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Carnival in the Park (OOC)


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Sure! Good Idea.

I picture the Colt/RW/Gaggle of women scuffle to be near the center of the park somewhere. Maybe near the stage where the torch swallower is supposed to give his show, maybe a little further away from that. Thevshi would probably be the one to ask about this, because it was centered on her new location.

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I keep meaning to clarify something to Gizmo:

His extra sense would certainly make him aware if that was the case once the show started; energy created and manipulated using superpowers always had a noticeably different... texture than its mundane counterpart.

To Jack, they don't. He just has Energy Awareness, which just lets him know whether or not energy powers are being used near him. To know what sort of energy -- whether a Blast was fire or electricity (presuming his other senses couldn't tell him), or whether a fire blast was from a Molotov cocktail or a Metahuman -- he'd need Acute on it.

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Yeah, I realized I was misunderstanding the ability when I went over the Super-Sense options again, Doc. The good news is, as of his last edit, Jack does have acute energy awareness. Actually, with 22 points in Charisma, he's got acute everything! Ba dum chh!

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What I have here is a bit of a conundrum.

I was on the fence about what seeing Spitfire's fiery antics would do to Dead Head -- he lost all his friends in a big fire, but he's mostly come to terms with that. But seeing Spitfire explode, near a large crowd, in pretty much exactly the same way the Burning Man who re-killed all his friends did... well, that would definitely set off some PTSD for the Revoltin' Revenant.

The question is, how will that manifest? Involuntarily switching on his Fearsome Presence? Unknowingly animating the chicken carcasses at the nearby grills? Falling to pieces (literally)? Or something else?!

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