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Incursion: Troopers [OOC]


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> 21 - Corona - Uninjured, 1HP
19 - Eclipse - Uninjured, 2HP
17 - Wander - Uninjured, 3HP
07 - Roulette - Uninjured, 4HP

05 - Squad C - Unaffected

05 - Squad E - Unaffected

05 - Squad W - Unaffected

05 - Squad R - Unaffected


Alright, we'll be using the Field Battle Rules here, with each commander in charge of a Squad-sized group of Trained quality troops. These rules are in the Golden Age sourcebook. If you have a chance to brush up on them, definitely do so! If not, give a general idea of what your character is instructing their troops to do and I'll help to interpret that.


Corona is up first!

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To help keep track:


Squad C

  • Lanky Canid Male (Unimpressed by Lor)
  • Spotted Lor Female (Unimpressed by OOPS)
  • Lor Male with Cybernetics (Cyber Eyes on Cyber Skies)
  • Jy'mm; Grue Genderless (Two Pistols, No Respect)
  • Ron-Digo; Eight-Eyed Indigo Male (Jaded but Friendly)
  • Other +7
Squad E
  • Jacia; Lor Female (Little Scrap of Combat Engineer)
  • Kharg Male (None Too Pleased)
  • Za'ak Male (Doesn't Like Roulette)
  • Other +9
Squad W
  • Ekna Veiu; Green Male (Hoping to See Eighteen)
  • Big Green Male (Belligerent)
  • Zultasian Male (Something to Prove)
  • Broan Female (Older and Wiser)
  • Other +8
Squad R
  • Jilinson-08; Lor Clone Male (Answers to Jibby, Jibster, etc.)
  • Grunt; Dog-Like Male (Squat Bounty Hunter)
  • Bleed; Elf-Like Female (Skinny Bounty Hunter)
  • Broan Male (Potentially Amorous)
  • Lor +4
  • Broan +1
  • Grue +1
  • Zultasian +1
  • Leche +1
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Were you planning on giving me any rolls there or something, Rav...? The anti-aircraft emplacement is further away than Corona can get with a single move action using Flight 1, so 'point blank range' isn't really practical. Is she using her Blast 10 power? We're in actual rounds here so while I'm expecting you guys to get creative we're not just hand-waving it.

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All right, Wander is going to make a running long jump with her Leaping to cover the distance between herself and the tower. She will orient herself in such a way that she makes an All-Out Charging Power Attack against it with her feet of fury! That drops her defense obscenely low for the rest of the round, but it allows her to roll 1d20+14 and get a 21. Looking for Autofire damage as well.

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Knowledge [Tactics]: Sure, it's a pretty good place for a trap! They've got enough room to maneuver but if the Communion can cyberform whole planets it seems like it wouldn't have a tough time filling in a gorge while they were in it or something like that. Then again, if it had the weapons in place for that they'd have probably been blown out of the sky before they got this far, she guesses? Not super reassuring!


Notice: She doesn't see anything that suggests weapons emplacements on the upper edge of the gorge but something about the walls themselves bugs her. They don't look like they were made by machines but they don't match up with her idea of water erosion either. Looks more like they were scooped out with melon ballers a little wider than she is tall?

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