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In the spirit of injustice

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So in the spirit of all the hype with the new injustice game: I present an adventure hook. 


Plot hook: the heroes have been entered into a tournament. A street fighting tournament across the United States.

Some have entered for the mysterious prize at the end. Some for the fame that comes with. Some have even been blackmailed into fighting. Some are hoping to eliminate rivals via an "accident" in the ring. 

Who's running this tournament? What's the prize at the end? 
Well, I suppose that will be something for our heroes to figure out! 

So! I'm looking for some characters who are martial artists. It doesn't matter the discipline, as a rule though they should at least be "blackbelt" quality in their style of choice. The other thing I need is why they are in this competition. 

It might also be interesting to have some characters who are more investigative characters (not to say martial artists can't be this!) who are trying to see who is behind all this. 

I'm feeling Kid Kamehameha for this. I'd love to have 3-5 PC's as well! 


If if anyone has any martial arts npcs they think might be a good fit I would be super appreciative!

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Mister Strix is a PL9 martial artist (I don't know what sort of PL range you were thinking of), and he's about as "investigative" as it gets. He'd be unlikely to enter the tournament voluntarily, but I could see him getting caught investigating it and being forced to compete, if it's a sinister Enter The Dragon style affair. Alternately, one of the Shambala monks who trained him could get him to enter by calling in a favor (he owes them plenty). As for what could put him on its trail: His archenemy is a human trafficker who helps supply bodies to The Labyrinth for DNAscent experimentation (as well as more mundane slavery). So his usual investigations could naturally put him on the trail of an underground fighting circuit.

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Is there a reason she can't enter as, you know, Terrifica? I mean, she's going to be wearing her Fiber Armor. It has that big orange T on the front of the cowl. But if you want subtlety, there's always going as Qiaolian Song, her Chinese name. And an Equipment paintjob that can fail whenever Mr. GM would like it to.

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Thanks for the individual IC intro, but mine might need some tweaking. The person putting up his invitation probably wouldn't have reason to know it (unless it is one of the Shambala monks calling in a favor), but Mister Strix is blind. He wouldn't notice his name written on anything at a distance. He's a Daredevil knockoff, so the only way he can read text or "see" color on an object is if he's physically touching it.

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