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[IC] Halloween Hijinks (Open)


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Monday, October 31st, 2016

A building, Southside, Southside

7:46 PM




Almost everyone had received an invitation. Almost everyone knew it was a bad idea. Many didn’t care about that. A Halloween Party. Organized at a small, easy-to-rent location only a short walk away from the Academy. Online research showed that renting it wasn’t a big ordeal, it required only basic information, but also quite an amount of money. And came with all the equipment a party would need.


People had gotten the invitations through a wide variety of means. Some were asked in person. Some found notes in their bags, some in their rooms. Others heard the news from their friends, while a few more got texts. Some invitations arrived through even stranger means. But one thing they all had in common was the message. A starting time, shortly before 8. A call for costumes and a description of the location.


However, one thing nobody seemed to know was the organizer. When pushed on it, nobody really knew what to answer, and it was unclear whether or not it was because they were just hiding it, or really didn’t know. Either way, the identity of the person, or people, behind it was unknown to most students, only a select few knowing more.


Even the combination of all these ominous factors didn’t stop people, however. So, when people arrived at the described location, they were met with an open door. An open door, leading into a small entrance room, filled with coat-hangers, a few of them looking like bones. Rather realistic ones at that, but probably of animal origin. A second door then led into the main room itself, where a simple beat was playing. The lights were off, and a bit of smoke, clearly made by a smoke-machine crept outwards.

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October 31st... 7:30

Flying in route to the party location


"Well this costume is at least aerodynamic..." Sakurako thought as she flew from the Academy grounds to the party site. She was wearing her rendition of a certain legendary skin of the character Tracer from Overwatch... a game she suddenly became enamored with. She had changed her suit to look like the titular character's "slipstream" skin. Something about the character clicked with her for this year's partying.


Although the situation in regards to the mysterious notes made her naturally suspicious. And after being kidnapped off of Freedom's streets a couple months back, and ending up in a whole world of strange, Sakurako's felt a bit like a stranger. Semi-disconnected from things. There was no "normal" for her anymore it felt, and this party felt to her like something normal. Not that she'd be blamed afterward for hiding her e-wand in a pouch on the yellow vest of her costume. She was starting to regret not researching splitting the tech up into the two prop pulse-pistols that were comfortably tucked in the arm gauntlets just like the character had.


On landing she looked at the set up as she walked along. "Well the atmosphere works..." She said, putting on the Aviator Shades that she made ouf of her data glasses. "Here goes nothing..."


She lingered near the coat-room, waiting for others to show, hoping the black dye in her hair wasn't obvious... or coming off on the white silk scarf she had, keeping her head on a swivel. "Cheers luv... Endeavor's here." She whispered nervously... has she kept herself from human contact this long outside of Casey? She must be becoming a hermit.

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Another iconic videogame character soon dropped out of the sky and approached the mysterious location; Casey Blankenship, aka Miracle Girl, wasn't very skilled with costuming, so she instead opted for a simple rental outfit. While she  was still out on the street, she did a quick IR scan of the building, because part of her still thought this might be a trap.


I hope Sakurako was able to make it; we haven't hung out in forever!

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Sakurako's familiar heat signature was just inside the building. Leave it to her to go in without backup.


Although impatient she stepped out for a second to see if anyone was showing up, and she sees Casey. "Hey! Sounds like a party's being prepared inside... haven't taken a look in there yet as I'm waiting for others to show up." She said with a grin. "Sorta surprised you picked Link... but only a little."


She scratched her head... this is the first time she's seen her close friend since the incident... and her news. That had to wait though, because fun.


"Also yeah... I'm geeking out over this... first video game I've actually liked." She said twirling around to give Casey a look. "I could get into this whole cosplay thing."

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Casey's face lit up at the sight of her friend. "Hey, roomie! Oh, this is just a rental; I've never really been very good at sewing." She leaned in to give her classmate a hug, but held back at the last second when she noticed Saku was holding herself a bit stiff. "Are you okay? You look a little..."


At the mention of other guests, the blonde heroine frowned. "There's someone else inside; big guy, from the look of his heat signiture. We should probably be cautious, just in case it's a trap."

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Sakurako itched her nose. The makeup for the freckles didn't please her. "I've... been having better days, let's just say that."


"It was a... lab accident." She said... straightening out her scarf, playing with it with an index finger. She quickly changed the subject. "Big guy, huh... I guess he's not met us." Sakurako was definitely trying to change the subject as she started walking with Casey to the main party room. It was false bravado, then again she did survive the explosion of a large aircraft recently, and another tangle with her sister.


As she approached the doors. "Music's not my liking... but this is a party..."


Without further ado, she opened the doors.

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Link!Casey got the feeling there was more to the story than her friend was letting on, but she wasn't about to push; even an aspiring journalist knows when to respect someone's privacy.


"Here's hoping we're just being paranoid," she said as she followed behind Saku, head down and plastic sword at the ready. "Yeah, I'm more of a Carrie Underwood/Taylor Swift kind of gal myself, though I wouldn't mind a little dancing." She kept her vision in the infrared, in case of any more surprises. 

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The inside of the room looked quite nice. The smoke had built up to around knee-height, the machine had probably been running for quite a bit. As the two girls stepped inside, the smoke parted with their steps. The ground was nice, it appeared to be linoleum. As for the room itself, a few small bar tables, all with bowls of snacks on them, stood scattered across the room. The lightshow itself was not in full force yet, simply shining a few coloured lights down into the smoke, making for quite a nice effect. A DJ set, a rather small one stood towards the corner of the room, with a laptop attached to it.


On the walls, various bits and pieces of decoration. A big cartoon-y skull looked towards the entrance. Skeleton Hands holding candles, probably artificial ones, added to the lighting. A few plastic bats hung on strings from the ceiling, which was quite high up. Somehow, there was a full display armor in one of the corners, actually holding a halberd, and actually looking quite real. And wherever one looked on the walls, skulls. Some looked more artificial, some, well, less so. Behind the two girls, some other people were starting to arrive.

And then, the two heard some movement, wings of some sort. Before the two, a figure dropped from the ceiling, quite a large one at that. The person was wearing a bloody hockey mask, the blood looking just a touch too real, tattered clothes, and was holding what appeared to be a wooden sword of some sort. Which would probably have been even scarier if not for the huge wings on the back, clearly revealing this to be Jann Fa-Re.


He spoke, sounding just like usual, a noticeable accent and somewhat slow, but also joyful. “Boo! Welcome to the party!”




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"Oh, wow," said Casey at the amount of preparation the mysterious party planner had gone to in setting all this up. Of course, with her super-speed she could have done all of this in the blink of an eye, but that in no way diminished the planner's efforts.


At the sight of the young winged man wearing the mask, she had an 'ah-ha' moment; she leaned over to whisper in Saku's ear. "That must be Jann Fa-Re; I think he calls himself 'Bird of War', though I've never met him. I'm going to say hi." At that, 'Link' floated up in the air and drifted over towards the masked youth, looking a bit more like Peter Pan now that she was flying.


"Hi, are you Jann? I'm Casey. Did you put this all together? It looks pretty cool!"

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Sakurako was startled... but having the calmer Casey next to her only had her stop in her thoughts for a second from the "boo."


"I'm aware, Casey." Sakurako whispered.  "I look at the student roster and keep up to date... at least the info any student can look up. I don't know much more outside of name." She let Casey talk with Jann as she moved over to the DJ booth. Casey was better with the "people stuff".


Sakurako grinned, although outside of a face and known powers it was a blank as to who Jann was. Sakurako wandered over to the DJ booth looking over the laptop and it's set-up. "Hey, Jann... hired out for a DJ? This looks pretty familiar for a set-up." Sakurako said... twirling what looked like a large USB stick in her hand. "I got some fire in this if you're willing to have me take the stick here."

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There was a sudden drop in temperature and suitably spooky chill through the area as a pale face appeared around the corner, her skin looking bone white in the stark lighting of the place.


“Hello am I at the right place? I got a little delayed trick ‘n treating.” Cathy’s accent was a thick Scottish brogue


Her white hair was in two braids and as she stepped into the room she was in a fairly accurate costume of Anna from Frozen.


“I was in a bit of a hurry and I didn’t have time to change, I hope this is okay.” she sounded a little apologetic, she’d been thinking of something a little more grown-up.

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Sakurako heard a beep come from the speaker in her glasses she made to look like aviator shades, her suit's HUD comes on...


Warning, sudden temperature drop, compensating...


Sakurako's suit seemed to thicken a bit uniformly with warmed air.


Unknown source of temperature change, please diagnose life support system at soonest convenience.


It did feel cold, even when the suit activated it's climate support system borrowed from her usual suit, like it was cutting through even the warmth of the system. That was new, both warm and cold at the same time. She looked up from the Laptop to see Cathy had showed up. She taps a location on the left arm of her glasses and her suit's CPU stops panicking.


"H... Hi Cathy! Nice of you to have made it!" Sakurako said. "I wager you want to build a snowman?"


"I really need to come up with a way to compensate for that type of quantum state reduction, then again running into a Mei-class cold controller is probably rarer than hen's teeth.Sakurako thought.

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Jann flipped up his hockey mask. His face looked the same as ever, and he seemed to be in a pretty good mood, as he waved to a few of the people now entering the building. He spun his wooden sword in his off-hand, as he took a few steps backwards and began to respond to the questions.


“Yes, I am Jann. Did most of the organization, but had some help with things. In the end, the others are what made this possible. But yes, did organize most the things. Nice to meet you, Casey.”


Then, Jann spun around almost entirely once, at the end looking back towards the same direction as before, but at a slight angle. He held his arm pointed outwards, together with his sword, indicating the laptop’s direction. “DJ has not shown up yet. Feel free to play some.


And then, he went to address Cathy. He’d seen her on campus a few times. Never talked to her, didn’t know her name, but he was aware of her being one of Claremont’s students.

“Yes, right place! Cool costume. It works with the party.”


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“Sometime I think that the film was made just for me, even if it’s a little cliche.” she gave a smile “Luckily for you all I won’t try to sing any of the tune, and my snowmen won’t suddenly spring to life.”


She gave Sakurako a little wave and created a little snowman in the palm of her hand, the skin on her arms going transparent and ice like as she created the little sculpture.


“Won’t last long in these light either, despite how I lower the temperature around me and erm sorry about that it’s a lot better than it use to be. Oh and in case you missed it the name Cathy, pleased to meet you and thanks for the invite.”

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Sakurako starts feeling like she spoke out of turn. Naming off someone before a proper introduction...


Nervously she stumbles on a key press and manages to make her awkwardness even more so.


As the whistful altered melody that was "Flower Shoppe" by "Macintosch Plus", the watershed of the Vaporwave meme itself played over the speakers, Sakurako facepalms, glowing redder than a running light on a plane. "Welp... time to fire the DJ... I just whiffed it." She says trying to stay cool, but Sakurako's music tastes were now out in the open.

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"Hi Cathy! Love the costume; I love that movie!" She remembered the day Cathy and a bunch of other newbies had arrived; she'd been planning to take them on a tour of the campus, but then those jerks Huang and Raina showed up, and she didn't feel so neighborly after that. Sadly, she'd largely avoided the newbies since then, which meant she'd neglected her mentorship duties; maybe she should have tried to patch things up with the two magical teens, and not give up so easily.


Stepping over to her friend, literally her only friend at school (what happened to her? She was so popular at her old school.), she unexpectedly rested her head on Sakurako's shoulder and sighed. "Don't worry; you're doing fine."  She only rested it there for a few moments before she joined Cathy, doing her best to put on a brave face.


"So, how was your first year at Claremont, Cathy? Make a lot of friends?"

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Jann stood to the side, only partially following the conversation. He seemed to be a bit lost in it, but once the music set in, he seemed a bit more comfortable. His expression didn’t tell of much, and his tone was rather neutral, his accent continuing to make his speech sound quite exotic. “Interesting music. Have not heard any of these at parties before. Do they not usually play things like this in elevators?”


Before he could get any response, he, seemingly on instinct, turned around on the spot, barely moving his limbs at all. He looked towards the door, where another group of people had just arrived, and raised his hand. He pointed over to the stage, resting his other hand by his side, before turning around again. “Organization is not finished yet. More snacks just arrived. “ One of the teens in the group that had just arrived walked where Jann had pointed, a large paper shopping bag in hand, seemingly filled to the brim.


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