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Notice 25 with Skill Mastery
Knowledge (Technology) check: 1d20+10 11
Knowledge (Tactics) check: 1d20+15 16
...well that just seems unlikely. Let me know if either of those are worth blowing an HP on, AA.
For good measure, Gather Information 20 with Skill Mastery for Well Informed, Sense Motive 25 with Skill Mastery and Knowledge (History) check: 1d20+10 11
...I think something may be wrong with Orokos.

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Cannonade, Cobalt Templar, Wander, and Midnight - 


The spiders are methodically dismantling _everything_ on the campus - they're taking apart buildings, light fixtures, overturned golf carts, and even personal items people dropped in their mad flight. The pieces are being brought back into the obelisk where smaller spiders are working to rearrange them for some unknowable purpose. 


Cobalt Templar - 


There's no particular order to how the spiders are moving; their goal seems to be to cover as much territory as possible, as quickly as possible. From the air, obelisk and spiders both look old, their finishes more like aged pewter than what must have once been a mirror-bright finish. They do look a little like some figures from Atlantean art you've seen. 


Wander - 


Like so.  This is a tactical matter for you because it's one of the few natural hazards your family is still living with - you've got to know how to plan for emergencies, just in case. 

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Attempting to drive through the swarms of spiders to get to the obelisk. Redbird takes 10 on a Drive check to Aid, using Teamwork 3; she gets 22 and provides a +5 bonus to Midnight's check. That gives him a total bonus of +20; using Skill Mastery himself yields a final Drive check of 30.

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These bear the marks of Lemurian magic, the unholy and mystic magic that led to the fall of Atlantis itself. This is Lemurian writing, and Lemurian architecture - this obelisk has been under Seattle for thousands of years. 


They are marks of binding, the sort a wizard might use to contain some force too powerful to destroy. They are not something you would put on something you sought to hold voluntarily - the process of being bound would be physically and psychically painful, and nothing that came out would ever want to be your friend. 


And that's all he can get from a straight Arcane Lore check. 

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Let's see, given the people watching your back while you detect, here's what you come up with. 



These creatures are primitive versions of the Communion drones you've seen records of - they're working at the macroscopic rather than the microscopic level. They are talking like an invasion force - specifically one that targeted one of the ancient Lemurian kingdoms that existed tens of thousands of years ago. They were bound up by Lemurian magic. Something caused that magic to burn out. And now they're free. 


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