grab whoever you want from upstairs, tell them to drop whatever they're doing and help you! Make sure two more of the silver cells have fresh bedding and washing tubs, and have food and drink brought down here! Something light! No alcohol! And let the upstairs crew know that I'm expecting another guest to arrive at any moment. Let her in and bring her to my office as soon as she arrives! Show her every courtesy! You, clear off that table! NOW!" He turned back to the nurse and orderly he'd brought with him from the hospital, speaking in calm, even tones. "You're going to be my guests for a couple of days. Your patient, Ms. Delgado, had some kind of contagion, and she might have infected you. So we need to quarantine you. Public safety. This is a secure facility. We'll make you comfortable. Follow me." The two mortals both stared back at him with unfocused eyes and slack jaws and nodded slowly. He led them to the table the zombie had just cleared off, where he dumped the armful of medical supplies he'd carried with him. "Ms. Delgado's chart showed symptoms similar to the flu, so I'm going to set you up with a saline drip to keep you hydrated, and I'm going to give you every kind of post-exposure prophylaxis there is." He reassured them as he worked, injecting needles into their arms and connecting plastic tubing to bags of fluid he hung on wheeled metal racks. "Take them to their cells," he instructed the zombie guards. Once the prisoners were secured, he looked up at the ceiling, and growled, to no one in particular, "Unless they turn, these people are my guests. Leave them be." Then he whispered more orders to the guards. "I'll be back to check on them as often as I can, but keep eyes on them at all times. Task two of the incorporeals, and instruct them to remain unseen. Let me know if there's any change in their condition. If I'm not here, call me with the house line. Accommodate any requests you can - books, games, food, drink, anything to make them more comfortable. But no booze. Blood thinners are the last thing they need right now. And do not open those cells without my approval, under any circumstances. If the pattern holds, then in three days, either they'll stay alive, or they'll die, they'll get back up, and I'll have to put them back down again."
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