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  1. Vicki nodded to Saku flashing her a bright smile <"I guess, but you're here and we're camping! I mean, you don't need to interfere... except for like s'mores and ghost stories and all that cool stuff! Come on, it's not so bad! I like roughing it. You kind of can let everything go, you don't have to worry about what time it is other than light and dark. It's kind of romantic... not like kissy kissy romantic, but romantic, like a simpler time. You know, rose colored lenses and all."> She realized tht she was leaving Thaelia out of the conversation. That was going to be the downside to the weekend. She wished for the millionth time that ASL was mandatory. Oh well, serial communication could certainly happen. Leaning over to touch Thaelia she flashed her a message, <"I don't think we need to take the whole tree, for now just things on the ground. The more you can find the better. We'll make both a shelter and a reflector for the fire. It'll be nice and cozy when it's all done."> Then moving back to Saku she gave her a warm friendly hug, <"just remember, it's High School and I think we all feel out of place some times. Well more than sometimes. You can always hang out with me, and if you want we can make a shelter together. You know, the three of us?">
  2. Hestina

    A Welcome Lunch

    Vicki looked at the hovering Saku oddly then shrugged at Eileen. To be honest, that would not be the strangest thing they had seen today. In fact, it would not be the strangest thing she had seen in the past couple of hours. Regardless, it did look like she needed to get back to her room as, for whatever reason, she had passed out. As she had caught the last part of the conversation with them, she wondered if Saku had sleep apnea or something of the sort? It had been years since Vicki could remember falling dead asleep in the middle of something, her mom loved to tell the story of her falling asleep face first in her mean while camping one year. She'd have to ask her about it later. Excusing herself from the table she punched into her phone, "Excuse me. I'll give Eileen a hand getting Saku somewhere more conducive to sleeping. It was wonderful meeting you all!" Stepping over to her roomie, she touched her elbow and flashed, <"Do you have any idea where her room is? I'll help you get her back.">
  3. As she was communicating with Thaelia she looked over to Saku who was wandering off into the woods looking rather dejected. Wondering what was the matter with her, she looked up to Thaelia and flashed a message to her, <"I'm not sure what the matter is, but Saku is going off on her own and looks like she's upset about something. Let's catch up too her..."> Walking back through the small clearing, she dropped the small pile of branches she had found and jogged over to Saku catching up to her quickly. She wondered why her friend was walking with slumped shoulders, but perhaps one of her inventions didn't do what it was supposed too. Or maybe she was stumped by a hard math problem. Vicki assumed that things like that tended to consume her, given what she had seen of her work in the engineering classes. She caught up with her on what looked like one of Saku's return trips. Having already found a decent armload of branches. Touching her shoulder she grinned and communicated, <"Hey! What's the matter? You look like someone ran over your dog... is everything all right?">
  4. "But... but... but..." Vicki stammered as Eileen hung up the phone. "Wait... did she say naked?" Vicki debated calling back, but it did seem that there was trouble and Eileen was needed. If only that stupid watch would stop beeping so she could think straight. Nothing was making sense and she was having a hard time trying to figure out why she couldn't remember anything. With a sigh she started trying to turn off the watch, only to be treated to a very sweet overhead display of where the rampaging creature was along with what looked like the positions of other members of the Freedom League. How cool was that? Then it dawned on her, she was in the Freedom League too and this was her call to try and clean things up. Shaking her head and wondering when she became so dense, she texted back to Eileen, "I'll race you there. After I get rid of my... whatever he is." Opening the rich wood door to what could only be her therapy room, she tried to give a confident smile to the man, "hello, I'm very sorry about this, but I'm afraid we're going to have to reschedule. You could ask... um... my assistant for a new time and I'm sure we'll be able to get back to you very soon." He looked at her oddly, but nodded, "I suppose, although I do miss it when our times are cut short." "You do?" she replied hesitantly. "I do. I think these sessions are the only thing letting me keep it all together," he replied with a warm smile that turned her knees into jello. "However, you had me at 'what do you think of your father'" She smiled at the joke and retreated into her office where she immediately opened a portal to her own nether closet. Inside, she saw things had also changed quite a bit. Instead of the jumbled mess she recalled, it was orderly with tasteful decor and several big closets. Diving in she quickly changed, knowing that time acted a little differently in here. Yet as she started to put on the Hestina outfit, things had definately changed. Instead of the modest loose fitting outfit, she had something much more skin tight and revealing. Black and white spandex, patterened and styled to look modern and sleek. The form hugging material certainly didn't leave much to the imagination, which to her own dismay had not changed much apparently. "Well... if it was a dream, I'd fill this out better," she muttered as she appeared back into reality and began porting across the city at a fantastic rate.
  5. "I'm not entirely certain that I would want someone to make a plushie of me. I can't imagine that would be terribly flattering to your figure. Although, I guess it is complimentary in a certain way. ok and another thing, I'm not sure that I'm ready to have anyone sleep with me... plushie me or not. I think I would be totally weirded out if I walked into some guys room and my plushie was there." Each time that she began to think a phrase her hand subconsciously moved towards Daphne. She had to consciously keep reminding herself that Daphne's gifts worked without touch. Hopefully, Vicki would be able to learn how she did that. because it certainly made things easier to communicate. Her thoughts also subconsciously began to thank whoever had thought to contact Daphne about her situation. Her enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and abilities made her wonderful to talk to.
  6. Unfortunately for Vicki mental discipline was not necessarily her strong suit. Of course, her immediate thoughts went to how much can she really pick up. It was immediately followed up by which she apparently thought was her most embarrassing secret. "OMG...She's going to completely find out that I still sleep with the same bear I've been sleeping with for years. I wonder if she knows whether I brush my teeth or not today. I mean I did, but I wonder if that's the sort of thing she picks up. Wait, you're getting all of this aren't you." Realizing the train of thought that she had just gone down she smiled sheepishly. Doing her best to keep her thoughts focused she asked the question that she wanted to know the answer to. "So... do you find the people completely freaked out when they realize you can pick up the thoughts? I imagine that could get a little embarrassing pretty quick." As their thoughts transferred amongst each other, they continued walking towards the gardens. Vicki could not help but be amazed at the beautiful landscaping around the campus. If the campus itself could look so beautiful what would the garden be like?
  7. I would be more than happy to have it work that way. Eventually she is going to develop ranged telepathy so it would be fine with me and work better for the thread. Besides, having her hold hands with a ghost seems kind of funny to me.
  8. As she listened to Eileen's panickedvoice, she realized that the small office she had ducked into was likely hers. At least, there was a degree with her name on it, and a wall of books that she had never read, but given time would have loved too. The furniture was warm, inviting and tasteful and looked like somewhere she spent a lot of time at. Pictures across the room held images of people she both knew and didn't know. There was a door on the other side of the room, slightly adjar which she peaked through nervously as Eileen asked her the question that she was trying to figure out herself. Through the door was a comfortable room where a stupidly handsome man in jeans and a sports coat was idly looking over some of those brain puzzles which here scattered on an oak table. He moved about what looked like a psychologists office with a casual ease that made him hard to look away from. Retreating back into 'her' office she hissed into the phone, "because I can talk! And... and... and... there's a guy in my office that looks like he's expecting me to come talk to him about something and I don't have a clue on what he would want! Oh! Oh! There's an assistant here who seems to think I know what I'm doing, and she says I have appointments. Why do I have appointments? I don't even know what I would be appointing about!" Then one of the images caught her attention, it was a picture of Eileen, a much fitter and older Eileen, on the deck of a sailboat with a rather muscular and fit man, "...and it looks like you have a boyfriend... a serious one! Do you know that?" The watch kept beeping at her even as she tried to turn it off. Freedom League? Did she go to some kind of convention where they were giving out props and things? It did look pretty fancy, but by the looks of things, she was well off enough to afford nice things. "Oh... Mmm... Gee..." she whispered into the phone, "Eileen... what's going on?"
  9. The woman in the professional dress nodded slowly, "of course there is. It's all in his file... are you sure you're all right?" "His file... of course. I just wanted to know where it was... that's all..." Vicki responded lamely, wondering what was going on, but secretly thrilled to just be speaking. "...in the computer?" the lady said hesitantly. Vicki sighed, that figured, "thank you. I'll be fine, I guess I did just doze off there. Can you ask him to wait a moment. I have some paperwork to finish up." Thankfully that answer seemed to pacify the lady and with just one last off look she turned to go. However, she paused looking back and giving a very sly smile, "I don't know. If it were me, I wouldn't make him wait a second more than I have too. However, you're the doc and that's why you pay me the big dollars." Vicki laughed nervously. Paid her? Last she knew, her account only had a few hundred in it, the product of some babysitting and other odd jobs. She prayed that no one was going to ask her for a check until she figured out what was going on. As the woman went back to the front of the office, Vicki ducked into a side room and pulled her phone up. Dialling Eileen's number in a panic she wondered what was going on as it rang through to voice mail. This was an emergency! She dialled again... and again, praying she'd pick up.
  10. Someone was tapping her shoulder, repeatedly and insistently. She really wished they would stop as she had just been enjoying a little rest. Sure, she was standing up, but that didn't mean she didn't want to rest her eyes a little longer. People did that? Right? Yet the person did not relent and slowly her eyes opened as she gradually woke. "Dr. Adams," a polite voice asked as the tapping stopped. Blinking a few times, Vicki turned to see a pleasant woman in a professional dress looking at her expectantly. She had a friendly look about her, although there was a bit of concern that crept into her expression. "Yes?" Vicki replied while the implications of her speech had not quite sunk in. "Your three o'clock appointment is here," the lady replied. "He's already in the room waiting. Are you all right?" Of course she was all right. She had just been resting her eyes a little, "no I'm fine, it's been a long day..." Then things sunk in. Not only has she talked, something she had never done before, but she was in an office and someone she didn't know expected her to handle some kind of appointment. What kind of appointment and why didn't she remember any of this. If she was that important, she should remember something. "Um..." she started, still thrilled to hear her own voice, "are there any notes on this appointment?"
  11. He seems to have a lot of clothes on... ;)
  12. Manticore? Was that a half goat half lion? Or was it the snake headed one? Either way, why did she have a Manticore in the first place? Pausing for just a moment to contemplate that she decided that it would have to wait until later. Something was amiss and she was going to have go with... Ghost Girl. Ghost Girl, that was certainly a fitting name she decided still not sure if she should be scared or not. Yet, regardless what her mind was telling her, Kimber's exuberant spirit was something that was so inviting that she made a team up sound fun. Although, team up against what was the question as more of the crowd began to mill about. Punching furriously into her phone, it squaked, "I'm Hestina, but it's going to be hard to communicate. What do you think is going on? Oh... if I can actually touch you, I can probably make talking easier too. Is that possible?"
  13. Oh my... Okay, so when you say ideal. Is it their ideal, or ideal from a hero perspective, or is this a use your imagination kind of scenario? Oh! Also, when you say we have no idea how we got there, do we have any memories of this ideal situation?
  14. (GM) Four men and two women hoisted themsleves over into the life raft that miraculously appeared, coughing and sputtering as they struggled to give back the sea water which they consumed in the rough sea. As Endeavor hovered over them, one of the women finally looked up, seeming to hear her call for the first time. Her clothes were soaked through and she was shivering, but she shouted something back which Saku could barely make out. "The Captain is still on the bridge... and I think the engine crew is trapped when a bulkhead sealed!" Indeed, as the bridge tilted more into the dark waters, Saku could see at least two people struggling with a bulkhead trying to get out of the bridge. The door seemed to be resisting them, whether it was due to gravity, preassure or the ominous sound of failing and bending steel was not known. Meanwhile, as Casey dropped Vicki into the water, her flight revealed a gaping wound along the side of the hull. It was the source of much of the metalic rending noises as the forces which acted on the ship slowly broke it in half, exposing some of the interior of the hold and mechanicals. It was out of the water at the moment, but as the ship rolled more, it was dipping perilously towards the surface. If it reached the murky churning water, the descent into the depths would be swift and unstoppable.
  15. Hestina was still trying to clear the fog that seemed to pervade her thoughts. Casey's flight had been sudden, violent, and fast. Something she had not expected, or been prepared for in any way. Yet, all of that didn't matter now as it had served to get them to the sinking ship quickly. With the wind whipping around them in a deafening crecendo, for once, she did not mind her inability to speak. Nothing she would have said would have been audible over the slashing winds. <"There is a group of men and women clustered together. If you can put me down there I can get them into rafts... but I am worried about Endeavor and Cerulean... they're going to need help! I don't even know where Cerulean is and I'm worried about her."> One of the summers on base, Vicki had done lifeguarding... but looking at the rolling sea below her, she wondered if anything that the learned would be applicable. <"Good luck and be safe! I won't be able to contact you... so I'll fire a flare if I need help!">
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