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LCA Recruitment - Closed - Players Chosen

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Good afternoon, everyone. I'm currently hoping to begin a plot sometime soon. I've already collected a few victims volunteers, but I still need one more -- two at the absolute most.

I'm a novice GM and I am increasingly nervous about overextending myself.


Some people, I know, can be counted upon to wrangle a really impressive number of players, but I'm definitely not one of them. Maybe I will be, but right now I'm definitely not.


So far, the folks who've agreed to be my test subjects are:

  • Avengers_Assembled, as Sea Devil.
  • Blarghy, as Adept.
  • Is it you?
  • Or you?


The story that I have in mind is a bit of a romp; mostly it's an excuse to take my players to few wacky locations and have them interact with a bunch of kooky NPCs. There will be battles (aren't there always?) and a major dust-up at the end, but I anticipate this one being primarily driven by roleplaying and not roll-playing. I am, myself, a bit of a seat-of-the-pants GM with a preference for organic storytelling -- this means that I prefer that my dice rolls be made behind the scenes both to preserve an air of mystery and so that I can fudge the numbers this way and that to produce mutually-favorable outcomes. If this is an issue I will of course abstain, but that's where I'm coming from. I'm aiming for an average PL of 10 to 11. Characters who aren't terribly serious will be better served by this plot than those that are, and heroes with ranks in Knowledge: Pop-Culture and/or Knowledge: Technology will find themselves with plenty to do.


Beyond that, you'll be investigating a series of unusual kidnappings and attempting to bring a dangerous new villain to justice. If that sounds like fun, please apply below.


I would feel really, terribly guilty about turning people down so I ask that you please only express your interest if you're really serious about joining.


I should also note that this plot will introduce my new character, Punchline, but he's not the starring attraction -- that'd be you guys. Just, you know. Fair warning.

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Recruitment is now closed.


A warm, heart-felt thank you to everyone that's applied.


I'll take a few days to go through the sheets and let everyone know who's been accepted.



I was almost hoping that I'd only get one applicant, so that I wouldn't need to make this decision -- I hate the idea of leaving people out -- but I'm flattered that so many folks want in!


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Okay, the decision has been made.

Our four players, and their characters, are:

  • Avengers_Assembled, as Sea Devil.
  • Blarghy, as Adept.
  • Exxacus, as Doctor Deoxy.
  • Heritage, as Miracle Girl.

I want to thank everyone, again, for expressing interest in my first plot. I really hope that I don't disappoint.


And, for those of you who won't be participating this time, I really do appreciate your interest. Thank you so much.


My players can expect messages linking you to the IC and OOC threads shortly.

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