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  1. A sorority, huh? This was the first time she'd been to the female side of Greek life. Not that going to these little get-togethers was a normal occurrence. Just that frats were wilder and more energetic. A tangent, she thought about getting Jack into college. It would be a wise idea and, well, potentially be fun. She didn't know this Lola, but the name caught her attention of another. Maybe it was the same one? Probably not. She almost said something, but it came out as a stretch and a yawn. Before she could answer, there was a promise of breakfast. Not like she was going to say no to that. "Sure, sure." Blinking a bit, the blonde was gone? Maybe she was still hazed, but the girl was quick. While the blonde was doing her business in the shower, the dark skinned girl woke up just barely enough to notice Jessica. The confused look on the girl followed by the recovering her face amused Jessica. They learned each others names through small talk. This was Crystal. light chit chat and Crystal was OK, if a little bit hungover. At least she didn't scare the poor girl away. The two bundled up under the blanket as the air conditioner went on the fritz. Not that Jessica needed it, it was just fun. But soon, the blonde - Casey, she remembered finally - was here to deliver on the promised breakfast. This time more awake, Jessica grinned and pulled Crystal up as she got up. "Nice. So this is a sorority, huh," she said following Casey, "always wondered what went on in these 'hallowed' halls."
  2. The thought of 'next time' sat her mind at ease. She hadn't chased this one off. Not yet, at least. Most random meetings of others of her type were short and one sided conversations, if not hostile. It was good to have someone who understood your plight. If not the same pew, then at least the same church. "Flying, unaging. Phew, sounds like a ball of fun," she laughed trying to add to the mirth. "I mean, eventually I'll get wings. But for now I can only float," she demonstrated by 'stepping up' and crossing her legs in midair. This being tourist season on the beach, a few more phones raised. "And that's only because I know magic, not because of being who I am. Though I'm told if I get powerful enough I'll sprout wings, a tail, a forked silver tongue, and at least four horns." She smirked, "then again, mom was a... teller of tales." She didn't let them know that dear old mom had some of those. Taking orders, she got all of the things she wanted. They were all for her. Large, cold, creamy drinks. She could have gotten more, but she held her Gluttony spirit back and only ordered one of each. Swiping her card, she made good on her promise of paying for his. "So, you have any plans after this? Wouldn't mind hanging around, Being lazy. Seeing what's up in the sky later."
  3. Oh man, the clergy. She remembered plain as day her run in with the holy folks. She nodded along knowingly as he said his peace. "Morgan, you're a good guy from what I see. Don't let anyone ever tell you different." Not that she was any judge of character herself, but she liked to think so. "As for the name calling, yeah, people have their beliefs. I learned to either block them out or shoo them away." She coughed out, "non violently." Not that she hurt any of them. The close-minded need more spectacle to back off. Needless to say, it didn't change their minds any. Stepping up to the counter, she leaned on it, watching the black winged angel with a smile. "Go ahead. I got you," she said clumsily failing to palm her card.
  4. Jessica had no idea how she got here. There were fleeting memories of meeting up with someone who knew someone throwing a party at a Greek place. Sweet. Free booze and some fun times. And even though she did have quite a ride with the crowd - she taught some a few dance moves that would get them in the door of any club if they needed the money - it was short, rocky, and riddled with short amounts of not remembering things. Phew. She and another girl, a dark skinned beauty, were cuddled on the couch sleeping soundly. That peacefulness was interrupted when she heard a whisper. The kind of whisper that breaks your dreams up by being in them. A quiet formless girl whispering greetings? Dreams were weird. Jessica returned to the world of the woke, seeing a cute blonde girl in glasses, floating above her. Luckily she and her partner were still dressed. For the blonde's sake at least. "Yeah," she spoke a question with a yawn. Whispering as the blonde girl, only to not wake the dark skinned girl. Jessica scooted from under the blanket, placing it on the still sleeping girl. Rubbing her eyes, she yawned, confused. And also hungry. The smell of this place definitely made her hungry. "Sorry, where are we," she shook the sleep off of her, combing through her frazzled hair.
  5. Well, I was thinking Enhanced Trait (Extras: Affects Others, Flaws: Limited [only others]), but Boost (Extras: Total Fade, Flaws: Limited [only others]) works too.
  6. Popping HP, giving Jack Damage 8 (Extras: Aura, Duration [Sustained]) {32/32} (hellfire aura; hellfire, sin, magic)
  7. The spirit of Pride welled up in her as Jessica watched as the minor mystics immolated in the hellish inferno. The fact that she had taken out most of her captors, she resisted the urge to evilly laugh. Only so much. Maybe a snicker. Still, Jack had the two big guys on him. No wait, he was on them! Oh, she did enjoy this little scene. Her boyfriend, in a complete rage, ripping into stony beings. The fact that the things were helpless under Jack's might made this so much easier. She touched the one that looked like it had some fight left in it. "What do you want me to do to this one," she asked the raging bear rhetorically, "I could make it crumple under the weight of it's own..." Mid sentence, she got a devious idea. Walking over to Jack, she let a spirit of Wrath into him. Jack's form warped, his body now rippled with the purple-green flames that felled the cultists. "No need to horde the fun," she said backing up and letting the bear to his mauling.
  8. Fire and Flames has a Hellfire descriptor by the way DC 20 reflex, then DC 25 toughness if they fail! DC 20 toughness if they get lucky.
  9. The tendrils would have been fun if it weren't for the obvious danger around her. Jessica sensed the fear in the cultist's failure. That was much more fun. She looked to each of the magic users, making sure she could get eye contact with each of them. "I'm not going to give you a chance to run," she said as her body lit up with vile purple-green flame, "just know this. You're going to regret messing with a Witchblood." Hellfire does not burn. It attaches to your soul and eats away at it in very painful ways. It just happens to look like what people call fire. Demons never pass up a reason to make you fear their power. Something these three magicians might have known, or not. Either way they were bathed in the sickening balefulness of it all.
  10. Resist Knife: 1d20+10 28 Resist Snare: 1d20+8 22 Finally, rolls above 5!
  11. Her nose scrunched reflexively when she heard the word 'mango'. She wasn't a picky eater, but mango was something she did not enjoy. Maybe it was a demon repellent, maybe she had weird tastes. Not that she was going to tell this guy. He had his choices. To each their own. Nothing was going to stop her from throwing down some S'mores, or Mocha Cookie Crumble, or Caramel Ribbon Crunch. She enjoyed the thicker drinks. She laughed about the secret identity, "oh yeah. I grew up in a small town myself. Everyone you knew knew everything. My mother was 'the demon lady' and I was 'the demon child'. Luckily we were personable people. Sure we got a lot of stink eyes, but news travels fast when you're 'the good ones'." She smirked, remembering the first time she was called 'one of the good ones'. She looked to Morgan's wings then back to him, "Nephilim sounds ominous. Neph sounds like a pet name. To be honest? I wouldn't call you Neph until I got to know you better," she nudged him playfully, trying to gauge his reaction.
  12. Jessica Witchblood 10 + 4 = 14 posts =2PP We're Still A Thing (10) Less Good Omens (4)
  13. Fill With Sin: 1d20+10 12 So, lots of low rolls. If that hits, DC25 Will vs Damage.
  14. Jessica's head went light for a moment as the magic coursed through her body. If it weren't for the mages, she... wouldn't be in this lovely predicament. At least she had the spirits. And Jack. She laughed as she heard the familiar roar. Not that she could see the carnage, but she knew there would be splatter. Little did she know it wasn't working out for him! She shook her head as the magic flooded out of her body. Looking around to the mages, she scowled, "I don't know who you are or what you're up to, but it's not wise. At all." The spirits she commanded flowed into one of the mages.
  15. Get Out of This Funk: 1d20+8+1 12 See, i was going to save the extra HP for something cool, but here I am, rerolling a save No, Really!: 1d20+8+1 14 Glad rerolls add 10 for rolls under 11 Question: does this happen at the beginning or end of her turn? As in, does she get actions now?
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