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Back to school!


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I've wanted to do a story where Grim has to go undercover as a student at Claremeont for a while now, but I never had a good hook. Recently I thought it might be cool if she had to somehow deal with an NPC student, such as monitoring, protecting or spying on him or her. I though tit might be cool if a criminal sent his kid to school with the intent of bringing her into the family business, but I figured the staff would do very thorough background checks to avoid this. Durf made this suggestion in the chat:

Best way to do that would probably have it be an issue of the kid is genuinely a good kid which Summers knows and Grim is sent in to monitor and make sure his/her father doesn't start to pull the kid down the bad path.

This might actually work! Would anyone be interested in running and playing this? Grim knows Breakdown somewhat, so he might be her 'inside man' as it were, but it might be funner if he doesn't know.


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