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  1. He has accurate scent, did he smell where Fu Shen went?
  2. He manages to soak, and thus is unperturbed by the strikes. 25
  3. Gargoyle gave a roar as electricity sizzled across his body, not even slowing down the great goliath. He charged forward, and smacked the first guard with a gigantic blow to the noggin, sending the guard flying back towards Fu Shen. The second guard Gargoyle chose to try striking with his tail, though sadly not yet very proficient with it and missed the head, hitting his body instead. "Damn it, really need to work on my aim... or my practice with my tail. Dunno exactly which, difficult to work a tail when you're strangely unused to one. What say you, Guard number 2?" He asks the guard with a genuine smile on his face. "Doing ok over there Hyper?" Gargoyle then yells out.
  4. I thought that was only minions? If not then swing at them all!!! 21 I'm gonna post it here because for some reason my link button isn't working, site seems to be freezing up for me or something http://orokos.com/roll/498377
  5. Ok, I'll attempt to hit one of the guards who fired the taser thing at me, and then remind me what Takedown attack does? Cause if it does what I think it does, the minions might be out a bit early 23 DC 30 hit, wasn't a crit. If takedown means I can now attack another minion, I'll be attacking his friend shortly
  6. In that case, saved and it shocks me harmlessly 27 right?
  7. I'm sorry, been busy the past few days, couldn't even hop on my computer unless an emergency. What exactly do I need to roll?
  8. Don't I get a reflex save or is it not an explosion?
  9. Gargoyle looks at him, confident. "Heh, you only have one problem with that plan Fu Shen. It's a very clear problem when you finally see it." His tail flicks back and forth, excitedly. Almost like it was ready for a fight itself.
  10. "Who is this Fusion guy? You sound like you know him Hyper?" Gargoyle looks at the old man and then back at Hyper, quickly glancing once more between the two before settling on Hyper. He cocks his head to the side, his stance lowering, "What's going on?"
  11. Gargoyle looks down at the taser sticking out of him. "You know, sometimes you should think through your decisions on attacking a creature that bullets bounce off of when all you have outside of that is a taser." He turns around with a single motion, swinging his tail into the guard and snapping the taser out of him in one move. The guy goes flying sideways, but stops at the rail. Gargoyle does his typical roar and turns to Hyper. "So... we should get moving, huh?"
  12. So, Gargoyle has hit the other guy with a 22
  13. So... Gargoyle is gonna kindly ask to get dat weak sauce out of here 31
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