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Gettings the goods


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Ok, want to start up next part of an arc. This is part 2. Playing in part 2 means a possible slot in 3 and 4 (4 is in space/other planet).

Premise: Little bit of investigation and tracking down mysterious high tech weapon shipments leading up to (shocker) a battle of some kind. What you find after the fight leads you to #3.

Looking for heroes mostly, though I suppose a couple of villains might work to as additional adversaries. PL is not restricted, I'll make it work for all. (Doctor Archeville, Quark and DS preferably should not be in 2 & 3 to help branch out. They can opt in on 4 if/when I ever get there.)

Looking for people can post every other day at least if at all possible. 4-6 is the preferred number I guess.

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