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Rough and Tumble (OOC)


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Thunder, just to be clear what CT is doing, is she climbing into the skylight and along the rafters of the warehouse to try to find where the voices are coming from? 

Or is she going to continue along the rooftop and see if she can find another skylight and/or way in?

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Okay, moved us forward some, but did not want to go too far, depending on what various PCs wanted to do.  (such as Harry and Lucy trying to learn some things while waiting down where the fighters are, or how long Crimson planed to observe before she did anything).

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OK, so Mess will go for a gentle prodding first.


Standard Boxers Bluff, at +5 feint: 1d20+5=8 no good. 


Defensive Attack shifting -4 Att, +4 Defence, then All Out Attack Shifting +4 Att, -4 DC (so, net of +0 Att, -4 DC, +4 Def)




I guess that hits? (a DC 21 Tough save)


EDIT: An error. As Mess is not pumped up, its just a DC 19 Tough Save!

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Cape, I think you mean Accurate Attack, not All Out Attack?  (as Accurate Attack sacrifices damage for accuracy, while All Out Attack sacrifices defense for more accuracy, which would just be reversing what you accomplished with Defensive Attack).


I do not see Accurate Attack on Mess' sheet, which would mean you only get the normal that everyone can do (-2 DC, +2 Atk). 


Even with that change, you will still hit, and the DC will be 21.


That sound right?

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