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A Friendly Game [Open]


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Kwame picked up his phone and stared at the screen for a short while, trying to recall all that he was taught.  Okay, let's see if I can do this.  first, log into the site.


Kwame's fingers touched a number of buttons, bringing up the browser followed by the login page of HeroHouse.com.  What was my id and password again?  Oh that's right!  I remember.  He entered the require information and was rewarded with the main bulletin board of topics and forums.


Okay.  That's the easy step.  Now for the hard one.  Choose new topic.  Set the topic to public.  Now all I have to do is type in the message.  She said I needed to keep things 140 characters, right?



This is Hammer, Freedom City's newest rising star! I thought having a get together would be the best way to introduce myself to everyone! S

Kwame stared at the screen for a while, wondering why he couldn't type any more.  Oh, I'm over the limit.  Got to change it.  First, delete.  Then try again.


This is Hammer, Freedom City's newest rising star! Are you a hero?  Do you like meeting new people?  Do you like football?

Kwame smiled once he saw that the words fit.  Good start.  Now let's see if I can get the information to them.


Then come to Liberty Park to play some flag football!  Even if you're not into playing, it'll be a great time to mingle with other heroes!

Kwame looked at the last message and smiled.  This should do it.  I hope a lot of people come out at least to mingle.


All are welcomed!  I want to meet as many heroes as possible.  Meet at the Athletics Field near Super Museum, Jan 7, at noon. I can't wait!

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January 7th


Liberty Park

Athletics Field near Super Museum



The Athletics Field was covered in snow, leftover remnants from the freak snowstorm that hit the city last month.  The sky was a bright blue with only a few clouds to mar the scene.  The weather forecast had said today would be warm and it seems it was right.   Kwame adjusted his arm bands as he surveyed the area.  This should do nicely.  It's large enough that we can enjoy a good game as well as have people mingling.  I hope I have enough equipment.


Kwame took out a stack of cones and began marking out the playing field.  First he marked one of the goals and then counted out a good distance before marking the second goal.  He then went back and marked the middle area between the two goals.  With the long ends defined, he then proceeded to mark the edges of the playing field.  Satisfied with his work, Kwame then took out the other equipment: twenty-two belts, three flags per belt, and a football.  Though the game of flag football usually only had nine players or less per team, Kwame didn't want to turn anyone away that wanted to play.


Satisfied with his preparations, Kwame stood around and waited for people to come.

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There was an explosion of light behind him, and a deep, grating voice rasped "Greetings, Terran!" Almost immediately afterwards a massive, hairless man with beady black eyes, a pair of slender antennae and skin so pale you could trace the veins appeared. Wobbling with a paunch that made them grotesque, the creature stumped closer to Kwame "We are Dol-Druth, Speaking for Dotrae. We intercepted your transmission to the sysweb and wish to offer our impartial service as referee and moderator."


Standing with hands clasped behind his back, Dol-Druth glared at the shorter human "Our linked minds provide rapid judgement, our joined psionics grant us power over the physical and mental theatres, and our total unfamiliarity with this contest make us wholly unbiased." This close, the alien's shifting hide was revealed to in reality be letters traced over an enormous suit of iridescent beige. As they transmogrified into English script the Hammer had the pleasure of reading a lengthy title scrolling upside down and sideways.


"We will await the other forces. In the meantime, will you please describe yourself? It is a matter of some interplanetary importance." From a suitcase that had somehow been camouflaged against the suit, Dol-Droth extracted a 'page' of light and offered it to Kwame. On it was an interminable questionnaire. 

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Kwame turned surprised by the sudden explosion of light, he quickly raised his guard, unsure if what he was facing.  As the strange creature began speaking, Kwame slowly lowered his arms.  It took some time to catch on to what the strange creature was saying.  First magic, now aliens!  Wow, being a super in Freedom is going to be so awesome!


"Um, thank you, Dol-Druth.  It would be my pleasure to have you act as referee.  Hopefully more people will come to play."  Kwame turned his head and stared at the words forming all along the creature's body.  That is so cool!  I wonder what he thinks of the aliens in our movies?  Were we right in any way?


Kwame blinked when asked to describe himself.  "Describe myself? Um, sure," he said as he took the form of light.  He looked at it and was surprised by the questions on it.  Why on Earth does he want to know all of this stuff?  'What's the worst someone's done to me?'  'What do I do for fun?' 'What do I wear to bed most nights?'  My goodness, this questionnaire has got to have come from Hell!  The HellQ!  That's what I'll call it.


"Please call me, Hammer.  That's my superhero name.  Or you could call me Kwame if you prefer.  This is a pretty extensive list of questions.  Some of which most people would say was just a tad bit too personal.  I'll answer what I can, though."  Slowly, he began answering the questions on the form.  


In between questions, Kwame asked his own.  "So, Dol-Druth, have you seen football in action?  It can be a pretty complex game, but we'll be playing a very basic version of the game, so I think you'll be able to pick up the rules fairly quickly.  Um, what planet are you from?"

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High above Mike pondered joining the game that had been offered on the heronet, with no small cajoling from his diminutive fiance of course.  While he was uncertain his participation would be sporting, that in the end was easily enough justified by the 'duty' among more experienced heroes to welcome those new to the city, or so he had been told.  Plus how often would he really get a chance to try his hand at such endeavors?


Swooping out of the clear skies above Phalanx came to hover only a short distance off the ground for a moment before slowly touching down as he spoke, "Dol-Druth is an observer from the Lor Republic."  He offered and extended a hand to alien and man each in turn.  "They call me Phalanx."  he offered humbly with a smile, "I admit I've never played but always had some interest."  he said with a nod to the equipment.  "I expect a certain degree of bureaucracy is vital to a government spanning so vast and varied a segment of space."  he offered as vague speculation on the extensive survey, "And Dol-Druth has particular interest in our, enhanced individuals, in particular if I've heard correctly." he suggested with a raised brow toward the alien for confirmation.


He turned with a wide smile to Kwame, "Oh and Welcome to Freedom."  he offered genially. 

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Kwame had found a large rock to sit on as he continued to answer the hellishly long questionnaire.  "Money's not all that important to me.   As long as I have enough to live comfortably, I'm good.  Excess funds I usually give to fans or to charity.  Another way to bust my popularity. "


Kwame looked up when he heard the voice of the new arrival.  His face clearly showed his thanks for the interruption.  He stood and took Phalanx's offered hand.  "Thank you for coming out.  I figured this would be the best way to meet some of the heroes in the city as well as introduce myself.  The name's Kwame Harris.  I'm using my wrestling name as my superhero name as well so you may call me Hammer."


Hammer looked over at the equipment and nodded.  "Normally, the game would be pretty difficult to play.  Football has a lot of rules most people would like to see gone.  Today, I figured we'd try a simpler version known as flag football.  Dol-Durth has offered to be the referee which should be helpful.  I wanted to keep things simple as I had no idea who would come out.  Besides, when dealing with supers, it's kind of hard to keep everyone on the same level."  Hammer gestures up and down Phalanx's frame.  "For example, you can fly.  That really changes the way the game can be played.  If we get a speedster to show up, that's just as difficult to incorporate!"


"I'm hoping that everyone agrees to restrain themselves.  The game is only secondary for me to meet new people."

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Superhero. Sports.


Just seeing those two concepts together made Casey insanely happy; before getting her powers, the young Coloradan was very active in school athletics, but they weren't really possible at Claremont. So the chance to actually participate in sports with other supers was too much to pass up.


Miracle Girl normally made her landings gentle affairs, but today her excitement got the best of her, and she hit the field with a resounding thud. Rising up from her knee,  the athletic young blonde strode confidently over to the gathering, her golden hair billowing in the breeze, wearing a short sleeve and jogging pants version of her normal uniform. She also had on red soccer cleats and fingerless athletic gloves.


"Hi!" She waved eagerly, literally glowing with the biggest grin on her face. "I'm Miracle Girl! You must be the Hammer." Gazing around the athletic field, her eyes will filled so much delight and enthusiasm that even the most dour miser would crack a smile. "This is so cool!"

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Hammer smiled at the girl that suddenly arrived.  Does everyone in this town fly? "Welcome, Miracle Girl!  I'm glad you can make it. Oh, and it's just 'Hammer'.  You know, like MC Hammer?"  Kwame did a fairly poor imitation of MC Hammer's signature dance move.  


Hammer gestured to the others.  "I hope you know the others. This is Dol-Druth, he'll be our referee, and this is Phalanx.  Have you ever played flag football before?"

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Jann had just finished his first Saturday morning routine. He’d been sitting in the cantina, refreshing and having a first breakfast, as one of his friends sent him a message on his phone. An athletic competition, one of football. Jann did not care much for football. He’d seen it in a few movies, it looked interesting, but Jann felt his wings would make it difficult to play it properly.


But, Jann cared for competitions.  If there was one, he would have to attend. So, after a nice and healthy breakfast, he jogged back towards his dorms. Doing his best not to wake his roommate, he grabbed a variety of gear, before flying towards the park.


He arrived shortly afterwards, landing on the pitch. He stood out in the crowd, not only because of his huge black and white, feathered wings. He was fairly tall, even among the assorted heroes, and had a fairly defined build, lean but muscular. A Claremont Academy sweater covered his torso, but the arms had been, what looked like, ripped off, revealing the muscular, scarred arms beneath. The cold didn’t seem to faze him at all, as he casually walked forward, towards the rest of the group.


As he spoke, it was easy to notice a fairly thick accent, one that could not easily be placed. “Greetings. This is the … football game, correct?”

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Kwame turned at the sound of the new arrival and smiled.  "Yes.  You're in the right place.  I'm Hammer, the one who's put this little gathering together."  He held out his hand in greeting.  His eyes lingered on the newcomer's wings.  It's official.  I'm the only super in the city who can't fly!


"I'm not sure if you know everyone here, but let me quickly introduce you.  This is Dol-Druth, he'll be our referee, Phalanx, and Miracle Girl.  Looks like we are getting pretty good numbers. If we can get at least two more, we can start playing a smaller 3 on 3 game."


Kwame turned his gaze to the sky expecting the next arrival to come by air.

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"We are from Dotrae, the planet, one of the oldest members of the past-empire and present-republic. Lately of Magna-Lor, seat of governance. If some of our questions are not to your sensibilities please pass them by. That itself is relevant data. This sport we have been made to observe many times by the G-...the great Freedom Leaguer Pseudo." Dol-Druth's eyes twitched in their sockets. It wasn't easy to work with a Grue "We understand the rules and how to enforce them."


"We greet you, Terrestrial exceptionals, in the name of the Lor and our star-flung siblings!" The Speaker of Dotrae leveled the same unfriendly stare at each of the humans('And an Ellean, a mutant of a primitive strain but those wings...unmistakable') and bowed ponderously, their flesh rippling and billowing aside to achieve this.


Rising agan with a trifle more difficulty the Dotrae nodded curtly at Phalanx's assertion "Yes, you and your effect on this planet's society is...is...of..." the alien's brow beetled. Something about this man was familiar...


Far away, billions of minds scanned each other's memories. One of them found something in Dol-Druth's, that time he'd drunk that ground-strained slurry and spoken with three humans at the Starface Cofá. One had looked exactly like this Phalanx.


...but even if there weren't even ten billion humans on Earth yet, some of them had to look similar. Dol-Druth shrugged it off "It is of unparalleled importance to our inspection, no other breeding race has such high levels of individual power and thus-but that can wait."

On January 4, 2017 at 9:19 AM, Heritage said:

"Hi!" She waved eagerly, literally glowing with the biggest grin on her face. "I'm Miracle Girl! You must be the Hammer." Gazing around the athletic field, her eyes will filled so much delight and enthusiasm that even the most dour miser would crack a smile. "This is so cool!"


"Agreed, juvenile. Very cold. Is this game of some national interest?" Dol-Druth glanced at Kwame "Did none reply directly? Seems odd to just wait and hope."

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The blonde powerhouse grinned. "Ah, 'please Hammer, don't hurt 'em'; I got it." She flashed the '2 Legit' sign, which she remembered from the Addams Family video; see, kids today know their history!


When he asked her about athletics, Casey nodded vigorously. "Oh yeah, I've played flag football before; also soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball and field hockey." She smiled self-consciously. "I've always been a bit of a jock." She waved at Jann, who she recognized from school, but got a little bashful when she looked at Phallanx, because he was really cute, but very much in a relationship as far she knew.


But once she heard Dol-Druth speak, her expression changed and her tone became grave. "I was very sorry to hear about the loss of the Lor homeworld, Speaker; I never had the privilege of visiting it, but my father did, and he told me about it. He called the Senate 'the greatest shrine to democracy ever built'; its destruction is a loss to all free and sentient life." 


Having now spoken to the alien, she was suddenly completely tongue-tied and looked down at her cleats; it was times like this she felt like her future, mature adult self briefly manifested, but then disappeared and left 'the kid' behind to finish the conversation.


Thanks a lot, Adult Me.

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Kwame rubbed his head sheepishly at Dol-Druth's question.  "Well, not exactly.  The idea was to get heroes of the city to come out to play.  I had no idea who is actually free in the city now to play.  Also, I had just learned how to send out the message.  I'm not sure I put a way to contact me in the message.  I did invite some of the wrestlers of the UWL to join us.  They should be arriving shortly."


Even as he finished the words, from the south of the field, a group of four people, two male and two female, were approaching.  The group consisted of a large man wearing an outlandish red full head mask and matching wrestling singlet, a bare-chested man with four arms, a very large woman in a black wrestling singlet and a pink tutu, and a female humanoid reptile with a tail.


Kwame waved the group over with a smile upon his face.  Once they had arrived, he quickly introduced everyone.  "These are some of the jobbers that work with the UWL.  Zima II, The Grappler, The Dancer, and Bastante Venenoso.  They were free and interested in playing the game.  This is Miracle Girl, Phalanx, Dol-Druth, and Jann."  


Bastante Venenoso, the female humanoid reptile looked at Jan with her large yellow eyes.  A fork tongue shot out in his directions as if tasting his scent.  "I didn't know you'd have such an interesting addition coming to the game, Hammer.  He looks almost good enough to eat."


The Dancer moved close to Miracle Girl.  "Oh!  How do you get your hair to flair out like that in the wind?"  She ran her hand through her own shoulder length black hair.  "I would die to have hair like yours!  You must let me know what shampoo you use after the game."


The Grappler crossed his four arms before his chest and simply looked at everyone.  The cold air didn't seem to bother him at all.  His gaze seemed to be sizing up Phalanx even as he flexed his biceps.


Zima II hopped from foot to foot as he waited for the game to get started.  "So how are we going to do this?  I'm counting nine here.  Not a really good way to play football."


Kwame took count of everyone present before slowly nodding his head.  "Yeah, but Dol-Druth has agreed to be the referee.  I figure we can play a game of four on four.  We just need to make teams.  Any suggestions?"  Kwame looked at all gathered inviting anyone to share their ideas.

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The Grappler uncrossed his arms and moved to the equipment laying on the ground.  "It's easy, Hammer.  The UWL versus the Heroes of Freedom.  We work well with each other so it should be easy to mop the floor with them."  He put on the belt and attached the flags to it.  "Oh, since we only have a few players, you can be on their side.  You haven't worked long enough with us yet and that would only slow us down."


He tossed a belt and matching flags to the other UWL members.  Dancer smiled at Miracle Girl before catching the belt easily.  "If we're going to do it that way, Grappler, then we might as well make the game a little more fun."  Dancer looked at the heroes and her smile widened.  "How about a friendly wager?"


Zima smiled as the he warmed to the thought.  "Yeah.  That's be good.  But what to wager?"


Bastante licked her lips as he moved to join her teammates.  "How about the loser buys the winner dinner?  Simple and easy to do."

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"We respectfully decline to partake. Terran food is..unfamiliar to us. Still finding the right nutrient-extracts."


Dol-Druth glanced up and down the opposing lines. He was a little irked to realize he had no notion how outré the "wrestlers" were dressed. Some of them looked...but then there were the other Terrestrians...all these primary colours everywhere...hopefully Earth's civilizing meant a refinement of dress.


"We thank you for the thought, Miracle Girl," he added as the bulging alien began stumping over to a relatively off-side location "many who lost mind-loves are comforted to know that pain is understood by you. The Vigilant was a mighty ally to the galaxy's weakest, we hope people will say the same of Miracle Girl." For a moment, the frown cleared and the slumped face smiled kindly at the young woman.


Lor homeworld. It stung more than the planet inspector had expected, to be reminded of how that bit of parochialism had spread. He would never have accused Granarchus Frankan or the other Vani of exploiting the tragic loss of Lor-Van for a smack of old-fashioned Source Star ideology seeding, but it was troubling all the same. The empire, so recently dead, seemed to reach out from the past and clutch at the galaxy's throat, its skeletal fingers a thousand whispers of commonality and united destiny...


He clapped his thick hands together with a muffled boom "You understand your powers best, and the Hammer," the Speaker bowed to the man "has the most experience with you people of the League. We request only that those with flight remain in the middle reaches, neither striking nor defending. Aside from that, the teams are small enough not to need much management. Go to!"

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The Avian teen stayed in the background, doing his best to follow the various conversations. He didn’t really know what this “Lor” business was about, so staying quiet was the most acceptable option. Stay quiet, follow the conversation, try to figure out what’s going on. Good tips, ones that had come in useful more than once.


The arrival of the other Ultimates was something that seemed to wake him slightly. He knew them, of course, casually (or not so casually) having followed the UWL ever since he arrived in Freedom City. He observed their movements, as one of them approached. He’d always been somewhat interested in Venoso’s career, her being one of the less human-looking Ultimates.


He did his best to sound nice, trying to not make it sound serious, which … somewhat worked, as he slowly spoke, trying his best to pronounce the words correctly.


“Ms. Venoso, it is a … pleasure right? to meet you. I should warn you that I have hunted bigger game before.”


As food was mentioned, Jann turned his head over to the main conversation, all the while walking over to the rest of his team.


“I am in favour of this proposition. Perhaps, could somebody explain the rules?“

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Casey's cheeks went a little pink at the Dancer's compliment, and she self-conciously ran her fingers through her hair. "Oh, ah, thanks! I just use Acure Organics, pretty much for everything; hair, skin, lips, you name it. Everything they make is 100% natural, cruelty free and green as can be!"


You are such a Girl Scout, Case!


At first the mention of a wager made the teenage powerhouse uncomfortable, because she really didn't like gambling, but when it was made clear the prize would involve food, she did a complete one eighty. "Oh, you Ultimates are going down! No one comes between me and my food!" She quickly went over the rules for flag football as she put on her belt and twisted her hair up into a French braid to keep it out of the way.

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Hammer nods at Miracle Girl's explanation of the rules.  "Yes, It's fairly easy.  We have to cross the other goal line by catching or running with the ball.  If someone takes your flag, you must stop and play in finished.  You get four chances to advance the ball to the goal line.  If you advance 10 yards, it resets the number of chances you get back to four."  He picks up the football and throws it at Jan.


"Catch!"  Unfortunately, the pass is very wide and high, sailing a good ten feet away from the winged hero.


"Hmm, guess I won't be the quarterback!"  Laughter from the Ultimates filled the air.


"Looks like we'll get that dinner fairly easily!" Zima said as he looked over the group of heroes.  

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Dol-Druth remained on the sidelines, in polite deference to how most of the people there could bowl right through him if they failed to brake in time. 


Instead he sent out sharp psychic warnings to the players, keeping a com opened in his hand so he could double-check the "helpful" advice from the Manymind. But at least that was better than dealing with the painfully slow speeds of Earth's unwired worldnet.



Get them through the stile! Serpentine, serpentine!

Mostly better.


~'Dancer, continue and you will be in violation of the American National Football Asso-oh, you stopped, thank you'~ 


For most of the game, the Speaker appeared to just stand or stroll beside the field, occasionally raising a hand to catch the ball when it started to hurtle out of bounds to get it back into play.


Things went fine until one of those millions of unforgiveable grey areas appeared in play.


"You reached nine and two-thirds feet Hammer!" He glared furiously, pallid skin bulging with veins thick as fingers "Being grappled by the Grappler pushed you over the line! Do you question our objectivity or impartiality as referee?!"

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Before words hurled in protest left his lips, Hammer looked down at the area on his belt.  With the flag missing and Grappler's grinning face nearby, he knew that the call was good, though he could have argued that the distance was actually the full ten yards.  No need to get worked up about a few inches.  This is a friendly game after all.  


Hammer shook his head at the Speaker's question and placed the football on the ground marking the position.  He walked over tot he others and wiped sweat from his brow.  Even though the weather was still cold enough to keep snow upon the ground, he had worked up a good amount of sweat.  He looked at his teammates as they huddled around.  "Okay.  They've been giving us a run for our money.  I don't think they're actually better than us.  The only thing that's given them the edge so far, is their ability to work together.  So far, we've been playing like individuals.  It's time we start playing like a team."  Hammer looked up form the huddle to see the opponents standing by the ball.


"Phalanx, do you think you could occupy Grappler long enough for Jan to set up a pass to Miracle Girl?  I'll block Dancer which should be just enough for Miracle Girl to not only get us the first down, but the touchdown and the win."

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Phalanx was less familiar than he'd like to admit with the eb and flow of the game and not really prepared for the level of play the wrestlers laid out on the table but he could see that Hammer was right, it was all about teamwork when it came down to it.  He nodded agreement with the call, "I think I can manage that."  he replied and perhaps telegraphed the intention as he looked up out of the huddle at the opponent in question.  "I have some experience with getting between my teammates and danger."  he added with a small smile.   Looking between the others in the friendly competition he grinned, "We got this."

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Hammer nodded his head at Phalanx's words.  He turned to the others in the huddle.  "Think you guys can hold up your end?  We're counting on you two to put this game to bed.  I'm looking forward to a steak dinner!"  He looked over his shoulder at the Ultimates and smiled.  Grappler returned the smile and pointed his fingers as if shooting the heroes down.


Hammer turned back and placed his hand in the center of the huddle and waited for the others to join in.  "It's time for some super action!"

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The game was going great so far for Casey; to be honest, she was really less concerned with winning or losing, and was more excited for the chance to compete in a team sport again. She hadn't realized how much she'd been missing it; hopefully this could become a semi-regular thing? Her level of play overall was excellent, but almost more impressive was her enthusiasm for the game; she whooped, jumped, high-fived and cheered, and always displayed good sportsmanship, including clapping when the other team performed well.


When Hammer signaled for the team to huddle up, she eagerly leaned into the circle to hear their captain's plan. "Sure, no problem! I used to play goalie back in high school soccer; my coach always said I had great hands!" Then she put her hand into the middle, looking from face to face with the goofiest grin on her face.

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As the game went on, it became rather apparent that Jann didn’t really know what he was doing. He wasn’t screwing up, but he seemed to have some trouble with figuring out how everything worked. As wasn’t all that uncommon for first-timers. He made up for his inexperience with a tactically sound mind and great throwing. In fact, while he didn’t have any apparent powers (save for his body), the way his throws, even the indirect ones, always seemed to reach their intended target, which suggested that there probably was more to his throwing than just skill.


He didn’t invest himself in the game too much emotionally. He seemed content with how things were going, and added a token cheer whenever necessary, but, just like his face, his actions were rather bland emotion-wise. Flashy moves, yes, but not a lot of emotion.


Either way, he gladly joined in with the huddle. He’d seen this in movies before. Now somebody said something, and suddenly everything went well. Perhaps it would work? “Can pass, yes. Easy enough. “ And then, he too held his hand forward, where it’s not quite human physique just became ever more apparent.

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The team of heroes broke their huddle and took their positions on the line of scrimmage.  The wrestlers took up their own position as well.  Zima looked at the slightly changed formation of the heroes and called out, "Looks like they think they can break through, Grappler!  Let's show them that we're able to stop any push they make!"


Hammer smiled inwardly at the challenge.  It's time we show you what we can do once we decide to work together!  


Once Jan called for the ball, the heroes moved into action.  Grappler moved for Hammer but Phalanx was there to block the massive wrestler.  Even with his multiple arms, he was unable to get passed.  


Miracle Girl began her own sprint down the field.  Dancer moved to intercept the younger hero.  Just when she would have been within reach, Hammer appeared.  He crossed between Dancer and Miracle Girl causing the wrestler to lose track of her intended prey.  


Throughout the hectic maneuvers upon the field, Jan kept his cool and watched as his teammates performed perfectly in unison.  Once he saw Miracle Girl in the open, he launched the football into the air over Bastante's outstretched arms.  The football soared through the air and landed perfectly into Miracle Girls's waiting hands.


She crossed the goal line just as Dol-Druth signaled the end of the game.  The score was Heroes 12 - Ultimates 10.

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