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Found 6 results

  1. Mr Murk April 15th, 2018, Silvermans Books 9.57pm The Sun was down, and it was nearly closing time. Mr. Murk needed the sun to be down. And he would prefer it to be nearly closing time. Less people around. Wrapped in the Murk, he entered as a stiff gentleman of advanced years, in a tween jacket and thick glasses. He was blind, but he didn't need eyes to see in a book store. He could feel the sumptous wit of the ink around him, he could feel the souls of those in their, and all he had to do was avoid chairs. He went up to the counter, smiling pleasantly. The immortal soul of Grimalkin was there, and he could feel its taste, and taste its feel. "Good evening. I hope I do not intrude at this lateness of hour?" he asked, softly, voice dusty with age, with a mild American accent that spoke of New York and Europhillia. He had come on a mission that required his gentle touch. Grimalkin was an immortal, and should be offered the duties and benefits of the Codus Immortus!
  2. OOC thread for this thread. The ur-haunted house, go get that file! @Supercape @Tiffany Korta @Zeitgeist Blue Knowledge rolls, preferably Current Events, Arcane Lore, Technology and Pop Culture.
  3. GM 1st January, 2018, 4.45PM Emerald City, Oregon, United States of America, Earth-Prime By the time everyone was where they had to be, night was already fallen. For those used to rising with the eastern Sun and seeing it vanish behind the distant western mountains, it was a faint shock to see that old stalwart's final moments, dragged slowly into the cold, grey mists of the Pacific. In its place a vibrant silver supermoon glared down, stark light reflected from the agless stone mirror. The world was light and shadow, the forbidding mass of the Elysian Forest brooding just beyond the flashing police lights and the searchlights of the near-noiseless choppers and drones hovering overhead. By comparison, the horror show that had burst into being that morning was a comforting reminder of normalcy. Never a very large building, or more than meekly grand, Bethlehem Heights Mental Hospital & Historical Society crouched atop its high and lonely hill like a forgotten child of the gleaming silver-green metropolis just a mile away. What remained of its classic Young Victorian design was covered in spiked and grisly chains that gleamed in the ruddy light spilling from the occluded windows. Only its front door was open, and then just a crack, revealing nothing. If you listened, very hard, the sea breeze coming in off the bay sounded remarkably like you were shrieking in purest agony. At 7.28AM, Pacific time, Mayor Amanda Talbot had made a general call for assistance on national television, radio and internet channels. The directness and candor of it had been a surprise, referring to a "deadly paranormal entity" that "has already claimed the lives of twelve dear friends in the Emerald City Police Department." Usually, you couldn't even get a straight answer about where all the homeless people kept vanishing to. Captain David Wrath, sweaty and wide-eyed, greeted them at the edge of the police cordon, stepping through the simple holographic "tape" to give them a fervent handshake. He was a big man, built like a bison with a mustache like a square bracket, but at that time under that cold cosmic stare, he looked as small as could be. "Wrath, ECPD, do you know what this is?" He pointed one brawny arm covered in carbon fiber armor at the dismal thing silhouetting dozens of officers in the blue and green of Columbia's Keenest. The low brick wall that wouldn't keep out a determined cat was more than enough of a barrier for the people milling behind it. "That place took twenty of us before we pulled back at 5 this morning. They walked in, and...just vanished. Not even a scream over the radio. Gone." Wiping his steaming forehead to spread the sweat more evenly, the police captain said "Tried to scan through the walls, blew out the truck. Tried to use echodrones to get a sonic picture, shot the waves back so hard they shattered the things. Please, if you can figure out anything..." he shook his head "I can't go tell Mitsy Shin's not coming back and I don't know why. Even if it's demons or something, I gotta know."
  4. Mr Murk History 50,000 BCE As the Neanderthal race is dying out, Mr. Murk was born in what is believed to be North Africa, Egypt, a blind albino psychic. His mother prevented him from being abandoned by the tribe despite his disabilities. Mr. Murk has, ever since, valued love and empathy above all else. 20,000 BCE Atlantis founded. Mr. Murk has forseen the event and visits. He is valued as a prophet and stays many happy centuries with Atlantis. 10,000 BCE The now decaying Atlantean civilisation fails to heed Mr. Murks warning and go to war with Lemuria, resulting in both continents sinking. Mr. Murk, for seeing this disaster makes his way to the what will become Greece, full of despair that his prophesies are unable to help. Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations write his prophesies, fragments of which remain as “The Pale Visions”, various translated fragments in Atlantean, Lemurian, Greek and Egyptian can be found by the exceptional scholar. 9500 BE Greece / Athens goes to war with the Atlanteans. Mr. Murk works from behind the scenes to broker peace. 3000 BCE Mr. Murk travels to Egypt to witness the birth of the Egyptian sorcerer Tan-Akto who murders Prince Heru-Ra. Uncertain Time Mr. Murk flees the Catholic church to land in Brittania, having been branded “Gott hammer”, or hammer of the God(s). It is uncertain whether this referrers to being an agent of God or a nemesis, and whether it applied to the old pagan Gods or the God of Abraham. Meets the oldest known version of Dreadnought who has fallen back through time. Provides suspended animation sleep underground in London. 1630 Travels to the New World. Lives with Native Americans for several years studying shamanism. Here, he is revered as “Blind-but-sees”. Witnesses the Founding of Freedom and tries to help them, sensing its vital importance centuries hence. 1694 Flees the prophet’s crusade witch hunt, travels to Canada / Alaska area. 1770 Sensing Civil War and its necessity, but unwilling to partake of its horrors, Mr. Murk travels to Paris where he works as a mortician, gains a reputation for kindness to the bereaved and sensitive working with the dead. Known as “The Candle in the dark”. 1820 Travels to London and starts studying law and philosophy with Mr. Ebeneezer Fiddle, Lawyer, who recognises his keen abilities. Sets up the beginning of Club Immortus and starts writing the Codex immortus (A document detailing the immortals of the world). 1850 Meets a time travelled Dreadnought who has fallen through time; this is the first time Dreadnough meets Mr. Murk, although Mr. Murk has now met several future versions of Dreadnought who he keeps in suspended animation under Mr. Fiddles offices (the future Club Immortus of London). 1890 As a lawyer, helps with the Dracula case in London, particularly, defending innocents from misplaced over-zealous police detectives. 1914-1918 World War 1. Spends time in France trying to defuse the situation by legal means. 1935 Meets the new Master Mage in America, Eldritch. Advises him on the history of Malador the Mystic. Later, briefly joins the Thule society, but has to run from them when he tries to divert them from horrible sorcery. Runs to Dehli, India, briefly teaches Law at their university. World War 2: Discovers and stops the Thule society from torturing and experimenting on immortals, keeping them in perpetual agony. Serves as impetus to form the Codus Immortus. 1948 Visits West Berlin in the aftermath of World War 2. Meets Comrade Frost and discusses possible formation of Codus Immortus.
  5. GM London, 1850, Winter...the Offices of Mr. Ebenezer Fiddle, Lawyer... An interlude from London Calling to discuss philosophy and such like and so forth... "Unngh..." groaned Mr. Fiddle, his burnt arm draped in cold wet bandages, the Laudanum having finally kicked in. "Don't mind me, please..." he mumbled at Dreadnought and Mr. Murk (whom had kindly tended to him. He might be blind, but he knew his way around the offices most well, and was tender in giving care). "Please help your selves to brandy...I know I will..." he said, floating between nearly awake and nearly asleep, and hoping Brandy might provide further relief from his injury. Mr. Murk sat down with Dreadnought, although the giant of Liverpool (or Norwegian troll, depending on which gossip one was inclined to believe) could of course not sit on any furniture. At least the floor had nice rugs. Indian, if Dreadnought were to guess. Mr, Murk himself had a brandy although only sipped it, savouring its taste rather than devouring its alcohol. "I don't think I have ever met anyone quite like you sir" he said, quite blind but seeming to look at Dreadnought nonetheless. "And that is saying something I rarely say these days. I might wonder that you have only told me selected elements of your story?" he asked, politely and warmly. "I don't know if you would care to regale me with more refinement?"
  6. For stuff and so on and so forth, verily, forsooth, suchlike and thus be it and yay, so it is and it is so. Rep Table 20 Q HellQ The Codus / Codex Immortus Comrade Frost (Signed) Dreadnought (Signed) Voin Zhenshchina (Signed)
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