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Okay, first off: 


@Supercape Mr. Murk's result: 


There's a malignancy and red aura of hate to the air, emanating from the hospital like smoke from a low fire. Any feeling of uncertainty, fear or anger, even at its mildest ebb, is quickened and strengthened while nearby the transformed building. One of the blood splatters is eerily similar to the symbol of Bal-Hemoth, who in Murk's younger days was a god of sacrifice before he became a Serpent god of hierarchy and slavery.

@Tiffany Korta Emerald Spider's result: 


The failures of the ECPD's equipment is very unusual. On several occasions they've proudly displayed its efficacy even when dealing with things supposedly anathematic to technology.

@Zeitgeist Blue Salvo's result: 


Bedlam Heights has been at the center of countless rumors and conspiracy theories since its operation in the 1880's. Everything from harbouring aliens to suppressing free thinkers to being an illusory gateway to a nightmare realm. Most recently things have been kicked up by an explosion of rumors that a powerful criminal psychic has been admitted to the hospital. The questions of metahuman treatment by humans it spawned has been taking on a life of its own. Officially, the government up to the Governor of Oregon has denied the rumors.


@Supercape Murk's Precognition has directed him to this city, with visions of consuming fire and a great shadow spreading from Bethlehem Heights to consume the Emeralds.

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@Zeitgeist Blue That works, what happened is fairly obvious to Nicole's eyes.

There's these round holes in their bodies as big around as a forearm. Whatever killed them punched right through their armor and drained their blood. 

Surprisingly, there's no sign of a struggle in the foyer or any blood left on the ground. They might have just been attacked too quickly to react, or else the bodies were brought here from somewhere else. Also, under the larger pile of stiffened husks, Nicole finds a trap door. 

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Well wood has a Toughness bonus of +3, and Salvo's Enhanced STR gives her an Unarmed Damage bonus of +4, so it could only succeed on a Toughness check if it rolled the highest 5 numbers it could hope to reach, so I'd just give you the "You can just break down the walls" business.


And no you do not have to roll to manage to hit a wall.

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Okay first round: 


Dr. Saunders: Unharmed-GM

Emerald Spider: Unharmed, 1HP

Mr. Murk: Unharmed, 1HP

Salvo: Unharmed, 1HP


Saunders will charge at Salvo and try to stab her: 19. DC27 Toughness save.

Have an HP, Zeitgeist. Salvo cannot Accurately sense this(just this one in particular) monster, but Mr. Murk can.


@Tiffany Korta Emerald Spider is up! She gets a HP as well, as she similarly cannot perceive this enemy. It doesn't even register on her field-distortion sense...

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That works, but even a warp in gravity has only slender effect and the thing is Entangled. 


Murk, you are up. For a Full-Round Action you can 'paint' the creature with Murk's Soul sense, making it faintly visible to Salvo and dramatically improving her chances to hit. 


Also if you like a Knowledge(Arcana) check might reveal some useful information. 

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