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  1. She was happy when words came from him, but not the words that he said. It wasn't his fault. It was hers. She never should have did that to him! At least there was contact now. That made things better. Or worse. She couldn't tell. But she enjoyed it. "Mmm, nobody's perfect, Bear," she said feigning contented happiness. Inside the worry and doubt still stewed. Wrapping her arms around him, she held on for a bit, she rested her head on him. "I know that some times I don't make the right decisions." It was an open ended statement, rhetorical. But it openly laid there in the conversati
  2. "Well, this isn't ominous," Crimson Beguiler said jokingly, "nope. Not at all." She didn't know if - wait, she hadn't got the flying guy's name! - he was up for it. This was hers to do anyway. She stepped in front of him, as a protector. "Hello," she put on a big grin, wordlessly daring him to come closer, "is there anything I can help you with?" She knew not to take people on appearances, as she herself wasn't some people's cup of tea. But this guy looked almost deranged. Self preservation was something you learned in this business.
  3. It was quite an impressive display of savagery. While she was awed by his brutality, she knew he wasn't in his right mind. His rage, 'her' Wrath. He would crash any moment. Or worse yet, he wouldn't. The stone monster crumbled underneath him. With baited breath she waited for what would happen next. It was part relief and part grief. Pulling the Wrath spirit back, she stepped forward to him. "Bear," she asked with a bit of worry. On his knees, she wanted to be happy for this moment. But it obviously wasn't time for that. Thoughts of doubt and sorrow crossed her mind. What had she d
  4. She wanted nothing more than the happiness this guy had. She didn't expect anything to come of it, though once this was over, she'd ask to meet him in plain clothes. Her identity was, well, kind of not secret. Not wearing a mask at all, and being quite noticeable among the population. "Yeah, luck. More than one of us," she said before a small laugh and happy sigh. Her voice returned to the upright, "just keep you eyes peeled and your head on a swivel!" She should have taken her own advice! When he stepped towards her, explaining that something sinister was abound, she looked in the
  5. He felt so genuine in his compliments. Something Jessica hadn't heard in a while. Like he was too good to be true. Though really, she felt no ill will from him or towards him. It was nice to feel nice. The float down was slow as she watched him shimmer in gold while she talked. She wasn't going to be nosy about his powers, for now at least. He might not even be a hero type. Like, really, who doesn't know the Centurion? "Unfortunately it's not that simple," she said in a concerned, less exaggerated voice. She wasn't trying to drop the hero voice, it was just really uneasy to keep up
  6. Oh wow, that kind of spirit was almost infectious. In a good way. Jessica's cool demeanor took a hit, but she kept a straight face. Barely. Resisting the urge to reach out and catch some of that dust. Though she did catch something he said. Just read stories about the Centurion? Jessica was born four years after he died and remembered the world treating him like a modern saint. Suppressing a giggle under her breath, she cleared her throat and continued her cadence, "yes! The Centurion was a good man who did no wrong. A savior to us all." As he critiqued her skin, she showed off wit
  7. While the seasonal weather didn't bother her due to her demonic heritage, she was more a summer girl. The sun was warm, the people were more active, and the world just seemed more alive. All autumn reminded her of is the time she had to rake leaves for days on end, the ubiquity of pumpkin spice, and... Halloween. Probably the only fun thing in a span of around three or four months. Dressing up and running around getting free candy for a night. Also the powerful mysticism surrounding the night. It ticked quite a few of her boxes. The rumors of something feeding on something was the
  8. Knowledge (arcane lore) DC 10: Looks like a demon. There's quite a variety of those in our world. DC 20: Her magic is definitely demonic. Based off of sin-manipulating spirits. She 'controls' them in the fact that they live in her soul and she looses them into other people's souls. There are some beneficial spells, but really? It's pure sin affecting the recipient. Don't trust it. DC 25: The Witchblood lineage reaches back to prehistoric times when humans congressed with demons to make their tribes stronger. This warped and corrupted the humans over time, enslaving
  9. Jessica Witchblood 4 + 4 + 2 = 10 posts + Reputation = 3PP We're Still A Thing (4) Less Good Omens (4) Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bakey (2) Reputation (+1PP)
  10. Jessica visibly perked up when Morgan said he didn't have anything to do for the rest of the day. She would hang around with him as long as he would let her. The compliment about her having extra features made her more enamored with him. Probably just the Pride spirit kicking in, but hey, compliments were nice either way. "Yeah, fan boys," she said lightly with a laugh, "doing that social media influencer with a couple million subscribers is my dream job," she said facetiously. She slowly drained the drink as he continued to speak, finishing it with a satisfied sigh. Chucking the c
  11. Jessica zoned out for what looked like a long second. Watching Jack burn in nefarious light made her happy. She thought about what they could do together if they combined their magics. His was natural, hers was far from it. Nothing about them made sense, and yet, it worked. Snapping out of the daze, she looked at the situation. Still in their favor. Yup. "Hey baby," she said leaning back against a wall, "finish them. Food's around the corner."
  12. A sorority, huh? This was the first time she'd been to the female side of Greek life. Not that going to these little get-togethers was a normal occurrence. Just that frats were wilder and more energetic. A tangent, she thought about getting Jack into college. It would be a wise idea and, well, potentially be fun. She didn't know this Lola, but the name caught her attention of another. Maybe it was the same one? Probably not. She almost said something, but it came out as a stretch and a yawn. Before she could answer, there was a promise of breakfast. Not like she was going to say no
  13. The thought of 'next time' sat her mind at ease. She hadn't chased this one off. Not yet, at least. Most random meetings of others of her type were short and one sided conversations, if not hostile. It was good to have someone who understood your plight. If not the same pew, then at least the same church. "Flying, unaging. Phew, sounds like a ball of fun," she laughed trying to add to the mirth. "I mean, eventually I'll get wings. But for now I can only float," she demonstrated by 'stepping up' and crossing her legs in midair. This being tourist season on the beach, a few more phon
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