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Avenger Assembled

And Carnal Forbearance (IC)

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As Nicole read out the next question, Monica once raised her shoulders a bit, having returned to a look that suggested she wasn’t entirely comfortable. Something, that she herself realized summed up this entire conversation so far.


She looked down at her piece of paper, trying to figure out what to say. Sure, she had strong opinions on this, but she didn’t really want to have another moment like the one they’d had just moments prior. She tried to put what she was thinking into words, figuring out what sounded strong yet not confrontational, something that summed up a lot of her thoughts into a few sentences at most, she didn’t have time to rant on and on.


Not that she felt like she could do that just from an embarrassment standpoint. Her anxiety was bad enough without drawing all the attention, and right now that didn’t make the entire situation any better. She continued to look down at the table and the text, hoping one of the other two would cut in, because she really couldn’t figure out how to make this sound alright.

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"Look, I don't know, Corinne," Nicole said, sliding the piece of paper back on the table and then tapping it. "I have no clue how Grue tech works. I'm just telling you how I heard it."


She wanted to so dearly rub her temples just to show how exasperated she was at Corinne's line of thinking, but with a great effort of will she prevailed and kept her hands flat on her wheelchair's armrest or on the table. "Yeah, okayyy," she prolonged the word on her tongue, then glanced at Monica and saw the sophomore stared so strongly at the paper. It was best to leave her be.


Nicole looked back at Corinne and said confidently, "Well, if this is the case then the jig is up unless you can convince the villain to somehow keep your secret. Maybe you can force them or discredit them but those require you to do really sketchy things or just plain stupid, one in a million odds of working thing. It's, um," and she voice directed her voice to Monica as if wanting to break the other girl out of her funk. "It's all about the damage control."


"You've experienced it, I get it, and it sucks but you've got something to say about all of this because of it, right?"

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"Look..."  She sighed, and then slowly rose up, and frowned, expressively and expansively, before she took a seat, and stared at the table.  "I am sorry.  I don't want my powers, okay?  I don't hide this.  I am not a hero, I am just a person, who has a fluke... but these questions are bad."

She kept the frown as she drummed fingers against the wooden top and looked between, "This stuff wont just happen.  Like, stuff doesn't just change on a dime.  I've read about that bill, that wont just happen  Some villain wont just try to blackmail me, unless they piece that I can just be used to make infinite gold and diamonds or something...  I want to dance, to put on performances in famous ballet companies.  I leave this school, I walk away from all this crazy.  So I don't know what I'd do.  But maybe, I'd panic, and turn them to gold, or something.  I don't know.  I don't know whats happened between me and this jerk."  She was rambling, and she sighed, and looked off to the sigh and pulled her long legs up, wrapping her arms around them and she rested her chin on her knees.

"No... that's a lie.  I'd be scared, I'd be angry, and I'd just grab my powers, and just... give in..."

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Group 3


"I get that," Astrid started, finally speaking up. Astrid moved her hand across the room of extraordinary students. "I get not wanting to deal with any of this weird crap."


Connie's sudden outburst finally got Astrid's attention. If she was being honest she had been bored since Philosophy class started and had been mostly just sketching guitar designs in her notebook and sporadically putting down answers to the actual questions. She had her opinions on some of them, sure, but vague hypothetical questions rarely got her mind racing compared to more pragmatic and immediate concerns. 


Like for instance someone on her intramural team suddenly going into a fetal position and staring off into the distance. She didn't really get Connie's dual personality thing and how that related to her powers, but Astrid could definitely understand when someone needed a helping hand when they were going through some shit and she felt that had to do something about it.


Plus, the closet nerd was pretty sure Connie consciously referenced Killer Clones From Outer Space, which her mind made her a person worthy of respect.


"But like you said. You couldn't just let some rævtørk... I mean some crook, blackmail you into stopping being hero. That's your choice to make. Not his. So 'give in' I say when he tries to pull that crap on you."

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