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The Ben Hur Invitational: Self Preservation Society (OOC)


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Due to not wanting a sudden finish, giving durf a free Hero Point. The pursuit is now on! Gizmo, KD, let's see what you got!


That said, one quick statement. The four cars are using modified Speedy Racing Car stats from Agents Of Freedom, moving at Speed 6 - and a ruling by ref is as follows;



Ecalsneerg 5:03 PM

MaMa lets you roll for Defence as a Standard Action, with a result of Drive result - 10 - size modifier
  • I'd allow it for Reflex saves too.
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What roll or rolls should Nevermore make?


Also, need to double-check the rules, but I think I can use Extra Effort and have the Fatigue go on the Equipment or Device, instead of Nevermore. If that's the case, I'll be using EE to boost the Talon's Speed by 1-2 ranks...and it's going to start wearing out quickly...


EDIT: Hm. Core rulebook is a bit unclear....The justification, in my mind, is Nevermore turning off a couple of safeties/limiters, and pushing the engine beyond the "red zone". 

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Okay! No problem with the Notice + Drive check - you easily avoid the suddenly-tweaked lights that send stopped cars roaring forward on those side streets (causing no end of traffic jam when they realize the lights were kerfrakked) - and you get ahead of the racing Mini Coopers! Post IC accordingly!


KD, you hear/spot something other than the lights behind you going haywire, causing the police to get caught up in traffic. There's a crackling over your comms link, and you're hearing something...odd...like a couple of overlayed voices. Someone else using that kind of radio, perhaps? Post IC accordingly!

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