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  1. "Canst count on me, Templar," Shadowblade replied. The big man made an EXCELLENT distraction as he opened up with that construct weapon against Unferth. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Temperance's odd behavior, but she ignored it as she shadowjumped forward. She appeared for bare moments next to the freed park ranger, just long enough to say, "Allow me to aid thee, dear lady," and then Shadowblade and the ranger vanished once more with a slight sound and a puff of shadowy smoke. Shadowblade reappeared several hundred feet from the hilltop, back in the treeline. "Lady, I urge thee to conceal thyself 'til this battle be decided." She gave the woman as reassuring a smile as she could in the circumstances. "I swear I shalt return and render thee further aid."
  2. Shadowblade is going to follow CT's plan for now - teleport up to the park ranger, grab her and continue the jump with Turnabout, and get her as far clear as I can this round with my 400' jump.
  3. Shadowblade stood listening to Dr. Litwack's story with an increasingly incredulous expression on her face. This story just did not fit the historical record, even one when Hitler might have been removed. The USSR hadn't been expansionist during this era, and even at the height of McCarthyism, accusing someone like Centurion of being a Communist agent was incredibly odd. Still, if history truly had been changed... "Thy tale seemeth quite fantastic, good doctor," she said eventually. "I do not accuse thee of knavery or falsehood, but I fail to see how thy actions, however foolhardy and impetuous, could have brought this about." She gave him a very even stare with her odd, amber eyes. "Is there more thou art concealing from us? She turned to look at the other heroes. "And if he doth but speak sooth, how wilt we journey to 1923? Wilt our actions prove as foolhardy as this man's?"
  4. I say sneaky! But then, Shadowblade ALWAYS says sneaky!
  5. Know (History) - 14 I rolled a 2... Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and burn a hero point here to make up for that abysmal roll and get us some info! Rerolled result (with the +10 if less than 10): 30
  6. Shadowblade: >Abductions in the Cold - 2 >Never Did Run Smooth - 6 >Godwin's Law - 9 >New Ventures - 3 >Wiki Article
  7. I figure one of the patrols would have been responding to the sudden noise - intercepting them with a quick area attack from the roof of the right building.
  8. Shadowblade started as the Russian hero began his rather... direct approach to entry. "T'would seem our choice hath been made, friends. I shalt be on the roof, to look inside and to surprise these mercenary guards. Let us enter the fray!" She jumped down to the roof in faint puff of smoke. As the bombastic Russian bellowed his challenges in his native tongue, she moved quickly along the roof to the right side and glanced down to see a patrol of guards hurrying toward the source of the noise. She closed her eyes in concentration, then vanished from the roof. In a blindingly fast flurry of shadow-jumps and strikes with the flat of her blade, she intercepted the patrol and prevented them from interfering with Comrade Frost. With the right side of the building clear for the moment, she paused to see if the Russian had managed to force the door and enter the complex.
  9. Shadowblade frowned as she looked over the elder Dawson's service record. Atomic survivor? Campaigns in England and South America? Obviously, things have changed... she mused. She tapped the picture of the time machine operator to make sure her fellows had seen it as well. "This Leon Litwack might well possess the secrets we seek. I say that we sally forth and honor his home with our presence. Mayhaps we shall find answers." She looked at the other heroes inquiringly. "Unless you gentlemen hath a better plan?"
  10. Sense motive - a whopping 13 Initiative - 17
  11. Shadowblade gave a mental nod - Happanuk Hill seemed a likely fit to her, as well, from the reading she'd done of the area's history. And, what's more, she could picture the hill's location fairly well, thanks to her study of a few maps. "Happily, my friends, I believe that I can guide us hence. The hill in question doth indeed lie beyond the rim of our fair city in the forest of Wharton." She looked at the other heroes gathered about her. "I fear that my teleportation canst be somewhat difficult to track. I alone lack the ability to take wing, save for you, honored Fast Forward, and I know that merely keeping pace wilt present thee with no difficulty." She turned to Cobalt Templar and added, "If thou wouldst be so kind as to assist me once more, I shalt guide us to our destination."
  12. Stealth checks and notice checks as Shadowblade moves about outside the house. She'll be using her concealment in the shadows as much as she can, hide in plain sight when not. Stealth - 19 Notice - 27
  13. Shadowblade nodded and watched as Silver Magus's suit peeled up and away. Lacking any mechanism to allow her gear to look as inconspicuous, she resolved to keep to the shadows as much as she could. "Very, friend Magus. And if thou dost not perceive me at a moment, be sure that I remain nearby." She slipped out the door as silently as she could and took a quick look around - what had happened, after all, to the other people who had been in the house when that flash of time energy had washed over them? She shadowjumped to various vantage points around the house, keeping to the shadows and silent as she moved, looking for any clues or leads about this strange time.
  14. Looks like KD has it figured out with his awesome roll, but just in case, I'll drop one for Shadowblade, too. History check: 24
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