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Hey. You wanna... Fight some crime? Get some nachos maybe? Whatevs...


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So, now that I've got a handle on the way things work around here, and am in need of a thread or two, I figured I'd throw my hat into the GM ring and ask for teamups/thread suggestions. Currently, I just have Stinger, but I have a spacefaring Claremont kid and a Voodoo Vigilante in the works, so those are options too. I'm open to social threads, combat threads, whatever you feel like, so anything is an option!

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Hey, remember when I made this post and then disappeared for a few months? Yeah, good times...

Anyway, I have a couple thread ideas if you two are still interested. I can do a couple one-on-ones or try and get a party going, depending on what people feel like, and that'll pry dictate which idea I end up using.

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Okay, I think I've got a couple thread ideas I can get going here. Only have Stinger up right now, but as he still needs to establish himself, that's not an entirely bad thing. For the first thread, I was thinking a team up between Stinger, Torpedo Lass, and Kanunu versus some cyborg pirates would be a good fighting thread if everyone were up for it.

The second thread could go a couple different ways depending on the whims of those involved. I've been wanting to see Danny team up with Fast-Forward for a while, based on their mutual affinity for the 80's and wisecracking demeanors. Alternately, their mutual backstories involving forced cyborg-ification and tragic loss would make Harrier an interesting team up at some point, too. Either way, I was thinking one of those two could join Stinger and either Thoughtspeed or Nevermore to hunt down some shadowy assassins.

Let me know if those setups work/don't work/you really don't care so Dalek just needs to make a friggin' decision/etc. Once everything's finalized, I should be able to get the Pirates thread going in the next day or so, with the Assassins thread coming soon after.

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