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Tagging in with Endeavor.


Also a note... Sakurako's hair is naturally pink, but I wager by analysis it would look like it was dyed. As I don't see anything yet I can work with, I'm going to make conversation for a post. I have my doubt any plan I come up with for escape will work right now.

One note, was my suit and wand taken from me in the attack that captured me, or was I attacked when I wasn't wearing them, or had them on my person? In fact what is Sakurako wearing right now? I can assume she's been stuck in some form of either prison jumpsuit or hospital gown perhaps?


Oh, this is Sakurako's Reputation stuff.

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It goes either way. I was thinking the former, that Endeavor just was in the area and intervened, but if you'd rather it was the latter go ahead.


While both ways end up the same, the difference is in how they see their new captive which changes what will be needed to get enoh legroom to escape.


Clothes are what they were wearing at the time of the abduction.

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Well as I intervened, I would have been fully suited up.

I'll give ya a mulligan and the e-wand was dropped and her glasses came off somehow in the scuffle. No sonic screwdriver solution here. Right now though I'm not seeing options to escape. Being that the guards are keeping a close eye on me, I'm going to bide my time. Then again, are these cells hovering in mid-air?

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No, it's just a room branching off of a hallway, like most buildings do, no special trickery here(besides the combo door), they don't expect to need it, and if you want to find stuff that might help with the escaping, some rolls might be güd.

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Okay starting with a Search, then I will take 10 on my craft: Chemical, Electronic, and Mechanical checks to get a DC 25 and take 10 on Computers to get a DC 20.


Search Check (+10): 1d20+10 23


If a 23 will do it to find something interesting (or let me come up with something on my own to make a escape possible, with some hints) then I'll sit on my 3 Hero Points. If not I'll have to cough one up to re-roll.

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From what Endeavour can tell this place isn't meant for long-term confinement, the metal panels making up the walls and flooring aren't actually very secure, there's a very old, powered-down computer console under an old steel hatch, and the door has a simple electronic lock on the outside, most likely needing a keycard or something similar. 


There's not much room to search, and fhe cameras have the entire cell covered, but given how old this place seems to be it's likely the wiring runs right through the walls, if only there was some way to get to it without the cameras picking up anything unusual.

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I'm wagering the place is so old it'll be suceptible to a EMP. All I'd need is a wire, and to time my doing this so one of the guards' mind-wipes happen right as they start wondering what's up. Once the EMP happens in the cell the cameras will go off line, and I wager the electronics keeping the forcefields regulated.. That is when phase two of my plan kicks in. See I plan on making this look like some sort of accident and I get electrocuted. I fall over hoping the guards come in using some sort of manual control to the doors, then as they open them, Bang. Make a break for it.


Any idea on how I can pull this off?

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Exaccus, if you want, Alex can make a Concentration check to capture whatever it is the shard has planted in his mind via the transformation.


And a DC17 Fortitude check to resist the palmitic acid. 

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Sailor, the cell's (restricted) climate control is on the same wall as the old computer. Since they likely run from the same power source, the much greater energy needs of the vacuum-tube era computer could potentially overload the wiring of its more delicate brethren or cause a pulse train thanks to the motor of fhe AC fan. But the computer would need to activated first. 


The guards are pretty comfortable and bored, and wowing somebody with their knowledge of how their world works is likely to appeal to them.

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So... play curious while I get things going, what am I rolling? Computer check for the bootup and the whoops? Then when they open the doors make with the skeedaddling?


Let's see a Vacuum Tube system shouldn't be hard to get started, so Let's take 10 on it and Call it a 20. If that won't be enough I could roll that first before I make a post.

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Yeesh, that certainly leaves a mark.

I'm glad you asked, Ex-Citizen! The thing broiling away turns out to be stored memories of people who somehow had their powers and memories of their using them put into this crystal. In this case the power Alex took from the crystal is ESP 10(Auditory & Visual Senses) Linked to a Penetrates Concealment Super-Sense Extra for both of those sense types. A bonus, his Mimicry seems to make him immune to the crystal's power-absorptive properties.


Also, for some reason all the memories have Alex thinking in what to him sounds like "Chinese"(actually Mandarin)

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You said I had on whatever I had on when I intervened, and I would have been wearing my suit.

Whatever then... I'm making a run for it. What do I roll? Not even gonna attack, just run. If I engage I'm gonna get rolled as any attack will probably knock me out.

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Nope, no need to roll anything. Unless you want to, say, grab the card Wu has, that might be handy, and locking him in the cell would be both practical and hilarious.


EDIT: No Sleight of Hand training, so say a DC5 Dexterity check.

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