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Abra Kadabra [OOC]


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Once The Scarab reaches the meeting hall, she will drop her Concealment. Until I say otherwise, assume that she's got 27PP of her Psionics array devoted to Mind Reading 13 (Feats: Subtle, Extras: Free/Full Action), and 11PP devoted to Mental Communication 5 (5 miles, Feats: Subtle, Extras: Two-Way), for a total of all 38PP used up.

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The Scarab momentarily switches her Psionics array over to ESP and Mental Communication. She runs extended Searches of the city for DarkStar, Fleur, and Divine, none of which take much time at all, and initiates Mental Communication with all of them. Assuming they aren't Concealed against all of her senses and/or they can't beat a Search check of 42, she finds them. They're all free to ignore or respond to the telepathic communication as they see fit.

Moira, go ahead and assume that Divine gets the gist of the speech I just posted from The Scarab. Cyroa, Electra, I made a post in your other thread.

Cross-posted in "A Fine, Fine Line."

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It's even better when you realize that this is the same "How I gets the blood" story he's been telling all along, except that this self-righteous recitation was immediately preceded by evidence that it's basically been a lie. Can't imagine why people have a hard time believing him. :lol:

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