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Claremonters in Space! A Lighthouse Field Trip!

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Hello, thought I'd offer an idea for a thread that can be dated in late May, involving the students going to the Lighthouse to help with small stuff at the Lighthouse while the Adults are off doing what full-grown heroes do. What I was thinking was a tour of the facility, some inside Zero-Gee training, and the possibility of a short space walk.

Oh, and helping the cause of space exploration with an important mission to the ISS to help out with a problem.

Who's up for being space explorers? Also, is it wrong to design up a suit for the Claremont teens that they wear while in space? Pretty much a device they get to use for the thread? (Pretty much life support and communication only)? I doubt Claremont would send the kids up unprotected (and the spaceworthy teens up without something to let them talk in space...)

Besides who wouldn't pass up getting to wear a neat, durable space suit/uniform design that makes you look all sci-fi?

So, who is interested, and who can best answer my question?

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I wager having devices would be bad... unless Sakurako made temp devices with her Inventor feat. Of course if she doesn't know how many are coming along I might end up rendering the thread moot.

Bit leery of the equipment spacesuit, but I guess that's what the claremont spacesuit will be then.

Anyways, other takers?

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I think we got a space suit Samaritan's size. ^_^

Final Roster for the trip...

  1. Endeavor
  2. Samaritan
  3. Vox
  4. Miracle Girl
  5. Hestina
  6. Cerulean (Maybe... Can I get a yes or no?)
  7. Rampart
  8. Brigandine

I hope Cerulean comes, as I can have the group split into two teams of four for MORE shenanigans! ^_^ If Cerulean says no though I will open her spot for a straggler.
Just be sure to get your permission slip signed by a parent or guardian and turned in by Saturday! The transporter team wants to know how much mass is coming aboard. ^_^

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After looking at the list, I'm going to have to make a trim-back. Mad didn't seem on-board so I'm cutting his character out. Also, sorry EP, I'm going to have to drop you too. I think I let this get too big. Here is the new roster.

  1. Endeavor
  2. Vox
  3. Miracle Girl
  4. Hestina
  5. Samaritan
  6. Brigandine

Addendum: Actually now with the fact there is some timeline stuff, I'll cut Rampart for Samaritan, just to be safe.

Addendum 2: I'm going to delay this thread for a while, I don't think I'm ready to run. Sorry.

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