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  1. Arrowhawk frowned at the new man's approach. This was all too unusual. For one thing, generally people took a telling when she threatened them. Secondly, it seemed a lot of capes had converged on this one spot. Thirdly, things were fogging up and freezing. Taking a sharp breath inwards, she decided to simply the situation. "Elsewhere, you say?" she asked, before a small smile formed on her lips. She swung the bow downwards and let go of the string, the arrow scything towards the white-clad man's knee. She was no Tyr, or John Fraser, but she could certainly shoot a stationary target, and shoot it she did, the arrow penetrating just below the knee joint. "Does there work?"
  2. So. Um. Accurate Attacking for 3: 1d20+14 34 Um. Sorry for critting your PC? DC24 after the -3 DC but +5 crit DC.
  3. I mean, I'm sure if you threw us a roll, we'd give you what we'd give you if we had written a Rep table
  4. Arrowhawk rubbed at her temple, teeth gritted. She'd had gods try to do this to her before. And this... thing... was no Loki. It was there, rummaging through a car. And it looked like it'd done something to Donaghy. The outline looked like a caped man. Another caped crusader? A mob enforcer? He was in all white. A member of one of the supremacist gangs? It didn't matter much to her, she'd need to find out. Either way, Donaghy wasn't getting his money tonight. She stepped off the facade, wind in her face, eyes closing for a moment before she turned, grapnel in hand, smoothly gliding to the pavement at a much more reasonable pace, boots lightly touching the asphalt without very much of a sound. The sound came when she leveled an arrow at the back of the white figure's head, eyes tracing down the wooden haft to the cold, metal head as she sighted. "I can see you."
  5. Notice check, Will save; Stealth check: 1d20+10 19 1d20+9 28 1d20+15 32
  6. DICE: 10#1d20 1 19 1 13 20 5 19 15 5 14 Eeeh. Well, currently Arrowhawk has 5 HP, 3 base, 2 because you awarded in the first fight. This means she's going to triumphantly going to do her final act ass kicking. Arrowhawk will use her actions to attack, Power Attacking for -2 to hit, +2 DC each time. If it's at range, she's Blast it, if it comes in close, she'll Strike it with the bow. If she misses, which she will with her initial 1 to hit, she will use a HP to re-roll (which I assume slides it along to the next roll in the chain). Obviously if the 1 lands on a Toughness save for her, she'll re-roll that too
  7. "Daylight," said Arrowhawk confidently. She turned and looked at each of the three in turn. "They won't hunt in the day. Too risky for them. Even with connections, even with guards, anonymity fades in the daylight. They'll rely on anonymity. Trust me," she said, standing before them in a costume and cloak. She inclined her head to Moon. "We get her to that 'Jazz club', hide out until noon, leave the city then. All we need to do is stay hidden and safe until then."
  8. Arrowhawk nocked an arrow, pointing it in the direction of the living room. She began to slowly edge back out of the building, fluidly moving toe to heel with each foot before raising the other leg to edge backwards. "Come forth, creature!" she called, slightly irritated Wadjet had decided to cut off all visibility inside the building. "Are you a coward? Do you not wish to fight a being that can fight back? COME OUT AND FIGHT ME!!"
  9. Arrowhawk took a quick glance at the large hole in the glass. Something of formidable size must have made this, and a sick feeling twisted in her stomach as she realised the short list of things that size, and the likelihood of just what had made it. "Then the guards are in grave danger too. We should have arrived sooner." Osla grasped Orheidr firmly in one hand as she strode into the house. "Stay behind me." She let her boots clatter on the floor as she drew in a deep breath. "SHOW YOURSELF!" she suddenly yelled, voice booming through the house. "AND PERHAPS I WILL GO EASIER ON YOU IF YOU DO!"
  10. Arrowhawk tilted her head as she looked at the other woman's strange weapon, before tutting. Her voice carried a note of exasperation as she turned and began to stride out of the room and the building, not waiting to see if Wadjet was following behind. "Would it not have made sense to have sent one of those who can fly on each team?" She reached up, adjusting her hood, reaching beneath it to ensure it was still clipped to her braids. "We're going to have to make double time. I hope you can keep up." Despite her annoyance at Lady Horus, Arrowhawk had not encountered this newcomer yet, and given what appeared to be a similar modus operandi to hers, didn't harbour any immediate entity to the other half of the Sunhawk's strange double act.
  11. I feel like no one else has addressed this; but it is an important point. This site uses the 2nd edition version of Mutants & Masterminds (albeit with several house rules), not the 3rd edition book, so you'll need to make your build using the 2nd edition book.
  12. Arrowhawk snatched up the photo of Bedlam's Ladies Academy, lightly tossing it up and down in her hand as she paced over to the kneeling woman. As usual, Lady Horus had just barged in and ignored the photograph with the exact name they were specifically here to look for. She held it up as she crouched down, most of her face shadowed by her cowl. "A woman was magically compelled not to say this name. Bedlam Ladies Academy." She leaned closer, smiling widely. It was like the grin of an alligator, utterly lacking in any form of humour whatsoever. "Who are they really?"
  13. Arrowhawk sighed and rolled her eyes. Lady Horus did not have any measure of patience or hesitance in simply storming buildings. She let out a deep sigh, shouldering her bow and she strode through the open door confidently, staring straight ahead, eyes taking in the rooms ahead of her without looking quite directly at anything or anyone. She kept her eyes and ears out, alert to anything Lady Horus may have missed in her great haste.