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For Grim's Eyes Only:

Grim sees her double out there! But that timid librarian (she can tell by how she's dressed) is in trouble. She's running towards the bookstore and will burst in any second! Following her in the man of indeterminate ethnicity and impeccable hair. He's doing the horror villain walk, the one where the heroine is running as fast as she can and he's just walking and somehow he's barely slower.

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Looks like this:


Arrow Ace-44-Uninjured-NPC

Grimalkin-31-Uninjured-2 HP

Blue Jay-21-Uninjured-3 HP



Blodeuwedd-10-Uninjured-3 HP


Grim is up first, though. More or less because I say so. And everyone has one more HP than usual. Because I'm a giver. Two ways this can go. You can break the thing. Or you can wait for Chris to be done. It will not take five actual minutes, because that's a LOT of rounds. More like 10 or so.

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One thing might come into play her; many of the bookshelves in the store were created by Grim out of glamour, and they are linked to her lifeforce, aka she has the Feedback flaw. That energy blast might still hurt her!

Toughness save for bookshelf: 1d20+3=6

Ouch! That's a pain that's going to linger, no question!

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Okay, Grim is activating her Rage, which is always fun and scary.

Attack roll: 1d20+12=24

Strike 6 (Extras: Penetrating [2] [DMG 7, 12 with Rage], Feats: Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Incurable, Mighty) [12PP] (Dark Faerie Claws)

DC 27 Toughness save.

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Oh-kay, Blue Jay is always up for punching robots so let's punch some robots. Favored Enemy doesn't come into it because she's already hitting attack caps; let's use full Power Attack, shall we?

Results 1d20+10: 30 [1d20=20] Lets do a lot of f---ing damage to some robots, shall we? That's DC 30 Toughness, and if they're mooks her Takedown Attack come into play.

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