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  1. Persephone's Notice check to pick up on the +Subtle Emotion Control (DC20): 23.
  2. Will saves (DC20): 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 4, 6, 6, 7, 7, 9, 11, 12, 12, 13, 16, 17, 17, 18, 18, 19, 20, 20 . Of the 23 able-bodied crew members of the Elizabeth Dane, 2 resist, 6 become Friendly, 4 become Helpful, and 11 become Fanatical. The Helpful and Fanatical ones switch to the side of abandoning the ship.
  3. Dirge Twin bright orange eyes squinted at Archeville from under the sheep-man's prominent eyebrow ridge. "Did it not OCCUR to you, TERRAN, that the VOICE you hear may be the first sign of THE VERY MADNESS which set the PREVIOUS crew at each other's THROATS? YES, we should INDEED leave this place, IMMEDIATELY, so we can HALT the effects of WHATEVER affliction this ship has PLAGUED you with." Before the Fryxian could say another word, his stomach growled, loud enough for everyone to hear. He looked down at his own belly, then back up at Archeville. "And also to retrieve these...'snacks' you speak of."
  4. Octoman "FINALLY! WHEW." Octoman's shoulders relaxed as the ball captured Gabriel. "MAN am I glad you finally pulled that off, 'cause I had NOTHIN' else up my sleeve." He then realized what he'd said out loud, turned to Gabriel, and said "Um, I mean...NOT THAT." Octoman pointed twin finger-guns at Soliton, flashed her an open-mouthed grin, and nodded. "NICE." Octoman shrugged. "Look, the second I pull her outta this water, the flames are gonna start back up, and, pun EXTREMELY intended, we're HOSED. You whip up someplace fireproof for me to put her, and I'll put her in there. Besides, the REAL brain damage won't start until AFTER she passes out. This right here, we're talkin' one night of keg stands, tops." He glanced back at Angela and stage-whispered "Gooooo into the liiiiight."
  5. Octoman Ben's face emerged from the massive dog's fur, his eyes even larger than before. "NOOO!!!" He clutched the mastiff even more tightly, and slid around to place his body between the dog and Ms. Hancock. "Don't send away my new sidekick the Octopup! I just GOT him! Hmmm...'Octofloof'? 'Octodog'? I'll set up an online poll. 'Octobark'?" He buried his face in the dog's fur again. "And I...uh...I NEED him! He's my...my new hearing-ear dog! Also, like, emotional support and stuff! Look, we can set him up in mine and Davyd's room. That place is ALREADY a total freakshow unfit for human habitation! A dog'll probably make it CLEANER!"
  6. Mister Strix She's older than me. Much older. I guess most of them are. Not that it's saved them... The pale man was animated enough when he spoke, but otherwise, for as much as his face moved, it may as well have been carved out of marble. But Lucy saw that unflappability crack when he sniffed and sipped the wine. She spotted how he didn't actually swallow any of it, and she caught the brief expression of anguish cross his face. It wasn't just a bad taste in his mouth. It was a memory. "I'm...just some Guy." Never gets old. "I know our kind can be...territorial. Rest assured, I'm as eager to get home as you are to see me on my way. I've already been away longer than I'd prefer. I'm just passing through. I was here on business, and that business is concluded...for now. I've followed trails of breadcrumbs here before, and I'm sure I'll be dragged back here again, but not for a while." He let out a half-chuckle and a wry grin. "I didn't know if there were any of us active here, but if there were, I expected a less cordial reception. And greater discretion. I should have known. After all, it's Freedom City. So of course even the monsters here are kinder and gentler, and living out loud and proud. My...associate back home, Burt, he suffers from a similar case of terminal respiratory failure, but without the crippling addiction. He's from here. The shiny idealism still hasn't quite rubbed off of him yet. You can thank him for the fact that we're talking right now instead of fighting. Before he came along, it never would have occurred to me to let a thing like us keep walking around for one second longer than it took to see it for what it was." He stared down into his wine glass for a few moments, before sliding it away. "I don't drink wine. Just a bit of silly self-indulgent sentimentality. And no, it's never been 'consensual', or 'on the level'. I don't kill..." EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE TIME. AND THOSE NEAR MISSES. "...and I'm not contagious. But 'consent' is something for...companions. So far, all I've had is...prey...and they've all been...guilty. The act is...inescapably...pleasant...for both parties. But I've tried to inflict enough terror and pain, before and after, that no one involved forgets what it's really about. The one who made me, he wants it to be...fun for me. He wants me to become like him. I'd rather feel the kiss of the Sun again. And 'companionship'...is something that hasn't occurred to me in a while." Lucy caught the man casting an involuntary glance toward his own left hand. Toward the third finger from the right. The tan line was gone, along with every other scar and imperfection upon his skin. The change had affected him in that manner the same as her. It was obvious once you knew to look for it. But there was little doubt that a wedding band once decorated it. "But I would like to hear about this 'Cantina'. If it's 'human-friendly', then there's no way they let him in there, him or the screwed-up 'family' he wants me to join. Any place that can keep them out is useful. And I can make a fair trade. If you ever have the misfortune to find yourself in Bedlam City, and you need a place to stay, or other...'resources'...pick up a phone. Any phone. Doesn't have to work, doesn't have to be connected to anything. Just ask for the Twilight Lodge. The Operator will connect you."
  7. @Thunder King If you want, feel free to have Mali notice that a certain someone sitting in the background did not show up in the picture.
  8. Dirge The cerulean sheep-man nodded and headed straight for the crates. This was nothing new for the last Fryxian. Since striking out on his own, he'd made at least as much of a living as a laborer as he had a bodyguard or a mercenary. Even with the latter jobs, the former tended to bleed in as often as not. And the labor did not always involve metal. He clamped down upon opposite sides of the next stone lid with thick three-fingered hands, and he strained and groaned. Even beneath his fur his fellow explorers could see his muscles bulge and quiver. The chunk of carved rock weighed more than the Fryxian himself, but he was able to heave it up over his head and hurl it several feet away, inflicting a second quake upon the chamber. "They had WEAPONS, but they did not USE them. Either they could not FOCUS their psychic power enough to retrieve the rifles, or it did not OCCUR to them to TRY. The explanation is THE SAME. They were not in their right minds. It is as I suspected...AFFLICTED, by MADNESS."
  9. Yes, Dirge will help. His Heavy Load tops out at 520 lbs., so he's strong enough to lift a lid over his head, and either throw it 5ft, or carry it while moving at 2/3rds speed.
  10. Short answer: 8 ranks of Progression. Long answer: A rank 10 burst area is 5ft per rank radius by default, covering a 100ft diameter area. The bay is basically a triangle, with a height of 3 miles and a base of 8 miles, and a depth of 150ft. Progression 8 would give you a radius of 2,500ft (1/2 mile) per rank, 50,000ft (10 miles) total diameter, which, if your epicenter is anywhere along the middle axis of the bay, would cover the whole bay along every dimension (and, unless you have +Selective, most of the city, and quite a bit of land on either side of the bay).
  11. Since Octoman is no longer using all of his Additional Limbs to grapple his victim, his grapple bonus drops by -4. Let me know if you want me to make an opposed Strength check for Octoman to move his victim. I assume, however, since he's lifting the guy up above the ground, that the guy has nothing to brace himself against, and thus, no way to resist. And unless he's got a bunch of Density ranks, he's well under Octoman's light load. Octoman is going to move back out into the open air as fast as he can. His Elongation lets him zip along at 25MPH / 250ft per move action, as long as there's something for him to grab onto and pull himself toward, and he has full Wall-Crawling. But beyond that, he's limited to the normal 30ft per move action ground movement. If it doesn't take both of his move actions for the round just to get outside, then he'll use his second one for Leaping, to get some air, and with it, a bird's-eye view of the situation. He has a standing high jump of 125ft. If he sees trouble, then he'll try to land as close to it as he can.
  12. Octoman The tentacles wrapped around the man slowly dragged him through the air toward Octoman until their faces hovered just a couple inches from each other, practically touching. The white eyes of Octoman's mask half-squinted, half-glared at him. He lowered his voice, almost growling through gritted teeth. "WHY. NOT. BOTH. DOT. OLD. EL. PASO. DOT. GIF!" His grimace melted into a grin, and he took off back the way he came, running up the walls, lashing out with his tentacles to grab onto far-away fixtures and then rapidly pull himself forward as his tentacles retracted. While stuck to a nearby wall, Octoman dropped into a crouch, flexed and clenched to release a blast of air from his internal bladders, soaring into the air and screaming "IT'S NOT WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE!" in a vain attempt to obscure the unmistakable sound of gas being pushed out through fleshy sphincters, which any observers would reasonably correlate with a loud fart. Several of his tentacles still held the mysterious man firm, dragging him through the air along for the ride. When he reached the apex of his jump, he spotted his fellow students and the runaway animals, but he momentarily forgot any of them existed once he spied a certain giant lizard-man creeping along the rooftops, and audibly gulped, feeling like he'd just swallowed a baseball. The first time he'd seen that monster in-person, it was tearing people limb from limb, biting people's heads off, and looking down at Ben as the boy seized and puked and voided his bowels and died in the street. That was also the last time, unless you count all the nightmares Ben had about him since. Octoman's tentacles shot down at the ground as close to the action as he could, and they pulled him down toward the ground, accelerating his descent. He pointed up at the rooftop where he'd last seen Goanna and started stammering. "Th-th-THE GUY! Who is also a LIZARD! The LIZARD-GUY! With the RARRR! And the CHOMP!"
  13. Persephone is going to try to convince the remaining crew of the Elizabeth Dane to abandon ship. It's going to be a DC30 Diplomacy check. She will take 10 with Skill Mastery and hit DC25, so she needs +5 more. Sagrado Corazon has Diplomacy +15 with Skill Mastery as well, so he could take 10 on an Aid check and hit DC25, with 20 being enough to give a +3 Aid bonus (+2 for DC10, +1 for DC20 = +3). Or Sagrado can take the lead and Persephone can Aid him. That's 28. They still need another +2, which would require one other PC to Aid them and hit DC10 on a Diplomacy check. However, if your PC doesn't feel the need to pressure the crew to abandon ship, then don't feel obligated to have them contribute to the effort. I'm not trying to railroad anyone. Aside from that matter, things are fairly open for this round of IC posts.
  14. GM Over the next few minutes, the shoreline descended into chaos as bystanders fought both to get away from the bay and to get a closer look. Emergency vehicles and black S.U.V.s gradually accumulated along the waterfront, their occupants managing the crowds as best they could. With the ship no longer on fire or in imminent danger of sinking, the captain of the Elizabeth Dane had no intention of leaving her, and his remaining crew, the ones who were still conscious and could still stand upright, followed his lead. They insisted on staying behind to repair water pumps and oil leaks, and to recover what cargo they could that had gone overboard while the hull was breached. The situation was still fraught with peril, but the crew's livelihoods were at stake. "We can just drop anchor until the Coast Guard is done sweeping the mines." If they were going to leave, they would take some serious convincing. Having no first aid to administer thanks to Sagrado Corazon's healing powers, and no floating bodies to retrieve, the two boat patrol cops spent most of their time on their radio. Eventually, they held it out toward the assembled heroes. "The mayor wants to talk to the Defenders." Even over the scratchy, static-ridden radio, Richenda Barker's voice was instantly familiar. "We're getting a lot of conflicting reports, but right now you're the only eyes and ears we have on the ground, so we need you to help us separate the signal from the noise. I can tell you on our end, Tallahassee and Washington are both taking this seriously as an act of domestic terrorism. The governor and Cahill's office have already been in touch. Every F.B.I. and Homeland Security agent in Florida is on their way here, along with half the agents in Georgia and Alabama. It'll take them a while to get here, but when they do, they're going to take the city apart looking for the Dreadnaut and any accomplices he might have. I'd like to have this whole thing resolved before then, but I know there's only so much even you all can do. The Navy is dispatching a mine sweeper, but it'll be a while before they get here either. And after the loss of the Disco Volante, the Coast Guard refuses to send in any more ships until they do. But they're setting up a perimeter at the mouth of the bay, and they're stripping down a chopper right now and loading it up with as many sonar buoys as it'll carry."
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