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Praetorians: The Deadly Dozen (OOC)


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Linked Powers 12("Mind-Mask"; Magic, Light, Protection.) [12pp]

Immunity 10: Mental effects Flaw: Limited (half effect) [5pp]
Immunity 5: Interaction Skills [5pp]
Concealment 1 (Other sense: mental) [2pp]

DC22 to design,
DC27 to build.

Is what I'm proposing.

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Okay, reviewed the rules on inventions/rituals.  The design phase would be DC22 and take 12 hours to do (which you can reduce if you take a penalty on your roll).  A -5 to the roll would make it take 6 hours instead and be DC 27.  You can Take 10 on the roll. 

The construction phase normally takes 48 hours to complete (12pp x4).  Again you can take a -5 to the roll (making it DC 27) and it will take 24 hours.  Again, you can Take 10 on this roll. 

So, we are looking at about 30 hours of work.  I am not sure the travel time to where we are going would quite take that long.

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Oh well thats a bonus too, don't suppose i can get the +4 from eidetic memory because im "remembering it" :p?

I think that means i have to beat a DC32 arcana check to pull it off so i might be blowing the second luck point anyway.

1d20+18=21 yeaah no.

HP reroll!

1d20+18=20 +10 = 30 sooo clooose.


Ill HP reroll again, extraordinary efforting to improve the check by 4 to 22. i think that means i can't fail. but am Exhausted, which i hope will recover on the trip.



Next month, Ultimate effort for definite.

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Well, I do not believe you can spend a second hero point for another reroll once you have already rerolled once (you are not even allowed to spend more than one hero point in a single round on rerolls, even when they are different rolls).

But anyway, the DC would only be 27, as it is the base craft check (which was 22) +5.  So with the reroll you made it.

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So…..work (and other elements of RL) reared up and took all my focus for bit there.  While work is still busy, it is now more manageable and other things in RL are starting to fall back into a routine, so I should be able to get back to some regular posting. 

But, we have lost at least one player (possible two, as Lazer has not been on for over a month). 

Is everyone else up for moving forward?  Maybe if we try to pick up a couple new PCs to fill out our numbers again?

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Okay, in the interest of keeping us moving forward, Paradigm has assigned the team to investigate the Sar-Lan: Cavalier, Moon-Moth, Mater Vyrdna and Magnetar (an NPC we will say has magnetic control powers). 

So, if I can get a couple posts, I will move that group forward toward the prison ship and the rest of us down to the planet (arriving at the locations and roughly the same time).

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Looking back, in an earlier post Ex already had Moon-moth casting his illusion to mask the group, so I figured I would keep us going forward.  So Vahn, time for Mater Vyrdna to do her thing.  Your Datalink lets you automatically interface with the ship's computers, so give me a computer roll for trying to take control of them and make them do what you want.

Those down on the surface, feel free to make a post following Paradigm out onto the landing pad outside.


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