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Shell Shock (OOC)


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The OOC thread, wherein the events of the day finally start to catch up to Zöe.

Psyche and Phalanx, thanks to the Communication Link, automatically "hear" Zöe and wake up. Everyone else can make a Notice (Listen) check. The DC is 15 ("quiet noises" are DC10 and "normal conversations" are DC0, so I'm setting this at a base of DC-10, +10 for you being asleep, +15 for the solid walls between you and her), +1 for every 10 feet between you and her room - in other words, -1 for every room between yours and hers. How many "doors down" you are, I leave to your discretion.

Psyche & Wander's room is just a couple doors down, so Erin's Notice check is DC17, and they can get there at least a round before anyone else. Assuming he activates his Speed AP, Phalanx can show up on the same round they do.

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Save your Hero Point, Cy. With Extended Scent, you only suffer -1 to Notice checks for every 100 feet between you and the target. You weren't asleep, so that's +10 to your check right there. And I'm not sure the walls should penalize your smell as much as they do everyone else's hearing.

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As I think it would stretch credibility to have too many boys running around the girls' dorm after lights out, I'll reluctantly let this one pass. ;) (Plus, Mark's advice is: "Don't feel so sad!")

Fair enough. It's not too important that any particular person shows up. I just PMed all the active Claremont students out of courtesy.

And for some reason, I keep thinking of Claremont as a college rather than a boarding school. Hence, the fact that the dorms are not co-ed honestly didn't occur to me.



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Well, Diagnosis and Provide Care are both only DC15, so...damn. I'm gonna go ahead and give you some info that you'd normally need Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) to figure out, on top of the physical stuff.

Ecal, Gecko-Boy easily ascertains that Zöe has only minor, superficial cuts and bruises. She'll feel it in the morning, but she shows no signs of serious injury - no broken bones, no concussion. Head and hand cuts just tend to bleed profusely, so they look worse than they are. In fact, considering the damage she did to the wall, she made out a lot better than she should have. She must be stronger than she looks.

The vomiting, taken in context with everything else she's saying and doing, likely has nothing to do with her actual digestive system. Rather, it points pretty obviously to her being in shock. She's clearly been traumatized by something. It's too soon to tell if it's full-fledged Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you had to guess, you'd say she's either been severely abused, or had a front-row seat to the grievous injury or death of a loved one.

If you patch her up, she'll get +5 (your "skill bonus") to her Recovery checks. I'm gonna rule that she's got a couple of Bruises. Between your +5 Medicine bonus and her +4 CON bonus, she'll auto-pass.

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