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Found 10 results

  1. GM August 11th, Late Evening In a plane... Or more precisely, Mr Jonathon Hale, Esq, asleep in a Plane... Across endless icy plains, mountains, and beautiful bleakness...an Icebreaker was trapped. Steam poured out of engines, and whilst Ice cracked, it did not splinter asunder. Outside, Inuit and Europeans were hacking at the ice, desperate to move the ferocious ship. It groaned, full of Iron and Guns and Coal. And a black coated man with the biggest and blackest handgun one could conceive stood on the ship, bristling wi
  2. OOC thread for this thread. Tag and follow!
  3. Player Name: Exaccus Character Name:Black Knight Power Level: 8 116/120PP Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 4 In Brief: Inheritor of the mantle of the betrayer failsafe. Not Quite Up to Standard. Alternate Identity: Jonathan Hale Identity: Secret Birthplace: Wiltshire, England. Occupation: Unemployed Affiliations: N/A Family: Deceased Parents; Only Child. Description: Age: 18 (DoB: 1996, 10th of October) Apparent Age: 18 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian. Height:6' Weight: 150lbs Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Black With sharp features and high che
  4. The OOC Go ahead and post in why you're int he area nad any initial reactions before things get exciting
  5. 'The Shops' at Midtown sunday 9/13/2015 afternoon cloudy and cool 'The Shops' at midtown plaza were bustling despite the nip of the seemingly sudden turn to fall, shoppers weaved in and out of the high end boutiques and went about their shopping oblivious of the chaos soon to erupt. Despite the pricey nature of hte merchandise the Shops central location and friendly browsing policies made it a popular destination for window shoppers as well. In one sprawling outlet a somewhat out of place appearing group in beaten military surplus urban camo and black hoodies as they browsed the high end ele
  6. GM Post Calcutta, India 1892 AD "... which is why me and my Associates are very displeased with your policies in the Bengali province, Captain Ayres." The man in the red suit said. "We are invested in the proper development of the area, and quite frankly, your policies, appart from brutal, are in conflict with our interests." The man in the blue suit added. "Your objections are noted, gentlemen, I assure you. However, understand that I have to deal with a rebelion here, one incited by Korean spies who would sooner see India burn than have it prosper under Brittish rule. I've always acted on th
  7. The Hunter Museum of Natural History, Freedom City 10:00am, 23rd February 2015 With a silent roar the skeletal head of the dinosaur popped out of the door just behind those fleeing the museum. It snapped lazily at them as they leaved, not showing any particular desire to show them harm. A few students had to been gently hustled away from such an amazing sight. With a final push it freed itself from the museums wooden door and stood on the stair marble stairs looking around with empty eye sockets at Freedom City.
  8. GM December 1st, Alabama Something was rotten in the fields of Alabama. They may have been fallow over the winter, but weeds and mushrooms had been plaguing one farmer, Hank Hicks, who was scratching his bald head. "I don't understan' it!" he complained to his farmhands. "The field is infested, ah say, its infested!" he said, plucking up a particularly putrid and poisonous mushroom. To his ill. Blisters formed on his fingers even as he spoke, making him drop the fungus. "Its that them sci-en-tist, came round with his fertilizer last month. Said it was h'ex-pear-hemental. Said
  9. OOC for [url= this. An adventure for Argonaut and Black Knight. EDIT: Black Knight is immune to disease so putrid mushrooms and moss have no effect on him! Black Knight 1 HP - Unharmed Argonaut 1 HP - Unharmed
  10. GM 1st December, 2014 Stonehenge...United Kingdom... He was a ghost. Faint to the eye, yet with a chill, hard to see and yet with a howling wind behind him, he walked out of the Circle of Stonehenge with slumped shoulders and heavy foot. He was dressed in furs, with grizzled long hair and a grizzled long beard. Whilst he was hard to see, his eyes were pure black, and saw everything. "So, you felt my echo through the years and centuries? This place is a place of power, where such calls are spoken, and such calls are heard. Where time and space are with little meaning, but
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