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Looking For Adventure!

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So, looking to help CorsecJedi get some more threadage, I'm thinking of trying out GMing another thread.

In this case, I'd be GMing only.


I don't really have a specific story idea yet, but I kind of want to tailor it to the characters involved.


Maximum of 4 PCs counting Shadowblade.

PL 9-12, though looking more for street-level or skill-based, anyways, moreso than raw powerhouses. But, I think I can be flexible!


If we get more than 3 other people (besides Corsec) applying, I'll go over who's put their names in the hat and decide from there.

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I want to run this by all participants before I finalize the idea, because how many say "yay" or "nay" might well affect how I do things.


The question I put to you is this: Are you alright with the Labyrinth getting one or more samples from your PC for the purpose of attempting to recreate powers and such? This won't compromise secret identities (where applicable), but it might result in some interesting times in the future! 

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