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APing Equipment

Sandman XI

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HQ APs have been brought up before I think, at least in chat, as I recall the consensus was an HQ AP'd off another HQ was ok but other stuff AP'd wasn't. I was directly told that Vehicals as AP's of one another or an HQ wasn't allowed and I assume the same would be true of standard equipment AP'd off of those.

Giant arrays of weapons have been allowed before.

I think its been said that a vehical could be AP'd off another vehical if it was like a multi mode vehical, but I don't recall if that was confirmed by official types.

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A tangentially-related question: can the Progression power feat be used to get multiple copies of (near-)identical HQs or Vehicles?

Would this

Size: Medium; Toughness: 10; Features: Communications, Computer, Concealed, Garage, Gym, Living Space, Power System, Progression 4/x25, Security System. Cost: 1+1+12=14ep
get you 25 Abandoned Warehouses?

Or is an Array of HQs (like we do here, and as discussed with Kenson here) the only way to get multiple HQs?

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Would thisget you 25 Abandoned Warehouses?
Hm, the Fixer from Instant Superheroes has Five Apartment Safehouses With no progression or APs, I do believe. Let's break it down.

Equipment 7: 35ep

Cell Phone [1ep]

Heavy Pistol (Blast 4 [Power Feats: Subtle (silencer)]) [9ep]

Multi-Tool [1ep]

PDA [1ep]

Undercover Shirt (Protection 2 [Power Feats: Subtle]) [3ep]

There's 15 ep, 20 ep left.

Full-Size Car (Size: Huge; Strength: 35; Defense: 8; Toughness: 9; Powers: Speed 5 [250 MPH]; Features: Alarm, Hidden Compartments) [10ep]

10 ep left for equipment

Townhouse Headquarters (Size: Tiny; Toughness: 10; Features: Communications, Fire Prevention System, Living Space, Power System, Security System) [5 ep]

Now what we've all been waiting for, with 5 ep left

Five Apartment Safehouses (Size: Diminutive; Toughness: 10; Features: Living Space, Security System) [1ep]

So... I'm guessing you can say you have as many HQs of the same type as you want without APs or Progression.

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I think each of those safe houses each actually cost only one ep.

they start out medium. making it small then tiny then diminutive gives you the points you need to add the features and toughness (I believe).

so he's paying for them each separately, they just all cost one point (and are really tiny)

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