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Supreme Ultimate Competition: Year of the Tiger


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6 pm Friday March 10, 2017

Syke's gym


The invitation had been surprisingly plain. A simple envelope which contained a simple card. A square of Manila color it had a yellow and green taegeuk symbol on it with the trigrams for fire on the top, water on the bottom, thunder on the left, and mountain on the right. The word "Supreme" was on the top and "Ultimate" was on the bottom. The opposite side had a street intersection and a time. Two hours from now. 


Mali hadn't really done much to enter. She had stopped at one of the many brightly colored stands that had appeared in Freedom and had advertised this "street fighting" event. It had been all over the news: it would be held across the United States, and the prizes were pretty amazing. The eight semi finalists would win ten grand, the four finalists would also get a million dollar car, and the winner? "A prize beyond imagination." It had pulled the attention of martial artists from across the world. Some of the best fighters in the world would be fighting in this. 

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Mali was in costume as she searched for the event. She was also incredibly, deeply suspicious. This seemed really, really vague. She wasn't exactly paranoid, but, she was cautious. So, Crimson Tiger showed up at a martial arts tournament. She wasn't especially large, or strong looking, and she imagined at least a few people would severely underestimate her. But that was fine with her.


Though the costume might change that view.

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The venue was well an intersection. It had been decked out with banners saying "Supreme Ultimate" and there were crowds starting to form. A young man was warming up in the street. He was bare chested and practicing Muay Thai strikes. Not anywhere near Mali's level.


"Crimson Tiger?" A woman in a suit asked fiddling with a tablet. "I'm Miss Orange. You ready to go in five? You warmed up, you need a sport drink?" She asked quickly. "I'm so glad you showed up I was so worried you wouldn't show and I'd be fired." 

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