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  1. Sorry I'm late to the game, didn't know about the server change until today. Duskstalker should be joining in the fight very soon.
  2. Duskstalker crouched down beside Grim's unconcious body and touched a claw lightly to her forehead and said, "Irisv." When he had uttered the word a soft blue glow had flowed along the digit and into Grim to hasten her recovery from her injuries.
  3. Shaking off the Shadow agents' blows Duskstalker stood up from where he had fallen and turning to face the enemy nearest to him and slashed at him with his claws.
  4. Duskstalker: A bronze scaled dragon who hopes to someday reach the level of heroism displayed by the Freedom League.
  5. 1d20+3=23, 1d20+10=30, 1d20+10=16 First roll is my notice Check, the last two are Toughness saves. Which means Duskstalker is stunned and bruised, I'll use a hero point to recover from being stunned.
  6. Reflex then Fort save (1d20+6=13, 1d20+6=22)
  7. Argh knew I forgot something sorry about that. Here's the roll for the attack.1d20+3=21
  8. From an spot near the rear of the group of heroes a rush rush of wind could be felt a Duskstalker launched himself into the air and towards the villains once he was close enough he said, "bluthelitpro" creating a lightning bolt which shot towards the enemy and hopefully hitting quite a few of them.
  9. Initiative 1d20+1=19 yay no natural 1s here.
  10. Walking in front of Edge and Breakdown Duskstalker whispers quietly, "Ohhu" and began to slowly fade from their view. Emanating from where Duskstalker had once stood can be heard slight clicks as his claws tap the ground as the group walks down the stairs.
  11. Notice then stealth for Duskstalker: 1d20+3=11, 1d20+4=6
  12. Seeing everyone heading for a peach cannery Duskstalker launches into the air and follows them to the roof of the warehouse. Landing softly on the roof he approaches Ace and asks, "Any idea what's on the other side of this door or do we go in blind?"
  13. Seeing the teenagers on the warehouse roof being joined by others seemingly out of thin air, one of them the famous Ace Danger, Duskstalker softly lands on the roof near them and walked up to the group and with a small cough to catch their attention introduced himself extending a hand to anyone willing to shake his, "Quite a group we have here, the name's Duskstalker by the way. I assume most of us are here following the rumors of high tech weapons being sold somewhere around the area."
  14. Duskstalker had heard of the rumored weapons deals and their supposed link with the Greenbank area and fearing the repercussions should criminals manage to get their hands on the tech the rumors spoke of he headed to the West End arriving there just after the sun had dipped below the horizon. Upon arriving there he began to fly over the blocks to see if there was anyone acting suspiciously. Spotting two teenage boys eating deli sandwiches one on the warehouse roof the other just floating in the air near the other, Duskstalker began a slow spiral down to where they were.
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