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Alien Gods and Other Nonsense(Recruitment, Discussion)


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So, going to start planning and figuring out one of the Story Talking! plot threads(thanks to everyone who contributed, and feel free to add to it!), at long last. For relative simplicity's sake, I choose the one about gods on another planet.


Premise: On another developing world in the Orion Arm under the aegis of the Lor Republic, the inhabitants have developed mystical power enough to allow their gods and other mythical figures back into the physical world. Unfortunately this means the planet's inhabitants are nearly helpless to stop the manifold pantheons from waging their old wars and squabbles anew, and the Lor's technology isn't quite up to the task. Complicating the situation further is the fact that many of the world's population don't want them to go, since they're mostly careful not to hurt anybody but each other unless they get especially heated. Unfortunately they're getting less careful every day, and more and more determined to return the planet to the way it used to be..


In order to put a stop to the chaos before it gets totally out of hand, the Lor have asked Earth's magical heroes to come and figure out a way to put the gods back in the box.


PL: Actually pretty variable, since combat isn't totally inevitable and there's going to be more than one way to solve the problem. And not all gods are created equal!

PL8-12ish, let's say, with higher-end PCs negotiable.

Players: 3-4 at most.

Length: Middling. I doubt it will be over in a snap, but it shouldn't take the usual eons mine tend to.

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That is a very good point Tiff. What I meant(and as we discussed a little in Chat) is I'd prefer characters who have studied it and have it as their area of expertise, since what's needed here is less power than understanding. But fair enough.


(This is great, not even started and it's got holes :D )


So let me be substantially clearer: what I intend is for characters with a focus on the magical world to be the ones sent to untangle an extraterrestrial problem involving alien gods. Edited the original post to explain things a little better.

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