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  1. Galvanic took flight, following after the group. "Is there nearby civilisation?" she asked, spinning in the air to get her bearings, electricity coruscating around her. She pivoted her head from side to side, taking in the unfamiliar surroundings. But then, everything seemed strange after leaving Tempest. "We could returnget home, if we found advanced enough technology. Otherwise..." she trailed off, letting the implication of a 3000 year wait sink in.
  2. Arrowhawj barely blanched as the draugr's flesh and bone reknitted, until it stood before them. She took one step towards it, eyes narrowing. "You get one. But you should go to your rest. Hel is always looking for new followers." She spun on her heel, whipping her cloak around her and beginning to walk away, not wanting to have to deal with what passed for a constabulary in these parts. "The police are on their way. We should disperse, they never take kindly to our kind," she said in clipped tones.
  3. Arrowhawk put a hand on her side, weapons clattering onto the asphalt as she drew in a slow ragged breath, shaking her head the whole while. "It's always been like this. You just did not notice." She took a few steps over towards the body of the draugr, lying with the stake impaled through it. "But he will not get back up from this. Your Stoker had the right idea. The stake. The decapitation. The fire. It is the way of such things. The way to consign them to Helheim." She bowed her head, masking her face beneath her cowl before her hand grasped at the broken nightstick. And abruptly yanked it out of the carcass.
  4. Arrowhawk growled, rolling forwards in one swift motion, the car passing barely an inch behind her as she surged towards the bizarre being, still off guard from having staked the draugr. "You'll regret that," she promised, using the momentum as she sprang to her feet to come up, driving her hand down with a hammer blow, using the axe handle as additional weight to the punch. The other followed with an upper cut, pursuing the two punches with a practiced front kick. It barely seemed to faze the officer. Shaking her head, she quickly pivoted before the thing could recover, scything her axe down in a swift blow to the creature's head. "This is just unnatural."
  5. Reflex save: 1d20+10 21 Osla makes it. Standard Action: Osla is going to punch and kick the Officer; Power Attacking for 2 makes it Attack +8, DC 23: Punchy punchy: 1d20+8 20 Extra Effort: SURGE Standard Action #2: Osla is going to hit him with her axe; Power Attacking for 2 makes it Attack +8, DC 25: Slashy slashy: 1d20+8 9 ... Hero Point SLASHY SLASHY: 1d20+8 17 + 10 for the reroll for a 19 to hit, that's 27.
  6. Galvanic didn't even flinch as the air vanished from the airlock, just casually extending an electrical field around and through herself, floating up above the vertical plane as if it was nothing. Her long coat swished to and fro as she glided towards the exit of the ship. Glancing back at the others, she smirked for a brief moment. This was what she did, and she didn't need to tell any of them that. With a flicker of blue light crackling, she leapt into space and flew towards the anomaly, rapidly moving through space like it was nothing to her.
  7. Galvanic had been listening at the back, one leg crossed over the other as she slumped back in a chair, looking thoughtful. Her face screwed up in deliberation, after a while, she raised one finger in the air, leaning forward and speaking slowly at first. "Perhaps... a fewsome us could just go there?" She eased herself forward in her seat, balls of her feet on the ground as if ready to spring into action. "Fast waymeans of verifying the sensors." She shrugged, the motion ruffling her long coat. "Need to go in anyway."
  8. So sorry, didn't realise I was holding us up OOC Gather Information: skill mastery is 25. Investigate: 1d20+15 34
  9. Seeing the wounds knit almost instantly, Arrowhawk growled, taking a couple of quick steps towards Officer Friendly, swinging her axe in a wide arc. She brought it crashing into the inhuman creature's neck, hauling hard. But the creature had preternatural strength, reaching up with its free hand. Even occupied with grasping the Tattered Man, it managed to easily throw her off, sending her staggering back a couple of steps to round back on him. Her eyes flicked here and there, taking in their makeshift battleground. "Where is his car? The," she spat out a string of guttural curse words in her native tongue, "damned thing hit me! Where have you stowed it?"
  10. Arrowhawk will: Notice check: 1d20+10 25 Move Action: Come up behind Officer Friendly. Standard Action: Mimic his action using her axe to grapple him. Grapple to hit, then to grapple: 1d20+10 22 1d20+17 31 Woop woop I'll post following the results
  11. Geckoman pursed his lips, musing. "Yeah, I see the logic, buuuuut..." He waved his hands in the air, making some abstract shape. "If Copycat breaks into an office and is caught, Ashley George is the one being handcuffed. If Geckoman breaks into an office, and by some miracle is caught, it'll be some random guy they've never met slipping out of the handcuffs." He tilted his head to one side. "Unless we do a two-pronged investigation, one in the Intertubes, one in person. Old school and new school."
  12. Geckoman stroked his chin, looking thoughtful. "Well, I feel like we're talking around the really basic question." He extended both his arms out, hands up, palms flat. "How do you know someone knows? What did you get sent, how did you get sent it, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah. If we establish the how., we can start looking into the why, and then we can figure out the who. And then we can..." He paused to cackle manically. "Silence them." He paused, feeling a little guilty of making light of the situation. "Well. We can figure out a way to stop it."
  13. Chris, having timed his jump a little more... slowly, had to make a lot more of a horizontal jump to catch the roof edge. He landed on one foot, skidding forward roughly on the gravelled roof before coming to a stop a neat foot away from the two younger heroes. Geckoman looked over his shoulder admiringly, staring at seemingly nothing. "Man, the cloaking tech is working like a dream. Good job, Team Us!" He clapped his hands together all business-like, and turned back to his two companions. "So, not that it isn't good to see you, but I do have Skype. Or Whatsapp. Or that other one the kids use. What's so important I have to miss Paw Patrol?"
  14. Arrowhawk barely managed to struggle to her feet, still groggy from the impact. She found her hand going instinctively for her axe. At any case, Strix was in melee with the "officer" of the law, and she didn't trust her aim to shot into a fracas right now. Instead she took two light springing steps forward, clearing a surprising amount of distance as she tested the water before launching herself across the distance, cape almost perpendicular to the ground as she abruptly became a blur, moving with the speed of Loki's equine child itself, her blade coming up to scythe down at a high speed across the officer's torso in a single, practiced glide.
  15. OK, there's a vampire in the way, so she won't shoot into combat. Move Action: Stand up Free Action: Quick Draw her axe. Standard Action: Charge up to 250', All-out Attacking for 2, for a total of +4 to hit, and -4 Defence, with her axe. Dc23 Toughness save. Axe Strike: 1d20+14 16 She misses by 2, so I'll burn a HP to re-roll. Axe Strike: 1d20+14 22 This one hits.
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