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  1. I suppose Spitfire's gonna get a quick look at the new location. 27 to notice if ya need it.
  2. Spitfire "Well that's one way to knock eh?" Spitfire entered through the busted door bringing his makeshift torch to bear. Pausing for a second, Max turned to King and raised an eyebrow. "I don't suppose ya got a spare of those do ya? They would probably come in handy on my nightly rounds if ya know what I mean. I may be fireproof, but using my powers in close quarters ain't exactly easy if ya know what I mean."
  3. Spitfire ...For Services Rendered - 5 posts Leviathan Something Fishy - part 2 - 8 posts
  4. Spitfire Bumbling around in the dark wasn't getting them anywhere, and being able to breath fire, Max was imminently capable of remedying the situation. Max searched for a few seconds, grabbing an ornate chair and breaking off a leg of it, then wrapping it with a ripped and moldy table cloth, Spitfire set it alight with an almost contemptuous spit of flame. With torch in hand he looked back at his brethren and smiled. "It is better to light a candle, then curse the darkness. As the old Chinese proverb goes eh?"
  5. so, I can assume there is old furniture and some sort of cloth around I could turn into torches then?
  6. does there happen to be torch sconces on the walls I could use to give us some light? Just a thought.
  7. Leviathan Veijlial bowed in thanks to the butler and motioned for him to lead the way to the docks, hurrying after at a brisk pace. "If there are defenses you can muster I suggest you do so. I believe this place is either currently being, or will be, attacked by the Serpent People. We must hurry." It occurred to Veijlial he might be mistaken, and the spell that was effecting the Ewoma impersonator simply re-asserted itself, but either way, his compatriots needed the information he now had. He decided erring on the side of caution was better than underestimating the scope of the attack, and did not voice his thoughts.
  8. I will attempt to locate the others by going outside and listening for trouble or looking over the grounds, let me know if I need some sort of check to find them.
  9. Leviathan Leviathan stood over his pain wracked counterpart and frowned in empathy. He knew she was not the master of her actions at the moment and he felt deep pain for what he had to do. "I'm sorry sister, this has to be done. My friends might need my help." With that Leviathan broke into a loud rolling chant that thundered about the room lifting both hands above his head. Between his fingers darkness gathered like smoke tendrils before forming a roiling ball. With the final word of his spell Leviathan threw down his hands, letting the blast take the Ewoma impersonator in the temple, knocking her cold. He couldn't ensure she'd stay down for long and he knew she was ultimately responsible for not one death but two, but be that as it may his compatriots were probably similarly engaged and he knew he must aid them. With a grimace of anger Leviathan stepped into the shadows and teleported outside, into the shadows of the mansion.
  10. since she is helpless, Leviathan will coup de gras with his blast 9 to knock her out, which is a full round action I believe! So it'd be a DC 24 Toughness save to resist as a coup de gras is an automatic critical.
  11. Leviathan Leviathan recognized what was happening with his brethren. She was under the effects of a spell of Serpent People design, used to control the minds and actions of others. Leviathan knew this meant that it was also likely his compatriots were being attacked as well. He had to stop this Deep One from attacking him, but he wanted to do it without harming her, so he brought to bear his shadowy tentacles, murmuring words of arcane power. The tentacles formed about the legs of the Ewoma impostor and began to wrap themselves around her. "I know this is not your doing, sister, but I must stop you. My compatriots may be in trouble, and this must end now."
  12. Alright, so Leviathan is going to attempt to snare her first 25 Natural 20 to hit! how bout them apples, hehe so that makes the Snare a DC 24 Reflex save also will move away from the impostor and bring up my force field
  13. Not a bad idea, Spitfire will try his hand at stealth as well 29 i guess it'll do, hehe
  14. Spitfire "Ain't nothin' bout Freedom City normal, darlin'. That's fer sure, but I tell ya, this ain't normal either." Spitfire let slip a half-cocked smile and did his best to exude an air of confidence. If he were being honest with himself, he didn't like being in a place that could offer death to them without much warning. Maxie preferred his threats alive and flammable. With villains, you always knew where you stood, but trap laden passageways were as unreadable to him as tagalog. "This snails pace is borin' me. Let's light a fire under our keesters and get a move on." With that, Spitfire crouched low, sticking to the side of the passageway and crept along behind Synth.
  15. alright the arcane lore check is 21 not bad for once and initiative is 6 that's the IC I know!
  16. Leviathan Leviathan turned a stony gaze upon the Deep One, his patience running out. "I will not be party to any mad plan invented by those murdering reptiles! We must fight them, to do nothing is to allow their victory. You must help me sister, if you do not these wretched beings will continue to hurt your loved ones and the loved ones of others. Do you want to see others hurt and cowed the way you have been? That is what will happen. You have the power to stop them, only confide in me, and I will see these Serpent People fall, I swear it." Looking on his brethren, she could see there was no fear in his countenance, only resolve, determination, anger. Veijlial was not good with people, and so he hoped his resolve and his promise were enough to sway her.
  17. Leviathan Veijlial was both appalled and saddened by Oma's state, but he tried his best to keep emotions from his face. "Are you saying the people behind this assassination killed Jon? What do they want with me? Who are they holding captive to make you do these unspeakable things? Please, sister, you have to trust in me. Listen to your heart of hearts, listen to Oma, you know whomever these people are they must be stopped." Leviathan's heart raced as the possibility of catching up with Jon's murderers became within his grasp, but he knew he had to stay in control. If his emotions got the better of him, he could get himself, or worse, someone else, killed.
  18. Spitfire Spitfire watched the deadly blade display and shook his head. "Well don't that just beat the band. If one o' you can find the mechanism that causes that thing to fall, I could turn it to slag, or if any of you is good at disabling these sorta things, that'd work too. Might be these things have redundancies that a simple sabotage wouldn't account fer."
  19. Leviathan Brother. Veijlial had heard the word before, but never had it been directed at him. The thought of family was completely foreign to the young sorcerer, and the word shocked him much more than Oma taking her real form. Veijlial recovered quickly though, and put on a consoling face, kneeling in front of the crying woman. "There is naught you need hide from me, sister. I know the prejudice our kind faces at every corner, I understand your reluctance to reveal yourself to the others, but you need not have feared. These are good people, and they, just like I, will do everything in their power to help you. Tell me what you know, and I promise that I will do all I can to see that you are treated fairly." Leviathan already had a working hypothesis on what this Deep One was, and had been doing. Leviathan believed that Oma was sent by the Serpent People to disguise herself as an attache to the ambassador to spy on the Atlanteans, or perhaps to assassinate one, as had happened already. Much of Oma's fate would be decided on whether she was simply an informant, or assassin. Seeing the pain these preceedings were causing her, Leviathan was praying for the former.
  20. Leviathan Leviathan's eyes darkened as he stood up and walked after Oma. He knew that this could simply be a trap, meant to lure him into being alone with her so that she might do what she did to the other Atlantean, if she was the culprit that is. Leviathan pondered this but knew he had to try. The investigation was fast growing cold, the evidence pointing, at least to Veijlial's mind, to another Deep One being the murderer. The DNA on the dagger was said to be like Atlantean, but not, that statement sent bells of alarm through Veijlial's skull the second he heard it. Deep Ones were known compatriots of Serpent People, and known to be, on the whole, a dastardly and evil race. Veijlial may share the same heritage as them, and the same physical attributes, but he was not like them in any other way, and so he knew his assessment of his kin, while giving him great pain, was accurate. Veijlial brooded on his own predicament whilst following Oma down the hallway. No one was so lonely as a man alone within his race. To know that on the whole your race was a vile and evil thing was a type of pain unique unto itself. No matter who he confided in, Veijlial knew he would always be alone in the world, that no one would ever be able to understand this pain. Finally, Leviathan shook his head and squeezed closed his eyes. That line of thinking is an endless abyss, Veilial reminded himself, with nothing but cold lonely darkness waiting to greet you. Focus on the now, self pity can wait for when there is no murderer loose.
  21. Spitfire Spitfire followed dutifully after Synth, staring at her up and down for what anyone would consider an inappropriate amount of time. A small smile played on his lips and one could see ideas forming in his head. After a minute, Spitfire could contain himself no longer. "Excuse me, miss Synth, but I was wondering... Have you ever considered joining a circus? Your unique talents would really be a welcome addition to any troupe, I can tell ya that." Spitfire could imagine the children, laughing in delight and shying away in fear and wonderment. It was enough to make him nostalgic, wishing for the old days of fire shows, hard work with wondrous animals, and a camaraderie that didn't often exist with his fellow heroes. By nature, heroes were a secretive bunch, and while those in the circus built a reputation out of mystery and wonder, together they were a family, close knit and secretless. Spitfire loved the hero work, loved helping people, but it was a terribly lonely profession, and watching Synth's display reminded him of that and more.
  22. Spitfire Spitfire watched King of Suits send the cards deftly down the hallway and whistled. "Remind me not to play cards with you pardner, ole Spitfire's rather fond of his money." Spitfire peered down the hallway and made a cursory inspection of the area, his crimson eyes narrowing in concentration. If there was a trap, as King of Suits feared, it would fit with what he knew of villain home planning.
  23. Spitfire will attempt to search for any traps before proceeding I suppose. Also, is the hallway metal/stone as well or is it made of something more.. *ahem* flammable? 10 for my search check. If anyone else is better at it, I wouldn't mind some back up on that, lol
  24. Leviathan Viejlial was shaking his head as Lord Steam was talking of glamours. "I am afraid my lord, that my ability to unmake glamours is very specific. It is relegated only to those that change the shape of people, not of object. Be that as it may,I do not believe the dagger is the thing that is changed. When one handles an object with an illusion on it, the illusion most times will either dissipate or be seen through as interaction with visual illusions can not fool other senses, like touch." Veijlial looked around, trying to think of some way he could be left alone with Oma. He then turned back to Lord Steam and leveled him with a colluditory glance. "Perhaps my lord, you would be so good as to show the lady Ambassador and Revenant the grounds at large around your estate? It would also do to use the opportunity to patrol the area as the conspirator or conspirators might have followed us back here to set up an ambush. We weren't exactly inconspicuous at the good Ambassador's house now were we?"
  25. Spitfire Upon finding the buttons Max's eyebrows shot up. "Well I'll be a possum at a trash convention! Lookee here fellas, looks like I'm good fer more than just cookin' ninjas!" Max carefully studied both the buttons, not daring to actually press one, but he contemplated the implication of their colors. "If I were to venture a guess, I'd say the black one opens it up whilst the red one makes somethin' bad happen. Can't say fer sure however, so I'll leave it to the rest of you folks. Which button, if either, do we press?"
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