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  1. Just like many people, Superheroes enjoy their music to keep them going through the day. Whether its just for their workout routine, or fight music for facing down foes, music keeps them going! So for the next few months we want to hear about your hero's playlist, and maybe more importantly, why they choose the tracks they do. Being music, we’re doing things a little differently. For 1PP, provide us with ten or more tracks that are either the character's favourites or best define them. With the track and singer you should (if possible) share the love and provide a link to the song.
  2. You awake on what should be a new day of a New Year to find that everything is somehow wrong. It doesn’t take you long to discover that you have been cast adrift in time, some by only a few years some by decades and even centuries. Where you’ve ended up depends on you, some to consider however are: Somewhere in your own timeline, in the past possibly before or at the point of gaining your power, or even a potential future you. Meet a legacy version of your superhero identity, maybe one from the past or even from the future. One of the vi
  3. Like everyone in the world superheroes have to deal with the world of social media, being both incredibly popular and most private makes it a very fine line for a superhero to walk especially when they’re well know enough to be an influence (but not normally influencer) for the populous. So how does your hero deal with social media? Give us an example of there experience with social media, some examples being: Media written about fan on the heroes, thread posts, tweets or even fan fic about the hero (though not the really racy stuff). Interactio
  4. On the night of October 31, 2020, a wave of fell magic sweeps across the world at sunset (wherever you happen to be) - transforming eighty million people (1% of the world's population) worldwide into bloodthirsty werewolves, wounded by silver and fire, not infectious by bite except that they sure have a lot of gunk in their teeth. The great and the good, the big and the small, gone wolfy! "Did I eat flesh?" "Only a little!" Good people act out on their secret desires, bad people on terrible urges, all of it driven by Lemurian magic! While some heroes are busy put
  5. So, I thought we could probably use a thread to throw out and discuss vignette ideas for upcoming months! Here's mine, and I'm tossing out a format that I thought might be helpful. Feel free to offer ideas on either format, or concept! Also, as a reminder, anyone is welcome to comment or suggest ideas. You don't have to have funny colored names to participate at all! Vignette Proposal Month: December, 2016 Event Tie In: Potentially! Concept: A blizzard (either mundane or not!), hits and hits hard. The vignette provides opportunities for characters
  6. This is an IMAGINARY STORY (which may never happen, but then again may)… This is an IMAGINARY STORY…, Aren't they all? - Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow? For this vignette we explore the what could have been with the theme of alternative universes, a theme that I’m sure of many of you know I’m a fan off! So you can explore a version of your character where there life took a very different turn at a key event in there life (a What-Ifs) or one where the world they live in is very different from that of Earth Prime (Elseworlds). And it doesn't h
  7. Spring Fling (March/April 2020) “If people did not love one another, I really don't see what use there would be in having any spring.” - Victor Hugo That’s right, it’s springtime! That time of year when flowers bloom - a time of new love, new opportunities, and new adventure! ““It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want—oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” - Mark Twain It’s a time of growth and development, when new things are budding, new
  8. This time of year is one for wishes for the year ahead so in honor of this for our latest vignette were looking for the wishes and desires of the heroes of any of the cities, and beyond. You have three choices to base the vignette on, all themed more or less on wishes: Family Wishes This time of year you want obviously want to spend it with friends or family, things can go good or bad as most family gathering do. Mask a Wish Your hero gets to help out a fan for the day, it can be tragic or uplifting as things often are this time of year. Wish for a Wonderful Life? A pesky
  9. With thanks to the suggestions by Ari, and in honour of, Into the Spider-Verse we have a choice of the following: Your Best Self Somehow, some way, your character discovers someone or is discovered by someone who epitomizes everything they want to be. Someone who did better with the same hand life dealt the PC, someone, who succeeded where the PC failed, in some clear and inarguable way a better person than the PC. The drama can come from any way you like, maybe the meeting comes from a fight with a supervillain who's torn some rent, in reality, potentially forcing one or the oth
  10. We all know how you hero deals with the world of superheroes and villains around them, but what about those who view these things from a distance? So through February and March here's a chance to show how the general public sees you as a hero. Among some of the choices you have are as follows: How regular folks see your hero, either from a single encounter or a lifelong obsession. Regular folks can be anyone from an Innocent bystander, to members of the emergency services, worried loved ones, muggers and robbers or even the cute pets you've rescued from trees. Media re
  11. The February vignette prompt is: "Bees!" Please post your vignette by February 28 to receive full credit - don't forget to include a link to it in your post counts! ... ... What, you want some plot ideas? Okay. Freedom City: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/guide/people-of-freedom/non-player-characters/giant-bees-r14/ Some civic-minded heroes have volunteered to show some 'alien visitors' the ropes - not knowing that these visitors are enthusiastic honeybees the size of large trucks who can talk
  12. Mid December, in the midst of 'normal' east coast weather, Freedom City is hit by a sudden cold snap that dumps feet of snow on the city. Given all the strange activities that go on in and around the city, it's entirely possible that the weather is not natural but the storm lasts only long enough to snow in the citizens of Freedom City for a weekend. For this month, we invite you to submit a vignette to Winter Wonderland (will add the link in when the thread's up), which can focus either on being snowed in, or dealing with the sudden blizzard in one way or another. Perhaps your he
  13. On August 1, 2016, heroes across Freedom City and the world wake up as small felt and velcro puppets! While this transformation lasts only about twenty-four hours, it's a startling one indeed as heroes drop down to the size and consistency of Sesame Street characters (with the occasional marionette) - albeit one with superpowers. It's a chaotic day across Freedom City and other centers of superheroic activity as heroes aren't the only ones transformed - thousands of civilians are altered as well by this strange metamorphosis! While an unlikely team of heroes deals with the father o
  14. Foreign Climes / New Civilizations They say travel broadens the mind, and some heroes can get anywhere in the world in mere seconds, but it's not until you stop and experience a place that you can truly learn something. So for this month's vignette we’d like you to tell a story of how yourcharacter was taught something whilst spending time in another country. Whilst they might have help saved the day, it’s the local who managed to solve their own problems. And if your character is active in space, then don’t despair, it just means you have an ent
  15. Love Is a Many Splendored Thing Spring will soon be upon us and in honour of a certain special day we've decided to celebrate love in all its myriad ways. So for this month's vignette we’d like you to tell us a story of your character being in love in the past, present or future. It can any be any form of love, both good and bad, but if it’s just physical love remember the sites PG-13 and keep such things to a tasteful fade to black. Post your vignette in this thread by midnight of Monday, February 29 st so that it can be included in this month's post coun
  16. Electra


    Vignettes Every few months the Refs at FC PbP offers the community a chance to write a small vignette. This helps enhance the community, flex our writing muscles, gives a chance to think more deeply about our characters, and earns the player an extra power point for the month. Below are summaries of all prior vignettes, along with links to the thread where the vignette was first offered (and which in turn contains links to the individual character vignettes themselves). List of Vignettes 2007 December 2007 Should auld acquaintance be
  17. Big Leagues While the adult heroes of Freedom City spread out across the globe to combat the Incursion, the students of Claremont Academy are left to watch over their fair metropolis! When villains attempt to take advantage of the situation it will be up to these teen titans to rise to occasion! Against foes that give even the Freedom League and other seasoned veterans difficulty can they prevail? Can they even survive?! It may take a holiday miracle! Big Leagues is a vignette open specifically to Claremont Academy students excluded from Incursion: Phase Two, taking place between Christma
  18. Through Another's Eyes Do you have a minion? a sidekick? or even just a friend or relative? failing that, a bystander! Write a vignette about your heroes exploits from somebody else's vantage point. It may be a chance for a sidekick or minion to shine and be heroic themselves! Whoever your choose, and whatever they do, they should be involved in the story themselves, as should the hero in question. They could be heroic, they could be a victim, they could be a bystander. The thread could be written in third person, or in first person (such as the 'others' account of the event to hi
  19. January 6, 2014 It's a typical snowy day in Freedom City, Epiphany for those who celebrate the holiday, and everyone is just starting to wind down from Christmas. When suddenly something happens, and it's still Epiphany 2014 - but now things are different. Freedom City is New Camelot City, perhaps the greatest city in the World Empire that stretches from Old Camelot in Britannia to distant Serica far across the Greater Ocean. New Camelot City is this year playing host to King Arthur Constantine XVI, who with his wife Queen Morgan rotates between the great cities of the World Empire 'sits at
  20. November 2013 Greetings, all and sundry! Your Vignette theme for this month shall be... A Day/Night in the Life Most superheroes have a cause. A focus. A reason for getting out of bed at night, putting on strange clothing, and beating up malefactors. But many of our threads tend to focus on the "big, sweeping" stories and not the night-to-night work, the same way your typical episode of Law and Order is less about a random mugging (and that's it) and more about mob ties, hate crimes, and/or strange sexual escapades. But what is it your character does for the cause of justice "betwe
  21. July 2013    Greetings, everyone.    Your July 2013 Vignette Theme for Freedom City Play By Post is: PATRIOTISM   A cultural attachment to one's homeland! Devotion to one's country! The last refuge of a scoundrel! It can be all this and more, depending on your character's nature and where exactly is they are from. Heroes in the world of Freedom generally don't work directly for governments (except for Victory and sometimes Cannonade), but some wear their colors like Miss Americana or Lady Liberty, and all of them have a relationship with patriotism - even the one
  22. January 15, 2013 9 AM Freedom City Courthouse "We now go live to the courthouse steps, where Star Knight has appeared to offer her opinion on the Yamashita verdict." The trial of the accused stockbroker had been a high-profile case of financial fraud in Freedom City, Greg Yamashita having plundered the pensions of several established Freedom City companies, and his acquittal had brought many demonstrators out with placards and catcalls. Yamashita was being ushered through the crowd by the police when Star Knight, the armored heroine and Freedom League member, swooped down from the sky overhea
  23. Another one, already? Sure, why not? FC:PbP is offering the community another "vignette" opportunity! Thinking on the fact that The Dark Knight Rises is coming out this month -- and how it seems to be drawing heavy inspiration from the arc that introduced Bane, "KnightFall" -- we might as well offer something thematically similar for our heroes: The Crucible. Who: Any player who is interested. Please clearly label which character the Vignette applies to. What: As either part of a plot by some sort of criminal mastermind (August Roman is always a safe bet) or just a string of really bad l
  24. FC:PbP is offering the community another "vignette" opportunity! A Day in the Limelight! (Alternate titles: "Agent Coulson's Day Off", "Rosencrantz and Guilderstern Are Superheroes") From Doktor Archeville's robot gorilla butler to Citizen's dog, there are a million stories in Freedom City that haven't yet been told. Until now! Write a story about someone in your hero's supporting cast -- a Minion, Sidekick, or even an un-statted character. "But Dok, you mad, handsome Admin!," you cry, "what if my character doesn't have any supporting cast?!" A fair question, especially for our players who
  25. Vignette, March 2012 - Hot Zone On Wednesday, March 7th, 2012, a mutagen is released into Freedom City at large - slipped into the water supply, dispersed as nerve gas in a number of public locations, and engineered to ensure transmission via skin-to-skin contact. By the end of the day, the majority of Freedom City has developed superpowers, and only a few of them have any control over them. And heroes are not immune, as some find themselves dealing with new powers beyond their ken - or find reliable old talents have fallen out of their grasp. A powers pusher by the name of Mister Motley cla
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