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Sorry I haven't post in this one yet; I wanted to reread just one or two threads to remind myself what Ren and Lynn were like together, and then school got busy as we're heading into the end of the term.


Let's say...Ren and Lynn had been working on finding a cure for his 'condition' for some time. They got a lead that a researcher from a major Japanese nanotech company was going to be in Seattle, and they travelled to meet with them in hopes of pleading Ren's case. The researcher agreed to meet them at a private airplane hanger near SeaTac Airport, but he and his security team were nervous, paranoid and equiped with some very high tech weaponry, and despite Ren and Lynn's best efforts, things went south quickly and the security team opened fire. Ren heroically knocked Lynn clear, and was himself hit by an nano deconstructer, a weapon designed to 'unwrite' technology, capable of reducing a tank to a large pile of metal shavings. As Lynn watched in horror, her love was decontructed right in front of her, his outstretched hand converted into tiny particles of metal and plastic blowing away in the wind...


Okay, not bad for just making it up off the top of my head! If that's too much for him to come back from, let me know! Also sending you a cleaned up version of his sheet; it's a lot more legible, but probably not kosher under current site house rules, so it's more of a reference than anything else.

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Literally shoving her out of the way of a Beam O' Death. That's the absolute last memory. But if you're talking before Auric even showed up...I dunno. Something wedding prep related, probably. Or maybe they boned. Or maybe it was just a quiet lunch at a local café. I've never thought the specifics were that important, see. So you can make up something appropriate and I'll just go with it.

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Damn, heroic stuff all round. Mine feels rather mundane after all that.


As Ruby Spalding came to the end of her surprisingly long life, Anthony Spalding began to fret. A part of him never really grasped the concept of the Adficio, since Ruby kept to herself most of the time and Anthony was well into his adult life when his time came. As such, most of his schooling in the Adficio Supprimere was long forgotten, and the curse took hold of him hard. In the weeks leading up to Ruby's death, Anthony grew distant with anxiety and worry. Most of his time was spent desperately trying to re-learn forgotten rites and rituals, and his family grew concerned.


Robert and Anthony's last real time together was while Robert was still learning the Adficio Supprimere. Robert had been performing well in his training and he had already proven a capable student of mundane academia, while Anthony felt his control slipping away from him. Their last meeting prior to the curse taking hold occurred the day he had heard Ruby had started the downward spiral towards death. Ironically, both he and Robert don't remember what exactly was said, but it was the first time Robert remembered his father resigned to his fate. It was short, and Anthony left with a gamut of emotions roiling within - anger at the world for his fate, depressed resignation at his part in it and, perhaps worst of all the shame of knowing that, as he left, Robert could sense it all. Their relationship would never be the same, and Robert would eventually hold a small flicker of resentment towards his father, whom he believed gave up once the curse took hold and abandoned his family.

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