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Halloween Hijinx?


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So Halloween is Grim's favorite time of the year, so I try to do something with her every year, though it doesn't always pan out. She often likes to do charitable events with a spooky theme to raise money for some of her favorite local non-profits.


I had given thought of her and Shrike working with a local corn maze (New Jersey has a few), but Im not sure how that would work as a thread. Basically I'm open to any ideas :iit:

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If we had a big cleared circle in the middle of the maze for him to work in, I think gouts of fire than light up the night would be wonderfully evocative!


So maybe the best way to do such a thread would be to have everyone meet in a social thread and brainstorm, and maybe demonstrate a power or two? And then at the end a sort of wrap-up describing the final result and visitors' responses.

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