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High Steaks


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Mulling this over in my head;


Ive used the High Steaks in a couple of threads. Its a Freedom City restaurant and gambling joint for those with money, and an exclusive club for the rich and powerful. Its also used to be run by vampires. 


I'm thinking of running a social thread, as its taken over by new management. By "Social" I don't mean just meet and greet, flash cash, etc.


If run, it will be about social conflicts, gossip, networking, antagonism, charm, seduction, and even perhaps some card playing (and/or cheating). I.e. Some clash, but no combat. 


If you fancy getting membership at the new club, then bring your best clothes and spend money. Plus, be charming, beautiful, and powerful. Or better still, all three...


Still mulling this over; I'n not particularly good (or perhaps interested) in regular social threads, but I am always up for experimenting a bit. Plus, I would quite like to try "running" a regular NPC (the new owner), as a non-combat orientated character. 


For those that know "Wild Cards", I have (vaguely), the "Aces High" restaurant run by Hiram Worcester in mind; although blended with "Casino Royale" Bond, and a little touch of Las Vegas. 



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The Speaker, as a very blunt and tactless alien diplomat/primitive locale tourist, could easily show up at a place like High Steaks to get a better feel for how Earth's class divide is going.


"The name is Druth. Dol-Druth." *sits down, collapses chair* "Non-adaptive seating. Minus ten points."

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Ill leave this open a bit longer, wouldn't want more than four people here, however. Debating throwing Lord Steam in (Im not super comfortable with GMing and playing though, but he would fit). 


Ill happily put the Speaker in, Ari, as long as you add his link in your signature! :P

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To plea to you all, please give me steer on what story progression you would like for your PCs. I don't like imposing my vision on others PCs; alongside this, please let me know your tolerance levels for your character failing / losing / being humiliated etc; I know Heri and Ari trust me on this (and know their limits), but sounding out for Alder and Durf. (PS don't panic, I am not sadistic!)

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